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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 3




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 3

Writen by Ruthie Lee


 The strange girl cuddled Mary, my daughter into her arms and slowly pat her back and just like that Mary fell asleep. 

 She walked passed me and placed Mary on the bed. 

 She smiled at Mary and turned to me, well she turned to me but actually didn't look me in the eyes, still don't know why she doesn't hold gazes. She looks at me but it doesn't last for long, it's either she glance at a particular place and then looks back at you she doesn't hate gazes. 

"There, she's fast asleep again… S… I mean Joseph!" she corrected. 

"Thanks" I said. 

"No it's okay, I should be the one Thanking you!" she smiled. 

  I sighed. "Okay then, come on, I'll lead you to the guest room"

I took the girl to my guest room and no, I didn't tell her to feel Comfortable, I just told her to leave. 

 I left the girl in the guest room and went back to my own room, locked the door and Joined Mary on the bed. 



    The next morning, just at the paling of the sky. I woke up, I breathed out a smile when I saw Mary's lip parted open. 

 I came down from the bed and hurried out of my room.

 I remembered my guest and hurried to the guest room. I saw the door opened and no one was inside, the room looked untouched, but then again I saw a note on the bed. 

 I walked up to the bed and picked up the note.

"Thank you" 

Was the only thing that was written there. 

 I dropped the note and walked out of the room, at least I helped somebody, I don't know what happened to her or what is happening to her but I hope she's okay. 

 I walked into my room and I saw Mary waking up. 

  I smiled and watched as her eyes slowly closed again. 


  The morning got brighter and since it was a Sunday I was to be home all day. 

Sundays like this, Suzanne and I attend her church and boy was I familiar with everyone in that church. 

But nowadays I don't even know how to face that church.

 Mary and I had breakfast, two different breakfast. 

 And I just spent the remaining hours of the day organizing my paperwork needed at the company, which I own. But then again there's Mary, calling for my attention and crying every now and then. 

 I spent the remaining hours of the day with Mary and well that was just that. 


 It was night time again and after taking my bath, I bathe Mary too and dressed her in her pajamas. 

 I need to find a nanny for her or a better day care centre so I'll be able to go to work. 

  Mary and I laid on the bed, and she played with the button on my shirt, well and by play I mean shoved the button on her mouth, good thing it was sewed to my cloth. 

  "You don't eat everything you see Mary" I touched her cheek. 

She giggled. 

She looks so much like her mother. 

Oh Suzanne. 

"Why do you look so much like your mama" I sighed. 

"Ma… ma…" Mary repeated and I smiled. "Yes your ma…ma.." i mimicked her voice and she laughed. 

 "So Mary can you tell me why you look so much like mom?" I pouted and she laughed by my expression. 

 Suddenly there was a knock on the door. 

Who could it be. Suddenly the girl from this early morning flashed in my head. 

It couldn't be. 

   I stood up from my bed and almost when away when Mary screamed and in her baby whines, she stretched her hands towards me indicating she wants to go along too. 

 I carried her with me and we both walked to the front door, good thing it wasn't coming from the back door. 

  I unlocked the door and opened it, and to my surprise it was the lady from yesterday. But this time around she was wearing sandals. But still the same dress. 

"Hello!" she bowed her head. 

"He..llo" I replied. 

"What… are you doing here?" I asked softly so I wouldn't sound too rude. 

"Sir, Joseph…"  she glanced at me. "I'm sorry, I still can't call you by your name, please don't mind me when I call you sir!" she apologized. 

"It's okay!" I tell her. 

"Okay thank you!" she said and Mary made a sound. 

The girl glanced at her Mary and gave her a smile and Mary lets out a happy laugh. 

Her hand was behind her back all the time and when she brought them forward she was holding a fruit basket. 

"I wanted to give you this! I know it's not enough for what you did to help me yesterday, but at least little by little, I'll repay you kind sir." she bowed her head.

"I did nothing yesterday it's fine!" I said. 

"it is not fine and according to you, when someone offers you kindness, you accept, so please accept mine, you owe me big time and where I come from we repay those who help us, so please accept!" she raised the basket of fruit up and moved it forward. 

  I couldn't reject it, 

     I carefully took the basket from her and she raised her head up and let's out a smile. 

"Thank you!" she smiled. Looking at her eyes, was like looking at burning flames, it was golden brown, but still yet. I wasn't comfortable with it. 

"It's okay, you're welcome!" I said about to close the door, and I was giving her every look to let her know that I wanted her to leave. 

"Okay then, young miss goodbye then." I said slowly closing the door. 

"Huh?" the girl was a bit confused. 

What? She didn't want to leave? 

 I closed the door anyway and just as I was about to turn, Mary started to cry and reach her hands out for the door. 

 "Mary…" I called looking at her as she opened and closed her fingers stretching out as far as it could get to reach the door which I just close. 

 Don't tell me Mary's crying because of the lady just now. 


 I opened the door and surprisingly, the girl was still standing there. 

 She gave a smile. And Mary stopped crying. 

 What the hell?.

"Can you leave!" I was suddenly straight, this is freaking me out. 

