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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 4




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 4

Writen by Ruthie Lee


I opened the door and there was the girl, Kathleen standing with a smile. 


"Kath… Kathleen!" I called. 

What is she doing here again.

"Hello sir Joseph!" she smiled showing me her hand. "I brought another fruit basket!". 

Seriously, this is weird, and she only seem to come during the night, not the day, and during the night at late hours. 

I know she doesn't live around here cause my house is way farther from people's main houses. 

I chose to live away from people for a peace and quiet environment. And people don't seem to live around this place you need a thirty minute drive with car for you to see any other houses. So Kathleen can't possibly live close by. 

"It's okay Kathleen, I don't need any more help from you, thank you!" I said. 

She gasped. "Sir, you remembered my name!" 

 It's not something someone can forget that easily. 

"Yeah so?" I said. 

"it's nothing, here, you and Mary can have this fruit basket, I picked it out fresh, fresher than the last one!" she said and stretched her hand for me to take it and I did. 

"Well thank you!" I said and sighed. 

 She looked around the house like she wanted to walk in but I moved to the door. 

"Okay then Kathleen, good night!" I said about to close the door but she stopped me by holding the door back. 

She smiled, staring at her feet. "Can you maybe perhaps invite me in for tea?" 

"Sorry, I can't! If it was during the day I would have done so, but it's late!" I said. 

"During the day huh?" she said sadly.  "well I'm a little thirsty from all the walking, can you please let me have a glass of water!" she said and I sighed. 

 Kathleen looked at Mary and smiled at Mary and my Mary laughed too. 

"Okay, well come in!" I said and she grinned before walking in and closed the door. 

 She followed me to the living room and i told her to wait there, I dropped marry on the couch and walked towards the kitchen. 

 I was fast with the water and head to the living room to see Mary in her arms. 

"I didn't ask you to hold her!" I stated lowly as I walked in. 

"I'm so sorry, sir, she was too beautiful to ignore!" Kathleen said.

Of course my Mary is beautiful. 

"Well here is your water and can I have my baby?" I asked placing the cup of water on the table. 

"Of course!" she said, walked closer to me and turned Mary to me. 

Mary smiled at me and jumped into my arms the moment I touched her. 

 Mary started her teeth on my cheeks again and I sighed. 

  As Kathleen drank the water I kept for her, she glanced at Mary and I from the corner of her eyes, but my gaze didn't leave her one bit. 

 She finished the glass of water and dropped the cup on the table. 

"Thank you, kind sir." she smiled. 

"It's no problem, now that you're satisfied, you can go right?" I asked and she nodded. 

 I walked to the door and opened the door for her. 

She walked out and gave her a small bow before leaving. 

I closed my door and locked it. 


 I turned to Mary in my hand.

"isn't she strange Mary?" I said and Mary giggled. 

 We both head to our room and thankfully that night Mary slept without any disturbance. 


 The next morning, my alarm woke me up and I sighed when my eyes opened. Mary was still fast asleep and I left her to go freshen up. 

  I got dressed halfway, with only my pants on and a tank top, I didn't know if I was going to go to work today. 

After looking at my baby sleeping beside me, I sighed and called my assistant, he offered to help me today again and I was glad. 

  I laid beside Mary and sighed heavily, I just can't let her out of my sight. 

 I smiled at God's given at me and my hand swoop across Mary's cheek. I'm glad God gave me Mary. If we didn't have Mary and then Suzanne had left me, I won't ever find any reason to live. Or if Suzanne has taken Mary with her, I would have probably drown myself in the lake in front of my house. 

   It was 11am and Mary was still asleep, suddenly I heard a knock on the door. 

Like when did I start having visitors. 

 I placed a pillow beside Mary and left the room to get the door. 

 I opened the door and I almost couldn't recognize Kathleen. 

 She looked very different. 

Just as the day was bright, she was also bright like the day. 

She didn't look like how she was for the past two nights. 

She looked more beautiful, no beautiful should be scratched, whatever comes after that beautiful. 

"Can I come in please!" she said looking sideways like she was in a hurry. 

 I sighed and let her in. She's kind of sliding away from the stranger stuff. But she's still kind of a stranger because I still don't know who she is even though I know her name. 

Kathleen closed the door and turned to me, and she was holding another fruit basket.

 "We haven't finish the one you brought the last time.!" I said pointing to her basket. 

 "Oh, my bad then!" she said walking past me and into the living room. 

Since when did she have access to my house like she owns it?? 

 I walked to the living room and I saw her seated on one of the cushions. 

 She smiled at she saw me and turned to her head else where. 

"Where is Mary? Sir, Joseph!" she asked. 

 "Kathleen!" I called and she looked up at me. 

 And then turned her gaze away. 

"Look at me!" I stated. 

"I am looking at you!" she said looking at my feet. 

"Fine." I sighed. 

"I just want you to listen carefully, okay I really appreciate it that you're stopping by here during your free time or so dropping fruits for Mary and I, and that is wonderful, it's such a nice thing to do. But I already told you, what I did for you was no big deal for you to repay me back, it's okay, okay!" I stated calmly. 

