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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 6




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 6

Writen by Ruthie Lee


  I woke up to see Mary still asleep beside me, I breathed out a sigh and sat on the bed. 

 "7:30pm" I sighed as I checked the time. 

Wow did I really sleep that long? The last thing I remembered was laying beside Mary and falling asleep, and it was around twelve pm at that time. 

 I walked to the living room to see it empty. 

I breathed out a sigh of relief thanking God Kathleen had left, she said she would leave if the sun had set and well it has, but I haven't slept this long in my entire life during the day to be precise. 

 I walked to my room and immediately Mary woke up. 

  She didn't cry, she just gave the cutest yawn ever and smiled at me, as she glanced around to the room to see me smiling at her. 

"Want to have dinner baby?" I asked as I carried her from the bed. 

She said a bunch of happy baby words and I laughed. 


 Mary and I had late night dinner and I gave her a warm bubble bath before wrapping her up in her colourful pajamas. 

  That night we both felt wide awake, no sleep was coming from either of us, and I read Mary's bedtime story books over and over again and she enjoyed every sound. 

 I got tired of the books and so did Mary cause she started to loose focus on what I was reading. 


Mary and I were still wide awake. My baby and I. 

What was happening, at least during night times no matter how long you slept during the day you will always fall asleep during night times. 

  I sighed and placed Mary on my body and patting her back, she starts to talk her baby talk to herself, until I couldn't hear it anymore. 

She was fast asleep again. I was glad, I laid her beside me and forced myself to sleep. 


I couldn't sleep, no sign of sleepiness wanted to get into my eyes. It was frustrating as it was scary, 

What if I don't get sleepy and then later at work I start to feel sleepy. 

 I shut my eyes and forced myself to sleep. 

And who said counting sheeps didn't help, I knew it was around five a.m that I managed to fall asleep. 


I woke up by seven a.m my usual time to get ready for work. 

 Surprisingly I didn't feel sleepy at all, it felt like I had my normal hours of sleep and I was thankful cause nothing is really going to affect my meet up with Mr. Gilbert today. 

My mind suddenly went to Mary on the bed and I sighed, suddenly my doorbell went off. 

 I went to get the door and there I saw Kathleen grinning from ear to ear. 

"Good morning sir, Joseph!" always cheerful as always. 

"Good morning!" I replied…

"So I'm here to babysit Mary!" she stated. 

"I know!" I breathed in. 

Have faith in her. I tell myself as I let her in.

"you didn't even allow the sun to rise up in this direction, well I'm glad you're early and taking this seriously!" I tell her. 

"Of course, I'll never let you down!". She smiled. 

"Anyways, I won't be leaving until 8:00am, so I'm going to take my time and teach you out on the things you need to do and not do to my daughter!" I said. 

"Okay and I'm all ears!" she grinned. 

 I made a short list on what Mary will be eating that morning, lunch and dinner if I happen to come back late!. 

I'm not sure she knows how to cook, so I wrote down the food she is supposed to give Mary, the type of food you don't cold, that's already made, just to take it out from the fridge. 

 I showed her the foods after writing it down and everything. She didn't ask any questions she just nod her head and said she "got it" 

And that wasn't the answer I was looking for. 

I wanted her to understand not to get it, it's my Mary we're talking about here. 


 Finally I was to leave for work, as I grabbed my car key and walked out of my house, I watched Kathleen smiled at me and waved from the door. 

 My heart was beating so fast, and my thoughts were giving me different voices, I was trusting her with Mary and then again I wasn't sure if I should.

 Finally I got in my car and she closed the door. 

"It's going to be okay!" I said and left for work. 


  During work that day, my mind wasn't as ease, my mind was on Mary the whole day, I tried to be as calm as ever while talking to Mr. Gilbert, the man who wants to be in partnership with my firm. And seriously it was such an honour collaborating with his huge company. 

Still with Mary on my mind Gilbert and I had a few chat and we got along and well I got the deal. 

 It was just four thirty p.m when I left work in such a hurry to see my Mary, I didn't understand why I wasn't comfortable with Kathleen. 

 As I drove home I tried to calm my mind, driving away every bad thought from my mind. 

 I didn't know her yet I left my child with her. 

What was I thinking! 

I sighed ruefully as I made a stop in front of my house and walked out of the car. 

 I rushed towards the door, Inserted the key into the key hole and opened the door. 

 Walking into the living room, my heart raced when I saw no sign of Mary or Kathleen. 

 But suddenly I start to hear Kathleen's voice coming from my room. 

  I walked into my room and found her on the floor, sitting beside Mary as she read one of Mary's favorite book to Mary. 

Mary seemed happy as she cackled at every word Kathleen said. 

  I didn't make a sound as I walked into the room, but Kathleen stopped and looked up.


"You're back!" she smiled. 

