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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 10




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 10

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



I knew she wouldn't believe me but I had to tell her.... She needs to know what happened to her.

"Get me 10 bottles of scotch!" I told the bartender.

Chris turns his neck towards me and frown.

"Boss, isn't that too much?"

"I need way more than 10 bottles or I might go back and drag her home with me!"

"You need to calm down, boss. You don't expect her to come running to you the minute you told her she's your wife... Hell, she'll be a fool to believe you instantly"

I didn't reply him cause he's right. I mean, if I were her I wouldn't trust a random man telling me we are married.

The bartender came back with the drinks and placed them on the table, I waved him off and pop one open. I take large gulps and nod satisfactory.

"This scotch isn't bad!" I said and take another gulp.

"Right, boss, I've done what you asked. The maids are already cleaning your mansion"

"Good job!" I pat his back.

He takes a bottle and opens it, and join me drinking. Though that's the only bottle he'll taking.... He's just accompanying me.

"Hmm, boss, why are we cleaning your mansion.... I thought you ain't gonna live there"

"That's before I knew my wife is alive... We are both gonna live there.... That's our home!"

He frown slightly.

"Then what about your penthouse? I...."

I glared at him and he shuts up.

"You don't expect me to bring my wife to that jungle!"


"That place is too dirty for her... Have you forgotten how many women I've f**ked there?"

Realization dawned on him and he nods.

"Not to mention, that place is an easy target for my enemies... They know I'm always there and they mostly attack me there, I can't put my precious one in that danger!" I hold the bottle a bit tighter.

I can't describe how miserable I felt when I thought I lost her....I had just promised my father-in-law that I'd protect....then that fire happened and I thought she was burned to death too.

Now that I have a second chance to prove myself to my father-in-law... I'll protect her with all I've got... she'll be my top priority.

"I understand"

We continue drinking in silence.... I'm on the sixth bottle already when a sl*t slumped on the chair next to me.

She turned to me with a flirtatious smile.... I pity her, cause I'm not in a good mood right now and also, I don't have time for sl*ts now.... I have my woman already.

"Hi, handsome... How about we take our drinking elsewhere?"

"Move! I'm not in a good mood!!" I growled at her.

She smiled unfazed.

"Don't worry, I know how to put you in a good mood" she reach out and tries to touch my chest.

I held her hand and stared in her eyes.

"Move before it's too late!!"

She scoffed still unfazed.... Hmm, I guess she'll have herself to blame for my next action.

"Come on, I can......"

I smiled sinisterly and hold her face in my hands, I lean forward.... Her eyes lit up in excitement.... I guess she's really ready to put me in a good mood.

"Now that I take a proper look...I realize you are so beautiful" I whisper.

She smiled.

"Thank you.... How about I show you more of my beauty upstairs?"

I rolled my eyes mentally.

"Such a beauty will soon go to waste!"

"What do you mean?"

Before she could comprehend what is happening, I snapped her neck and watch her body fall on the table with a soft thud.

Chris and I look around, nobody is watching... They're busy dancing, some making out and others in a drink contest. Chris felt her pulse and shakes his head.

"She's dead!" He reports.

I smiled widely.... Well, now I'm in a good mood. She really knows how to put me in a good mood... I turned to her body and pats her head.

"Thank you, I really enjoyed your service!" I got up.

"Erm... Boss, what about the body?" Chris asked me.

"That should be the club's problem, not mine" I replied.

I placed some money on the table and walked out, feeling so energized.


# Catherine.

"Wow... Andy, this smells like heaven!" I exclaimed.

"That's because an angel prepared it" he replied and I rolled my eyes.

"Right! You're an angel"

He smiled and sat opposite me....he placed some pancakes on plate.

"Eat up!" He said.

I nod and dig in...I frown slightly when a weird taste filled my mouth. It's sweet but it felt like something is off.

"Erm... Andy, why does the pancake taste...hm..I don't know...it taste off"

"Really? Maybe something is wrong with your taste buds....are you having a fever?"

I shake my head and cut a piece, I bring it closer to his mouth.

"Try it and see what I'm talking about"

He moves his mouth away.