"But that's not how it goes, you help me and I do something, that is how I was taught, I don't think giving fruits is enough, I want to help more or once but in a big way!" she sighed. 

"I said you've helped enough, it's fine! You don't have to come here anymore okay!" she yelled. 

"Sir Joseph" she stood up. "Yelling won't make me listen to you, I'm not listening to you until I've fulfilled what my heart's content!" 

 What have I gotten myself into. 


 I heard Mary's voice, like she's about to cry and I quickly rushed to my room, Mary saw me and kept quiet immediately. 

I picked her up from the bed, about to go attend to Kathleen back when my phone starts to ring. 

It was my assistant. 

I picked up immediately. 

"Yes Martins?" I said into the phone. 

"Sir, we have a problem!" he said. 

"And what would that be?" I sighed. 

"Mr. Gilbert whom you planned to meet on Friday rescheduled the meeting to tomorrow!" Martins explained. 

Oh no. 

"Okay, then do not cancel the meeting!" I stated. 

"But what about Mary?" Martins asked. 

He knows too much about me. 

"I don't know, I'll just have to drop her at the daycare centre without a choice!" I sighed. 

"Okay then, I'll let Mr. Gilbert know about the meeting" Martins said and Mary starts to giggle and jump in my arms. 

"Okay then Martins!" I said and hung the phone.

 I turned to Mary to see her gaze focused on the door. 

 I turned to the door and i sighed seeing Kathleen standing there. 


"Ever heard of the word privacy?" I asked her. 

"Yes" she nodded with her smile. 

"And haven't you heard of the statement, manners be maintained in a stranger's home?" I stated and she smiled. 

"But, sir Joseph, you're not a stranger!" 

"Yes I am, we're both strangers to each other" 

"Nope, I know so much about you!" she stated. 

"You know nothing about me Kathleen, now please go wait in the living room like a normal guest you are!" I blurted. 

She frowned. "You're taking Mary to a daycare centre? What is a daycare centre?" she asked. 

She's joking right! 

"And how did you know I'm taking her to a daycare centre!" I said. 

"You said that to that thing!" she said pointing to my phone. 

"That thing?" 

"You really need to learn what privacy is and you seriously don't know what a daycare centre is?" I asked. 

She nodded. Her silky hair bounced as she nodded. 

She was looking at me but not really looking at me. I don't know how to explain it, but she doesn't look at you in the eye. 

"Okay a daycare centre is a place where toddlers are being taken care of! And a daycare becomes useful to people like us because we have work to do and we can just put our child there and leave for work and that way our children will be taken care of and also be impacted!" I explained. 

"Oh, now I understand, so why haven't you been taken Mary to daycare all these while, cause looks like you've been staying home because of her!". 

I sighed. "I think, I don't really know but I think she's being kind of mistreated there!". 

 "Oh" Kathleen said. "She's being mistreated, I mean you think, but also you have no choice about tomorrow, you just have to let her stay at the daycare centre!". 

 I nodded and dropped my phone on the bed. Holding on to Mary that wanted to slide down my body, she can't even walk yet. But yet she wants to do so many things. 

"Okay, you what about, if you leave the daycare centre and I can watch over Mary for you tomorrow!" Kathleen said. 

I turned to her. 

"You want to babysit Mary tomorrow?" I scoffed. 

"Babysit? Is that what it's called?" She asked.

I raised a brow at her. 

"Anyways, yes I want to baby… Sit Mary!" Kathleen stated. 

"I'm sorry you can't!" I said walking right passed her. 

She followed me anyways. 

"Why if I may ask sir, Joseph?" Kathleen said folding her arms and walking in front of me and this time holding my gaze. 

Those eyes. 

They were as scary as they were beautiful. I felt something that shook in, like something died inside me and I was the one who looked away. 

"Sorry" I accidently heard her apologize very low though. 

She kind of didn't want it to be heard but I heard it. 

What was she apologizing for. 

"Because I don't trust you with my daughter and you're just a stranger!" I tell her. 

"Okay, how can I make myself not a stranger?" she asked. 

"What kind of absurd question is that? Now if you please excuse me, Mary needs her bath and can you please leave I appreciate your effort in repaying me back but I'm okay, I'm ready to help you ten thousand folds without receiving anything back that's the kind of man I am" I stated. 

"But I can't leave you unless I repay you back, that's how we live!" she clenched her fist. 

She was getting mad but yet a warm expression was still on her face. 

"Well you live in such a nice way, but I'm okay!" I stated. 

I was about walking again but she stepped in front of me. 

"I won't leave here until you accept my offer, Do you even know how hard it is for me to come here?" she scoffed. 

Oh okay, she's giving me the attitude. 

"If it's so hard for you, then why do you come so frequently!" 

"I didn't mean hard, I mean coming here during the day?" she rolled her eyes. 

"Wow, giving me attitude in my own home!" I laughed bitterly. 


She quickly bow her head. "I'm really sorry sir, Joseph" she quickly apologized. 

 I'm not a hard person. 

"It's okay" I sighed. 

She raised up her head catching my gaze. 

"Now let me babysit Mary?" 


I sighed "Fine!" 

 There was something really more than just that gaze.

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