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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 4



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 4

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV

CJ swallowed his spit hard as Mina proceed to remove her inner cloth

"Hey wait.. " He yelled


"There's no point in removing your clothes and stripping yourself naked in front of a.. a... a gay " CJ said

"I knew it " Mina yelled as she put on her shirt "you've finally admit that you're indeed a gay "

CJ could not believe that he admitted himself as a gay in front of a crazy girl

"Anyway I am a gay so you can stay " CJ said and Mina rolled her eyes

"Why are you trying to hide to everyone that you're not a gay when you're indeed a gay " Mina said and CJ clenched his fist, he was trying hard not to vent his angers on her

"I am trying to protect my career cos it is really affecting my music industry and that is the main reason I bought you from your mom so you can be my personal bodyguard and always stick to me wherever I go" CJ said

"That plan is definitely not going to work "Mina said

"Then do you have a better plan?? CJ glared at her and she shook her head "good.. Since you don't have a better plan, we're going to stick to this plan " CJ yelled at her

"Uhm... Pls can I use the restroom " Mina asked while placing her hand on her down part "I am really pressed "

CJ looked at her then at where her hand was placed

"Can you pls stop touching that... that.. that place in front of a guy? "

"It doesn't matter since you're a gay so what is your business with where I am touching?? Mina asked

"Follow me " CJ asked and went straightaway upstairs with Mina following him. "You can go inside the room, that is going to be your room and......

CJ couldn't finish his statement as Mina quickly entered and slammed the door right before him

"I can't believe this "CJ muttered to himself as he ran his fingers through his hair

Mina's POV

After I finished using the restroom, I washed my hand and then my eyes met a miniature pot of make-up, I was surprised to see the make-up

Wait.. Is he applying female make-up?? What is make-up doing in the restroom in the first place??

Aish... this guy is unbelievable

I quickly dabbed some of the purple shadows beneath my eyes, I stared at the mirror and smiled to myself

"Looking good Mina" I said to myself and walked out of the restroom, I looked around the room and admired it

The room was looking too beautiful, it was 100 times better than my small old room I'm gwanju, I glanced at the queen-sized bed and I jumped on it

"Wow this is so cool " I shouted

I stood up and marched straight to the mirrored closet and slide it open, I gasped as my eyes widened

There are different beautiful sparkling female dresses

Oh my goodness.. Does this guy knew I was coming here or what is he doing with female dresses?? He is a gay so he probably don't need this.

Something started ringing loudly making me yelp in fear, I turned and saw a telephone beside the bed, I walked up to it and picked it

"Come downstairs now "

It was the grumpy jerk, I frowned my face as I spun from the room, I went downstairs and I met him sitting down comfortably watching TV and also drinking . I looked at what he was watching and I yelled in excitement

It was my favorite program, even though we don't have TV at home, I do watch it on my phone which the stupid jerk has spoilt. Suddenly the TV went blank and I looked at him, he was with the remote and had switched it off

"Hey, this is part of the rules I listed for you, no watching TV in the house " He said and I gritted my teeth

"What fucking rules?? I yelled and he pointed towards the table behind me, an envelop was on the table, I glanced at him then I picked up the envelope, I open it and brought out the paper inside

" AS MY BODYGUARD, YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS RULES" I read out aloud and I glared at him but he just kept drinking

"Firstly, You're to sleep early and wake up by 7:00am"

"That is impossible, even in my house I do wake up by 10:00am, I have the right to sleep anytime and wake up any time " I said

"Well, you don't have the right to wake up anytime you want here " CJ said not looking at my face

Secondly, you must not eat more than twice in this house because as my BODYGUARD you must look skinny

What?? This is one thing I can't do, just eating twice in a day?? You have to make adjustment in this " I said

"The rules are the rules, no changing of the rules " he replied

Thirdly, whenever we're out, avoiding saying a single word to my Colleagues

"When I am not dumb " I muttered to myself

Fourth rule, you're not allowed to watch TV

Fifth rule, you're to feed Chim(his dog) four times daily

"What?? I yelled "you must be kidding me, your dog get to eat four times in a day and 'I' Mina just two times " I said not believing this is happening

"And note this, he is allergic to anything made of powder " he said but I only rolled my eyes

Sixth rule, stealing, lying, cursing, shouting, yelling is prohibited

I hissed as I read the last part

If you violate any of this rule, you will be detained in a room for 24 hours without water nor food...... Another rules loading

You can't be serious!!! I exclaimed but he just ignored me

Gawd!! This is like living in hell




(Night Night Night)

it was late and I couldn't sleep for so many reasons

First, I miss everybody especially Eric, I knew he will be so worried about me

Second, I miss my phone.. I think without my phone, I can't do anything and I will be weak cos my fingers are really itching badly looking for something to press, I think I need to tell CJ about buying me a new phone tomorrow's morning and thirdly which​ is the last, I am really really hungry

CJ had asked me if I wanted to eat but I completely denied saying I was not hungry not wanting him to tell me to cook or something which I know I can't cook

My stomach was now growling and I couldn't take it anymore, I swiftly and slowly unlock the door and tiptoed downstairs, I was about to go straight to the dining but something stopped me.

It was a melodious voice, I forgot what I came downstairs to do as I traced the voice and it was leading me towards the hallway, the voice was coming from the room opposite me.

I slowly opened the door and entered

It was actually CJ singing but he was backing me so he can't see me, his voice was really beautiful but his attitudes are ugly

I recalled how Eric use to sing for me with his angelic voice and i still recalled when he told me that his first song will be dedicated to his first love .

I let out a sigh and was about leaving, just then my hand mistakenly hit the flower vase on the little shelf making it to drop on the floor and shattered into pieces even though there are many flower vase on the shelf..

This beautiful one chose to fall

I was scared and CJ glanced at me, I was now shivering

"Uhmm. I.. I.. am. am sorry... I.. I.. don't mean to...

He quickly stood up and drop to a squat as he looked at the shattered vase

"I am sorry.. I..

"Shut up" He yelled at me and started glaring at me, his face expression had changed, he stood up and grabbed my wrist making me winced in pain cos he was hurting me

"Do you know what you just did?? " he growled and I was now getting scared, my wrist was now hurting badly

",pls you're hurting me.. " I begged but he squeezed it the more as he continue glaring at me making tears dropped from my eyes, after some seconds, he released my hand and I was now panting hard as I rubbed my wrist

He dropped to a squat and wanted to pack the shattered glasses on the floor

"You're going to hurt yourself " I sort of whispered just then he yelped i was shocked to see blood seeping from a cut in his

hand as he winced from the wound, I quickly squat beside him to help him but he angrily pushed me off and went outside

What have I done? Is this the real CJ??

What is so special about the Flower vase?? I thought to myself as I looked at it sadly

To be continued

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