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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 2




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 2

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



I burped loudly and pushed the plate of pancakes away from me, I'm so full, I can hardly sit comfortably on my chair right now.

Andy frown and glared at me.

"Burping like that is not lady like!" He scold me.

"So what am I supposed to do after I stuffed my stomach with too much food?"


I puffed and got up, I picked the plates and head towards the kitchen.

"Where are you going?"

"To do the dishes" I replied.

He sighed and I hear his footsteps following behind... I know what he's gonna say next.

"I'll do it, you have some rest" be offered.

I shook my head in disapproval... I can't let him do all the work, he cooked dinner so, it's only right that I do the dishes.

I turn on the tap and get into action, a shadow towers over me and I smile. Of course he must help me.

"I'll rinse and dry the plates" he said.

I nod and released a long yawn, he turned and feel my temperature.

"You're not sick, you must be tired. Get some sleep after doing the dishes"

"No, I'm not sleepy. But you can help me get some sleep"


"Massage me!"

He stared at me for some minutes with an unreadable expression.

"Ok!" He agreed.


"Hmm-mmm!" I moan quietly.

My whole body is feeling so relaxed... Andy really know

s how to please me. My bones are breaking and falling into their right places.

"Andy....that feel so goooood!"


"Yeah...I should start paying you for your services"

"You can't pay"

I frown slightly.

"Are you saying I'm poor?"

"I didn't mean that, what I meant is, my bill is very high"

I roll my eyes.


After few minutes of Andy massaging me, I got up with a satisfied smile.

"Do you still feel tired?"

"No, I'm feeling so relaxed. Thanks for this"

He smiled.

"It's nothing"

I roll up my mattress.

"I guess you are no longer tired, are you in for a movie?"

"Today is not movie night"

"Yeah, I know. But it's still kinda early, so I thought..... "

Hmmm, watching a movie doesn't sound bad but I have to resume very early tomorrow.

"No, I don't wanna be late for work tomorrow or Donovan will dork my salary"

He nods with a sigh.

"Ok, go to sleep then"

I tiptoe and give him a goodnight kiss on his cheek.

"Good night, Andy" I wished him.

"Good night, baby" he wished me back.

With that I head towards my room. I'm gonna have a very busy day tomorrow.


Tossing and turning on my bed uncomfortably as I feel my stomach turning in pain. I quickly sat up on my bed and gasped softly.... there's a big blood stain.

*Why now? It's not yet time!*

I got off the bed and head towards my bathroom. I look around for some tampons but I couldn't find any.

I facepalm myself...

*Why didn't haven't I visited the mall lately?*

Maybe I should go to the mall....but it's already late. I wash up and step into my room, my eyes moved straight to the wall clock in my room.

*09:01pm? When exactly did I went to bed?*

I smiled..I can still hit the mall. I took my keys from the nightstand and head towards the living room.

Andy sat on a but he's already asleep, the tv is still on though. I turn off the TV and covered him with a blanket, then I head out.

I'll be back before he wakes up.



I bang his head on the wall and hear a groan from him, but that didn't let me free him. I grabbed his shirt and throw him down from the stairs.

Frightened screams filled the air as everyone start running in the mall, Chris and I exchange looks and I smirk. I reach for my gun and points it at a chandelier and shot it.

The screams increased and soon the mall is deserted, I walk down the stairs towards the animal.

"Where is my money??!" I growled in his face.

He borrowed money from to start up his business, now he doesn't want to pay back. He crawled back, spitting blood as he does.

"I..I...I.. d-don't have it....."

Angrily, I clenched my jaw and shot his right leg, he screamed and shake his leg.

"What do you mean you don't have it?! Does this mall not give you enough income?!" He nods frantically.

I look around...I turn to him and shot the same spot in his leg again.

"You know I can set this f**king building on fire with you in it!!"

He shakes his widened eyes in fear.

"G-give...give...give me some time, boss. I...."

"shut up!!" He quickly shuts up. " I'm gonna set this mall on fire and you will still pay me my money by any means!"

"No....no...no... please... I'll... I'll...."

I hit his head with my gun and he falls back with blood pouring from his head.



I stopped in front of the mall, it's open sign is still there. I quickly strode in, but halt when I find out it's empty.

There's no single soul in sight. I frown.

*Why are the lights still on? And the doors open if there's no one inside?*

Something is not right. A small voice in my head told me to leave immediately, but another voice reminded me the reason I came.

I sigh, I'll just get some pads and tampons and I'll put the money on the cashier's desk.

Skipping through different lanes, I finally found the pads and tampons, I collected a few and head towards the cashier's desk.

Few steps to the cashier's desk, I begin to hear groans. I paused.

*What is that? Is someone another person wounded? Maybe I should check it out!

I heard towards the groan and what I saw made me froze in a spot. Everything I was holding fell off my hands just as I released a very loud frightened gasp.

Heads turned towards me, red, angry eyes pierced my soul....my eyes moved to the body laying on the floor.

The first thought that came to my mind is to run...and that's what I did. I ran towards the exit.



A gasp caught my attention. I glared at direction it came from....wait, those eyes!

"Boss, she's getting away!" Chris said.

"Get her!"

He nod and chased after her. I turned to the a**hole and stomped on his stomach.

"I want my money next week...if you don't have it then consider yourself a dead meat!"


# Catherine

I ran as fast as my short legs could carry me, but I don't think running away from a 6ft man is an easy task for a 5ft woman.

Soon, my arm was grabbed, he flung me on his shoulder and head back to the mall. I hit and kick.

"Let me go! I didn't see anything...let me go! Let me go! I won't say a word!"

But it seems like he's not listening to me, he increased his pace and arrived back in the mall. He throws me on the floor and I grunt in pain as my butts hits the ground.

Another man... he's even scarier than the one that brought me back....he crunched in front of me and grip my neck tightly.

I cough, fighting to get in some air since he's blocked my air lungs.

He narrowed his eyes and look in my eyes.

"Your eyes....!" He trails off.

What's wrong with my eyes? I almost ask him. Looking in his eyes is very scary, he's eyes seems to be changing colours.....or maybe it's my scared mind playing tricks on me.

He sniffed deeply and snapped his eyes open quickly.

"It's you!!" He growled and pushed me away.

Me? What's wrong with me?

He got up and glared at me, his hands fisted by his side. He turned away and pulled his hair.

*Hmm...what is wrong with him?*

"Listen up! This should be the last time I will see you!!"

"Huh?" I'm confused.

"Don't ever show yourself in front of me ever again!!"

I nod quickly, praying he'd let me go.

"You should thank your stars today....now scram!!"

I got up and head towards the exit.

"wait!!" I turn to face him, his gaze moved to the man laying on the floor. "And don't come to treat him....or I'll kill you!"

I nod and dashed towards the exit before he could change his mind. I forgot the pads I came for and run towards my street.

Why do I keep running into scenes like this today?

*Poor soul, sorry that I couldn't help you!*


# Lucifer

"Boss, you just let her go?"


"But why? She just saw our faces... should I go after her and silent her?"

"No! Let her be!"


"I have repaid her favour! She won't get so lucky next time we cross paths!"

I see the look of confusion in his eyes..but he decides not to ask and I didn't tell him.

I turn back to the f**kard.

"Next week or you're a dead meat!" He nod frantically.

"Let's leave!"

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