"Am I being Inconvenient to you sir?" she asked sadly. 

"No…" I Lied. "But my daughter and I are about to sleep and it's getting late, I have to go to work tomorrow!" I said. 

"I understand but your daughter still looks like she she's not ready for bed yet!" The girl laughed. 

"And how would you know that?" I raised a brow at her, my eyes trying to pierce into hers, she looked at me back but suddenly turned to Mary, "you can tell all that from their eyes. You can read a person just by looking at their eyes!" Mary laughed. 

So does she not want me to read or still don't understand what's wrong with her eyes. Cause sincerely those are eyes are pretty to be ashamed of. 

"Mary has to sleep cause I need to take her to a daycare centre tomorrow thank you!" I said and she gasped.

"Her name is Mary?" 

"such a beautiful name!" she smiled. 

I wanted to ask for her name but then I thought that would be awkward, cause I don't know her and I don't want to know her. 

"Thanks, it's a nice name" I replied almost closing the door. 

"And my name is Kathleen" she suddenly said. 

"Okay good, that's a nice name too, now good night!" I said closing the door. 

"Good night kind sir, Joseph, make sure to eat the fruits, and give Mary some too!" she yelled before I finally closed the door.

 I slowly turned to my daughter in my arm and she looked at me. 

"Now don't you cry okay?" I gave her a look and did a funny face and she laughed. 

"Now that's the spirit, smile for Dada," I said and touched her nose. 

I carried the fruit basket into our room and as I dropped Mary and the basket on the bed, Mary suddenly took one apple. But the apple looked like it was heavy for both her hands. 

"Now now, a guest just gave this to us. A guest whom we don't know. We can't just eat it like that!" I said taking the apple from her. 

But then she took a banana. 

 I sighed and placed the basket on the floor. 

"You just don't listen do you!" I laughed as I took the banana from her. 

I laughed at my thought, it can't be poisoned. 

 Mary watched me as I opened the banana and I took a bite and let her have a bite too, one of the tiniest bite with her four teeth. 

She looked silly chewing the Banana and I laughed at her face, she didn't know why I was laughing but she laughed with me too. 

   Mary and I slept well that night, well we both miss Suzanne, though we're both doing fine, but we're incomplete without her.

I'd still accept her, anytime, anywhere If she'll come back now. 


 The next morning, I got Mary and I ready to leave the house. 

 We left the house and as we got to the baby daycare centre Mary starts to cry immediately we walked in through the glass door. 

 "Come on Mary I have to go to work today!" I sighed and she held on to my collar so tight, her face got red as she cried even more. 

  She didn't let anyone touch her and immediately we left the centre she stopped crying. 

 I called work and after talking to my assistant, he seemed thrilled to cover my work for the day and the next day he didn't mind.

 I took Mary home and she seemed really happy when we walked into our home. 

 I placed Mary on the floor of the living room, leaving her to crawl or stand whatever she wants, she stands but not on her own, I changed my cloth into something comfortable and continued my paper work in the living room where I can watch Mary and work at the same time. 

  Well I thought I could work and watch Mary, but she ended up wanting to play with me and tore one of my important papers. 

"Mary……"  i yelled. 

She laughed. 

"That wasn't funny, and I'm going to take you to the daycare whether you approve or not!" I said standing up and gathering the papers. 

 Why did I sit on the floor, I was so close to her height she thought I was having a paper play date with her. 

 Mary watched me walk around the house to hide and place the paper where she couldn't reach. 

 She started to gag lots of baby talk at me. 

"I don't know what you're saying, but why do I feel that I'm being insulted!" I gave my daughter a stare and she crawled up to me and bit my feet. 

 I scooped her off the ground and placed her into my hand into my hands. 


Mary gave me one heck of a day, and before we knew it, the sun was down. 

We both had our two different dinner and had one of the fruit from the fruit basket immediately after dinner. 


When it was night time, I tried to fall asleep again but Mary, Mary was being Mary and didn't want to sleep. 

So I decided to read her one of her fairy tale books Suzanne and I bought even before she came into this world. 

 I placed her in between my legs and opened the book in front of us. Mary seemed fascinated by the pictures as she pointed each and every colour and made a happy sound. 

 I read the book for her and she was very quiet, I didn't if she understood all what I was saying but she was quiet. 

Reading her bedtime story was making me sleepy not her and we were up till it was 11pm.

 "story's over pumpkin time to go to bed" I said and closed the 7th book we'll be reading at the hour.

 She whined about to cry and I sighed and opened the book again for her. 

 Is this what Suzanne went through without me. 

I love my Mary, but babies are stressful. 


 11:55pm I watched Mary point the book and tapped me to look at the book with her. 

I just nod with my eyes halfway closed. 

There was a knock on the door outside and Mary froze and looked at me. 

So she already understood what a knock is. 

 Mary suddenly got on my body, and I understood her motives, she wanted me to take her with me to get the door. 

 I kissed her cheeks as we both walked to the door and she almost ate my face. 

Her teeth hurts so much. 


 I opened the door and there was the girl, Kathleen standing with a smile.

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