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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 13




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 13

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Catherine.

I stab on the salad angry as I think of how panicked and worried Andy will be when he gets back from work and find out I'm missing.

"Baby, is something bothering you?" Lucifer asked.

Yes! I screamed mentally... I'm thinking of how to escape from here!

He paused and stared at my plate, he frown at how hard I'm stabbing the salad.

"You don't like salad?" He asked softly.

It's him I don't like... But I can't let him know that. I forced an overly sweet smile on my face and shake my head.

"No. I don't like salads!" I told him.

"Oh, then I'll inform the cook about it"


He cut a piece of meat and brought it closer to my mouth, but I didn't open up... Letting a killer feed me is the last thing I want right now.

I glared at his hands... These hands have taken way more souls than those he spared.

"Open your mouth, baby?"

Pushing his hand away, I cut a piece by myself and begin to eat. He stared at me for a few minutes and laughed.

Then he starts eating himself.... Somewhere through, his phone starts ringing. He reached for it and grunt at the caller but answered it anyway.

"What?!" He growled at whoever called him.


"I don't give a f**k! Use every means to make him confess what he knows!!"


"Bloody hell!" He suddenly exclaimed angrily....though the anger is not directed to me but I can feel it cutting through my thick veins.


"Then f**king kill him!!" I flinched back on my chair when I heard him say that.

Lucifer glanced my way and his expression soften instantly, he pass me an apologitic smile and got up.

He heard towards the living room and spoke in a whisper like voice.

Kill him?

How can he say that casually? This man is really heartless... Grandma wasn't lying. God! I must escape from here before it's too late.

Lucifer came back when I'm done eating.... Actually I stopped eating and I'm not full, I can't eat after hearing that someone is gonna die.

"Err... Baby, sorry about that" he apologized.

I huffed angrily and throws him a daggering glare.

"You shouldn't apologise to me... Think of how you'll confess your sin before God and make him forgive you!!"

He look lost... confused.

"What do you mean?"

I banged my hand on the dinning table and he flinched back... Hmm, so he's scared of me!

"Haven't you wasted enough lives? Who gave you the right to take lives casually? Don't you know killing is a punishable crime in this country?!"

"Really? Punishable crime? But no one can punish me... I own the government"

Now I understand why he can kill people at his will.

"The government can't punish you... What about God? Don't you know he's staring down at you from above? He's watching every of our actions! What are you gonna tell him when he asked if the innocent bloods on your hands?"

He didn't say a word, he's just staring at me with an expression I can't tell.

"Even God who is the giver of life don't take lives as you do! Do you know how much effort God put in making those lives you've wasted?"

He sighed.

"So, in conclusion, what are you trying to say?" He asked.

"Spare that man!"

"No, baby! I can't do that"


"You don't know what that b*st**d did!"

"No matter what he did, you can't kill him. He deserves a second chance to repent, he.... "

"Baby, the fool is way beyond repentance... there's no hope of repentance for him"

"There's hope.. Jesus is the hope. Please Lucifer, don't kill him.. how about you let me talk to him?"

"No! I can't let you meet with someone as sinful as him!"

"Really?!" As if he himself is not sinful... He's Lucifer, the first son of the devil.

"I can't spare him!"

I know he won't spare him, but I still wanted to try. Wait.... Maybe I can negotiate with him.

"Lucifer, let him go and I promise I won't think of running away!" I lied smoothly.

I can just wait for a day or two... Hm, Lucifer, he just keeps making me lie everytime.

I must visit church to confess my sins tomorrow.... I'm way too holy, right?

"You'll stay? You won't think of escaping?"

"No, I'll stay but on two conditions"

He frown.

"Two conditions?"

I nod. "What are they?" He asked.

"First, you won't kill that man. Second, you'll come with me to church to confess your sins... Ask God for forgiveness!" I said... though I have another motive for suggesting we go to church.

If you know what I mean......

He thought about it for some minutes and nod.

"Fine!" He typed on his phone rapidly, then he got up. "I have to go question him myself.... Valerie and the other maids will take care of you"

I nod. He leans down and I kissed my cheek, I just let him because I want him to spare that man.... I don't wanna offend him.

"I'll be back soon" then he leaves.

Immediately he left, Valerie and another girl rushed towards me. The other girl seems to be my age or maybe older than me.

"Oh goodness! Master was so sweet!" The girl gushed.

"Yeah, we've never saw him being so gentle... You really are special" Valerie pipes in.

I stared at the both of them in astonishment.... That was Lucifer being gentle?

"You are.....?" I asked the new girl.

"Oh, I'm Janice and I'm 24, I'm the assistant cook here!" She introduced herself.

"Assistant cook?"