"No, you know I don't like pancakes"

"It's just a bite"

"No, you can continue eating... I'll be careful next time and make you the perfect pancake!"

I smiled and blew him a kiss.

"You are so sweet!"

"Of course! I must be sweet to you because......" He trails off.

I look at him waiting for him to continue.

"Anyway...how are you gonna repay my kindness? How about marrying me?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Go and sleep, you'll get everything in your dreams!"

We laughed and continue our food in silence.

Then I suddenly remembered my conversation with Lucifer....I don't know if I should tell Andy about it.

What if he throws tantrum about I meeting with Lucifer alone? But I really need to know if Lucifer is telling the truth.

"Andy?" He raised his head and wait for me to speak. "Do... do.. you know what happened to my family when grandma saved me?"

He stilled and his eyes harden, he held his fork tighter and clenched his jaw.

"Do you know what happened? Can you tell me about it?"

He stayed silence for a moment.

"Why are you asking?"

"Because Lucifer, he....." I trail off.

I can't let him know what Lucifer told me, I don't know if what he said is true yet... I'll hear what Andy have to say first and see if it tallies with Lucifer's story.

"Lucifer?! What about him? I told you to stay away from him!"


"Because he's a bad man...."

"How is he a bad man?" I asked.

"He's the reason your father died, he killed your father!"

"He killed my father?"

"Yes! Both your parents were having a meeting in your parents' house.... Then I saw him set the building on fire, he locked them inside and watch them burn to ashes"

He killed my parents? Does that mean he was lying about everything he told me? Our marriage is a lie too?

"B-but... But....."

"Cat, Lucifer is a heartless killer, he's a monster. Tomorrow we'll visit grandma, she have the video of what happened that year..... Lucifer is your biggest enemy, that's the reason I don't want you two to cross paths"

I should believe Andy, we have being together since childhood... He wouldn't lie to me, he can't lie to me. He must be telling me the truth.

Lucifer is a bad man... Even his name define who he is.

"Tomorrow, I will take you to grandma's, she knows the whole story and she have evidence too"

I nod. Grandma will tell me the truth.... She's my only family, she wouldn't lie to me.

"Thank you, Andy!"

He shake his head and smiled softly.

"You shouldn't thank me.... I'm only trying to protect you, it's my duty" he leans forward and kisses my forehead.

"Also, you aren't gonna work at Don's takeouts no more"

I frown.

"Why?! Is Don firing me?!"

"No, silly. I just don't want you to run into Lucifer"

"Oh!" It makes sense... If I continue working there Lucifer will continue troubling me.

It's better I take some break from work.

"Ok!" I agreed.

"Finish your pancakes"

I look down at the plate, there are still about three pieces left.

"I can't, I'm full"

He glared at me.

"You must finish it, don't let my hard work go to waste"

"But I don't like the way it tastes"

"I'll make you better ones tomorrow... Just finish these ones ok?"

I sighed. He put so much effort to make me food everyday... I can't let his hard work go to waste. So I start eating.

"That's more like it!" He smiled.


The next day..... 5pm.

# Lucifer .

I walked down the stairs with Chris following closely behind.

"Chris, any news about my wife?"

"Yeah... I don't think Andy Mars is an ordinary man"


"I saw some men watching his apartment.... They seem to be working for him, our men reported that Andy was spotted talking to one of the men"

Hmmm. Andy Mars.... Mars, why can't I remember where I heard that name?

"I guess they are trying to protect Catherine from you"

"It's boss lady to you and they are just wasting their time!"

"I don't think so, boss. They seem to have the apartment in a very tight security.... I don't think it'll be easy for you to get Cathe.... " I glared at him. "boss lady!" He changed his words.

I scoffed.

"What's my name?"


I turned to him in a lightening speed and slammed his head on the wall.

"Don't call me that!!" I growled in his face. "I am Lucifer and no place is beyond my reach! I can go to any place I want to!!"

He nods and coughs hard, then I realized I was holding his neck too tight. I remove my hand.

"My name is Lucifer! Don't forget that!"

"Yes, boss!"

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