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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 7




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 7

Writen by Ruthie Lee


"Sir, Joseph, whatever you do, do not look at me in the eyes when I'm happy like this!"  she instructed. 

"And why is that?" I scoffed. 

"You'll hate me!" she replied. 

"What?" I almost laughed. "Hate you, how? Why?" 

"Because you'll fall in love with me!" she answered

 I paused and took a good look at her. 

"Fall in love with you?" I scoffed. 

 She nodded without saying a word, but completely focused on the drumstick she suddenly picked up. 

"I get that you're pretty and all, you are really full of yourself Kathleen. And do you think that's how love works?" I asked. 

"I don't know, how does love works?" she threw back the question. 

"Why are you asking me that, haven't you been in love before?" 

 She smiled. "I haven't, but I heard love is beautiful!" 

She's kidding right. 

"wait.. Hold up, you want to tell me, you haven't fall in love before?" I asked and she nodded. 

"So you don't know what love is?" I almost yelled and she nodded. 

 Mary's little hand touched my chest and I started to feed her again. 

"If you don't know what love is then why did you say I would fall in love with you if you didn't know what love is!" I expound. 

"I don't know sir, Joseph, I'm just saying what I've been told!" she replied. 

"Okay, for the fact that you haven't fallen in love with anyone still shocks me.!" I laughed. 

"I haven't!" she stated gulping down an entire bottled water. 

"Have you ever liked something so much you wanted to see it or feel it or pepharps a food you want so much?" I tried to make her understand. 

"Yes, if that is what you mean, I am definitely falling in love with this sir, Joseph!" Kathleen said showing me the drumstick in her hand.

"Oh okay so you love drumsticks." I said. 

"If that is what it is called, then I definitely love it!" she smiled. 

"Okay good, now have you ever loved a person just like the way you love this drumsticks?" I asked and she nodded right away. 

Finally making progress. "Okay then, who?" I asked. 

"Mary" she replied immediately. 

"Mary… You mean my daughter?" I asked to be sure. 

"Yes, she's just beautiful!" Kathleen smiled at my daughter and I sighed. 

Somehow I didn't trust that love. 

"Okay then, loving Mary is still totally different from actually loving the opposite sex and who's way more older than Mary!" I explained. 

"I don't understand what you're trying to say sir, Joseph!" Kathleen glanced at me, I was trying to catch her gaze but I couldn't. 

"You know what, just forget about it!" I sighed. 

 She nodded and start to eat, every food she devoured she had this happy expression and I could tell she was really enjoying the food and I haven't eaten half of mine. 


 We both remained quiet until Kathleen raised her head up and asked. 

"Have you ever fallen in love before sir, Joseph!" 

 I smiled, "Yeah!" 

She gasped. "Really? What was it like?" 

"It was beautiful, I loved her so much, the world was so colourful and I was going to die of excitement, every day of my life seeing her I felt complete and blessed!" I smiled recalling the days of Suzanne. 

"Whoa!" Kathleen said.  "And where is she now?" 

"She uhm… she left, she left Mary and I alone!" I sighed, and after feeding Mary I started with my own food. 

"Oh wait, she was Mary's mom right?" Kathleen asked.


"And she left you guys, why?" Kathleen sure does ask a lot of questions. 

But I answered them all anyway, there's nothing better than quenching the thirst of curiosity. 

"For some reason, The love she had for me faded!" I explained. 

"Love fades?" she gasped. 

"For some people it does, for some it lasts forever." I expound. 

"Oh now I understand, so she left you guys just like that, her love faded from Mary's side too. I hope she never finds happiness!" Kathleen stated and I dropped my fork and looked up at her. 

"Do not say that! Just because she left Mary and I doesn't mean she shouldn't be happy, Mary and I are happy without her, she deserves to be happy too!" I half yelled. 

Kathleen laughed. "Sir, Joseph, studying you haven't been so bad. But no matter how hard you try to follow the negativity of life, you're just so nice, you're too nice, very nice, you can't even say no!" 

"Being a bad person will take you nowhere!" I stated. 

"Whatever, but I've said what I said, and trust me it is happening right now, she will never find happiness!" Kathleen gave a strange smile. 

"Can you stop saying that!" I yelled. 

She rolled her eyes "Sir, Joseph, I don't like it when you yell, and besides there are some people you need to be the good guy for and the bad guy for.! You can't just be the good guy for everyone!" 

I scoffed. "Oh really, and with me you're totally being the bad guy right?"

"Bad guy?" she repeated and laughed. "Sir, Joseph I am not just being a good guy to you, I am being the nicest guy to you and nice is different than good." 

"Okay, if this is your good side, then I guess your bad side must be worse!" I huffed.

 Kathleen glanced at me and smiled. 

"I don't want you to ever see my bad side. You can't see it, you won't be able to see it, cause you have to make me pretty mad to see my bad side. But you're way too nice to make someone mad!" she saidand continued  to eat.

"Aren't you full?" I suddenly asked. 

"Full of what?" she asked. 

"Food, you've been eating non stop, I had no idea girls eat this much like you!" I stated. 

"I guess I just like the foods here!" she smiled. 