"Yes! The main cook is my mom, Ms Jones... You'll meet her soon!"

I nod... Janice is very vibrant but I think I'll prefer Valerie to her. Janice have a kind of aura around her that sends shivers down my spine.... And not a good one.

"Don't you girls get tired of living here?"

They exchange questioning looks... Like they are asking their selves why they should get tired.

"Nope! Master treats us well.... He said we're family" Valerie said.

"He treats you well? He doesn't punish you when any of you does something wrong?"

They shake their heads.

"He hardly ever scolds us" Janice said.

Hmm... He treats his workers so well, then why does everyone say he's bad?

Remember your parents! A small voice in my head reminded me.

Yeah, he killed my parents, that's enough reason to believe he's a bad man.

"Mistress, don't listen to whatever gossip you hear about master, he isn't like they portray him" Valerie said.

"Nobody is portraying him to be evil... He is what they say!" After all I'm a living example, my family's gone because of him.

She shakes her head and smiled at me weakly.

"You don't know him, and you don't understand him.... Do you know, master went through a lot. He lost everything that mean so much to him all at once in a single day.... He's just trying to be brave and tough on the outside... but we all know, that deep down he's sad... well, until you showed" she explained.

Why is everyone here speaking good of him? They should be running for their lives not defending him.

"Yeah, Valerie is right. We haven't seen master being so happy... He really loves you" Janice chips in.

"Mistress, give our master a chance and you'll see how good he is. He.... "

"Girls!" A voice interrupted valerie.

We turned out heads towards the voice... A petite woman walk towards us with an apron around her neck. She looks like Janice... so, I guess she's Ms Jones, Janice's mother.

"I told you to bring the plates back to the kitchen, not chitchat!" She scold the girls.

"Sorry, ma'am!" They replied and quickly carried the plates and rushed off to the kitchen.

Ms Jones turned to me, a smile on her face.

"You must be master's wife.. hi, I'm Ms Jones, the cook"

"Hello, I'm Catherine... Nice to meet you"

"You are truly beautiful. How do you like my cooking?"

"Oh, you did a great job... Andy is no where near you"


"Yeah, he's my friend"

"Ok! I better go join them in the kitchen.... Later I'll ask if you have any allergies"

"No problem!" I replied.

She quickly head towards the kitchen too. I sighed... Since I have nothing to do, I better watch a movie.

I got up and head towards the living room..... I should find something interesting to watch.



# Andy .

I stared at the small box on the passenger seat as I drive home....I don't wanna propose to her yet. I wanted to settle everything before I propose so it won't look like I married her for the documents.

But now I don't have a choice.

Lucifer shouldn't have showed up yet...I can't let him take Catherine.... Catherine is Mine!

Soon, I drive into my driveway and park my car. Then I rushed towards the door with the small box in my hand.....I will compensate her with a diamond ring.

Yeah, I'm proposing with a diamond ring.

"Cat! I'm home!" I called as I step into the living room.

"Cat?!" No response.

The door open and one of the guards I put around my house came in.

"Sir, she haven't come back from your grandma's place!" He reports.

"Ok" I dismissed him and dialed her number.

But her phone is power off, then I dialed grandma's...she picked up on the first ring.

"Hello, Andy? Is Cat home with you?" She asked panicking.

I froze...

"W-what do you mean, grandma?"

"She went out for a walk since morning and didn't come back...is she home yet?"

What?! She is not home, then where could she be? I can't let grandma know this.

"She is with me, I just called to let you know she came back home to rest!"

She took a breath.

"Thank goodness! I wanna speak with her"

"No... she's sleeping"

"Ok, don't forget to do what I told you when she wakes up!"

"Yes, grandma. I gotta go!" I hang up before she could say anything more.

Where is she? Why isn't she home yet? What is happening?

Or could she be at Don's? I should give him a call. I dialed Don's number and he picked after a few rings.

"Andy, wad up!"

"Erm..Don, is Cat at your restaurant?"

"No! Why are you asking? Weren't the one that suggested she should stop working here?"

F**k!! It shouldn't be what I'm thinking!

"I gotta go!"

"Wait, what's wrong? Is Cat not with you?"

"No, I think she's missing"

"What?! How come?!"

"I don't know!"

He was silent for a few minutes....me too, I'm thinking of any possible place Cat could be since she barely goes out...that is apart from work.

"Andy? Could it be Lucifer?"


"Could it be Lucifer kidnapped her?!"

Right! Lucifer! Why didn't I think of him.....he must be the one!

"Don, I gotta go... we'll talk later!" I hang up.

Hm....how do I get her back from Lucifer? I'll send my men to keep watch over Lucifer for now!


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