 "Yeah!" I replied and Mary turned hearing my voice.

"Da…." she said reaching her hand towards me. She dropped them immediately and crawled towards me.

And I bent down to pick her up. 

"Wow, I'm jealous, she loves her daddy so much!" Kathleen laughed standing up. 

Her glorious hair standing up with her too. 

 Well speaking about long it was so long it almost passed waist. 

"You don't notice anyone keeping their hair long these days do you?" I asked. 

"Huh?" she was confused by my statement. 

"I'm not judging or anything, it's beautiful the way it is but don't you think you should give your hair a little trim?" I said. 

"Should I?" she looked at me briefly before looking else where and touching her hair. 

A"I don't know, but if you feel like anyways!" I stated. 

Mary dipped her hand in my mouth and I bit her with my lips. 

She laughed about to shove her hand further when I pulled it out from my mouth. 

"So did you do everything as instructed?" i asked. 

"Yes!" she replied. 

"Okay thank you" I smiled a little, 

I was being worried for nothing. "You really helped a lot!" I said pulling out some cash notes out of my pocket. It was way more than you give a baby sitter. But the fact that Mary didn't cry when I walked in made me happy. 

"Why are you giving me money?" she asked calmly. 

"Because you worked for me!" I replied. 

 That was a shocking question. 

She laughed. "I don't need money, I have more than enough of where that came from!". 

Oh… Okay! 

"Okay then what do you want?" I asked. 

"Why would I want anything, I was just repaying the debt I owe you!" she primped.

 "Oh, if that was a debt then that was the biggest repayment I have ever seen!" I smiled. 

"Really?" she gasped. 

"Yeah!" I nodded. 

"So that means I'm not in your debt any more!" she sighed. 

"Yeah good for you!" I said dropping Mary on the bed and taking off my blazer. 

"Not good for me!" Kathleen blurted behind me and I turned to look at her. 

"What do you mean?" aren't you glad you're not owing me anymore? " I asked. 

She shook her head, negatively

She sighed "I want to be in your debt, so I can come here everyday!" 


I laughed. "Do you have to be in someone's debt before Coming to their place, I don't understand!" 

She's really hard to understand. 


"I don't understand what you're saying either." she shook her head. 

"You can still come visit, even if you can't be in my debt!" I pointed out. 

"Really?" she gasped and I nodded. 

"Wow, so I can really come visit?" she asked. 

"Y…yeah!" I said hesitantly. 

I would like it would be just Mary and I. But I can't just say no to her. 

"Can I come visit everyday?" she asked. 

"Who visits someone everyday?" I laughed. 

"I don't know but I know I can" she Said happily.  "I really like it here sir, Joseph, it's like a second home, I like the space, the floor carpets, the beds, and I really like playing with Mary!" 

"that isn't a Carpet, it's called floor rugs!" I corrected. There is no carpet in my house. 

"Rugs!" she repeated and smiled. 

 Kathleen is pretty funny, she doesn't know most of everything. 

How funny but weird.


 I let Kathleen stay for dinner, well I didn't let her stay, I just allowed her company since she didn't want to leave yet and after making dinner, 

 We set the floor table and the three of us gathered around the table, with Mary on my lap and Kathleen opposite me admiring the delicacies in front of her eyes. 

 Kathleen had her baby food beside the table too, and as I ate I fed her. 

 While eating Kathleen asked. 

"Sir, Joseph, I want to cut my short, should I cut it all the way or just a little?". 

 I looked up at her to see her face down, technically focused on the food. 

"So you want to go with my advice?" I was surprised and she glanced at me and gave a small nod. A glance that was briefer than a glance. 

"I like when you tell me to do things, I like doing what you say, but then again I hate when you tell me to leave!" she expound. 

Is she some kind of advanced robot or something. Why would anyone like what people tell them to do. 

"Okay then, don't cut it all the way, a shoulder length is fine!" I said. 

She glanced at both of her shoulders and nodded. 

"Thank you!" she smiled and gave a quick stare and looked away. 

"Kathleen!" I called. 

"What is it sir, Joseph?" she asked shoving a spoon full of rice in her mouth. 

She eats like she doesn't eat at all. Finally found someone who'd actually make me go to the food shop. 

"Look at me!" I instructed. 

Her brown eyes flickered at me but then turned back to her food. 

"Why do you hate looking at someone in the eye, is this some kind of disease?" I asked to be sure. 

 She laughed covering her hand with her mouth. 

After swallowing the food in her mouth she Continued eating. 

"Sir, Joseph, whatever you do, don't look at me in the eyes when I'm happy like this!"  she instructed. 

"And why is that?" I scoffed. 

"You'll hate me!" she replied. 

"What?" I almost laughed. "Hate you, how? Why?" 

"Because you'll fall in love with me!" she answered. 

T. B. C 

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