 I noticed Mary had fallen asleep in my arms and I smiled. 

 I dropped my fork, ready to go drop Mary on the bed when Kathleen stood up. 

"Don't, worry sir, Joseph, I'll drop her in the room for you, you can relax and eat!" Kathleen offered taking Mary from me. 

"Oh, thanks!" I said, kind of speechless by her kindness. 

I watched her cuddle Mary in her arms AndaSeea@0  she walked away and into my room to lay down Mary's sleeping body. 

 Kathleen came back to the living room and sat down in front of me to continue eating again. 

 We were both done with dinner, and no matter how she pleaded to do the dishes, I made it clear to her that she was just a guest and I did the dishes myself. 

 It was getting late and yet again she didn't want to leave. Mary woke up that evening crying and before I could even attend to my daughter, Kathleen beat me to it. 

 I walked into the room to see Mary in her hand, Mary was quiet, though I was glad I said. 

"Are you trying to steal my child from me?" 

"is that what it looks like I'm trying to do?" she threw back the question. 

"Seems like it!" I Joked. 

 I took Mary from her and thanked her. 

"Thank you for today, it's getting dark, you should leave!" I said in the most polite way. 

 She sighed. "Fine! I'm leaving!" 

She walked to the door, paused and turned to me. "Do you want me to babysit Mary again tomorrow?" 

"No" I shook my head. "I will be home all day, so there's no need for a babysitter!" I stated. 

 She smiled "Okay then, sir Joseph!" she said and with a little wave at Mary she left. 


 That night, I took a night bath, gave Mary hers too, read her bedtime story that led the two of us to sleep. 


The next morning I was woken up by Mary's cry. 

 I turned to the side of the bed to see Mary in full tears, her face red, her mouth, wide open that let's out her scream. 

 I quickly let her into my arms and pat her back. 

"Shh… it's okay Mary" I said standing up. 

 I didn't know what happened or why she started crying all of a sudden. 

 But as I pat her back and consoled her, she didn't stop crying. 

 Did she have a bad dream or what? Do babies even dream. 

 I walked around the house to get her to move and stop crying but she wouldn't stop crying. 

  I opened the exit door and walked out of the house, it was just 6:59am the sun wasn't up at that time. 

 Immediately we got outside the house Mary stopped crying. 

"Oh so you wanted a little bit of nature!" I smiled seeing as she looked around her environment. 

 She looked at the lake in front of our house. 

 Looked at the little grass that grew around our house and where we stood. 

"Like what you see?" I asked and touched her nose and she gave a cute smile. 

"Sir, Joseph!" I heard Kathleen's too familiar voice behind me and I turned to see her walking close to me. 

What a beaut!. 

 Her black hair was at her shoulder and her skin was very smooth, the blue dress she wore had no sleeve and it exposed her arms. 

"What are you and Mary doing outside?" she asked as she got close to us. 

"Taking a little bit of natural air!" I replied. 

"Oh okay!" she smiled. 

"You cut your hair!" I tell her. 

"Yes, I took your advice, though my friends said it looked horrible.!" she sighed. 

I shook my head. "It looks beautiful, it really suits you!" I said and she gasped. 

"Really? It does?". 

"Yeah it does!" I replied.


"Sir, Joseph, the sun will be out soon, why don't we head inside!" Kathleen said after a brief moment of silent. 

 She was standing beside me and I turned to her. 

"And it will be a morning sun, morning sun is very good for the body, tell me now, do you have a sun skin allergy?" I asked. 

She laughed. "Well kind of!" 

"Oh, okay then we'll head inside if that's the case!" I said. 

Kathleen breathed out a sigh of relief as I made a turn to head inside. 

 Kathleen took Mary from me as we all head inside and I shook my head. 

 She really likes Mary. 

 "Why are you here so early anyways, don't you have things you do or places to go?" I asked as we made it into the living room. 

"No, I'm just home all day, so glad i found out about this place, now I can spend my free time here!" she stated. 

"My home isn't a free time place, you know!" I stated. 

"Well all I know is, your home is the best! Nobody's treated me the way you have!" she said sitting down on the couch and placing Mary on her lap. 

 "I'm sure I've treated you just like others have treated you.!" I said. 

"Nope, they were all mean and I don't want to talk about it!" Kathleen said. 

"Okay, since we're both awake Mary needs her bath now!" I said, taking Mary from Kathleen. 


 As I head to the bathroom Kathleen trailed behind me. 

 I paused and turned to her, my eyes almost caught hers but she looked away immediately. 

"Where are you going?" I asked. 

"To watch Mary have her bath!" Kathleen replied!" I said. 

"But i don't want to be a guest!" she sighed. 

"What?" I laughed. "and you want to be a what? You can't be more than a guest Kathleen!" 

 "that was mean!" Kathleen huffed. 

 I felt Kathleen's glare at me and I turned to look at her. 

She had a glare on me but you could tell she was playfully glaring. 

  We made an eye contact as she failed to not look away and so did I and there again I felt that inner shock in my body. It made me flinch on the  outside and she smirked before walking away. 

 What the hell. 

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