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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 23




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 23

Writen by Ruthie Lee


 "Sir, Joseph can we kiss?" Kathleen asked me while we both stood in the living room. 

But I'm asleep, how come I'm still seeing what just happened moments ago. It's like Kathleen and I both continued from where we stopped at the living room.

And what she wanted to say was ask for a kiss.?

 I wasted no time, in fulfilling her wishes and we were all over each other, kissing like it's the end of our lives.

 Suddenly we were both in her room, but still the kiss didn't end there.

 I took all her mouth in as she gave in with her everything.

That sensational feeling that ignited within my body when she touched and kissed me.

Slowly she starts to take off my shirt, she placed her hands on the hem of my shirt and pulled it all over my head.

  She grabbed my hands and placed them on her shirt, I Understood what she meant immediately and starts to undress her too.

Leaving her with her shorts and bra, she got on the bed and pulled me down.

She smiled. "You're mine now sir, Joseph".


"Sir, Joseph"

 I opened my eyes and saw Kathleen in front of my face and I almost lost it.

I pushed her back gently so I could sit properly.

"You're still surprisingly asleep, it's almost eleven a.m" Kathleen smiled with Mary in her hand.

 11am. I've never slept so late before.

"You didn't stay up late did you?" Kathleen asked and I shook my head.

"Cause I took a lot of time giving Mary her bath, but yet you still haven't woken up. I've even made Mary breakfast, and also fed her but yet you were still asleep so I had to wake you up myself. Kathleen expound.

 Well I can't possibly tell her I was having a sexual dream about her. I mean what the hell is this? Is this a thing now? Is this like a routine in my head, in my mind and is it a must I dream about her in my sleep.

What is happening?

I'm going to lose my mind if I find out why I'm having this dream, now two times in a row.

I mean the strange part is that, it feels so real and you just can't stop.

 I sighed and got up from my bed.

"Well maybe I'm too stressed and needed a little extra sleep!"  I stated.

"Well if you're stressed, I can help prepare breakfast!" she Beamed.

"Haven't tasted your food but you will be very terrible at cooking!" I said getting down from the bed.

"Well there's a first try and time for everything, sir, Joseph, you can't just judge without actually tasting my food!" she rolled her eyes with a smile.

 I felt a little bit heavy as I stood on my own and I didn't know if that was me or my room spinned around for a brief moment. I placed my hand on my head as I felt a sharp pain around my temples. 

 I looked at Kathleen and she touched me and asked. "Are you okay sir, Joseph, I'm getting really scared."

That touch, my body flinched under it.


 I sighed and moved back and her hand fell from my shoulder.

"Did... Did I do something wrong sir, Joseph?" Kathleen asked sulking.

"You didn't!" I grunt, the pain in my head was just unbearable.

I sat down on the bed again and sighed heavily.

I feel like shit.

What is all this??

"Then what's wrong?" Kathleen asked and touch me again. That feeling 

"Don't touch me!" I almost yelled making her flinch and Mary flinch.

Her eyes started to get glossy, "did I do something wrong sir, Joseph, I'm sorry if I did."

 Kathleen dropped Mary on the bed and wiped her teary eyes.

Mary seemed less concerned with us and focused on biting one of the pillows on the bed.

"You didn't do anything wrong, I just!" I sighed. "There's this annoying feeling me in me I feel when you touched me, the kind of feeling you feel when receiving bad news!".

"There is?" Kathleen looked down at her hands. "I had no idea sir, Joseph I am so sorry!" her eyes started to get wet again. 

"It's fine" I raised my head to look up at her and seeing her eyes I am suddenly reminded of our interaction in my dream. 

How come my head is so messed up by her. 

I should be talking to someone about this, perhaps a therapist, but then again anyone would think I'm crazy if I tell them I have a siren living in my house. 

Or should I talk to Kathleen about this. She might know something, but then again, almost having sex with her in my dream is way awkward for me and now to picture myself telling her about it, I would rather drown my self in the lake outside. 

 The pain suddenly left my head and I couldn't be more glad. Kathleen had tears in her eyes when I turned to look at her again. 

"Don't cry, I didn't mean to yell!" I said. 

"It's not about that, you look sick and I'm scared!" she sniffed. 

"Don't worry, I'm not going to be sick!" I tell her. 

"Okay but still can you rest while I make breakfast, I promise you'll like it, I don't want you to be stressed out sir, Joseph!" she sniffed. 

 I couldn't say no

"Sure, just don't get the food burnt!" I tell her. 

"Okay thank you!" she gave her small smile. 

Kathleen left my room while I grabbed Mary, placed her in the baby's crib and walked out of my room. 

 I head to the bathroom and after brushing my teeth, I came back to my room. 

I got a call from Martins and we talked about business and nothing else. But just as we were both about to hung up. I asked. 

"Martins?" I called. 

"Yeah?" Martins replied. 

I hesitated for a while. "Have you heard about sirens before?" I asked. 

"Uhm isn't that an ancient Greek mythical creature or something?" Martins asked. 

"I guess, do you like know anything about them?" I asked. Not like it's mythical since one is living with me right now. 

"Well for one thing I'm sure, I know they're deadly! I've read about them though, but they're not real, they're just myths!" Martins stated. 

myths? How I wish. 

"Okay, so I'm actually doing some sort of research so can you tell me what you heard or read about them?" I asked.

"What? Research, since when did you become an explora on mythical creatures" Martins laughed.

"I'm serious here!" I stated.

"Well I don't know what you're up to, but sure, I love sharing knowledges like this, so I heard they're pretty and they are not so friendly, they fall in love with men easily and trust me they never let that man out of their sights!" Martin explained.

And I listened attentively.

They fall in love easily, no doubt about that. She proved and explained she loves me. But never letting me out of my sight. Isn't that another word for doomsday. 

Martins continued anyway. 

"And also, I read that some sirens have some kind of compelling powers, like a spell that mess up your head and you do things they only want you to do, some kind of have that powers through, their singing and their enchanting voice, some with a kiss, and some with their eyes! As I have read They mostly compelled men back in the days only to kill them!".

"Okay, what if Some are different?" I said.

"Well they're different for sure, but I don't know, I read a certain guy encounter with one of them, I don't if it's real or fake, or maybe he just made up the whole story to get story, but don't worry, I'll send you the link so you'll read it yourself, I have to go!" Martins stated.

"Okay" I said and hang up.

I could smell fried egg coming from the kitchen and knowing it was Kathleen I silently prayed, she wouldn't burn the food.

A message came into my phone and it was link Martins was talking about, I quickly clicked on it and it led me to a website and a write up that it's heading said 'My encounter with a siren'.

 Some people do this for popularity making up fake stories but who cares I'm just going to read this. The story looked short and nealty composed with millions of views and comments under it. 

 I breathed out a sigh as I started to read the 'encounter.


 ~My encounter with a siren~

 It was just like every other day, I bumped into this girl on my way home from work, she looked Stranded on the street and begged me to give her a ride to her destination, but surprisingly when she got into my car, she started to cry saying she doesn't have a home and the person she had been staying with was neglecting her. I couldn't say no to her because she really looked like she had suffered enough, she was pretty though, she was skinny and tall with long hairs, her nose was straight and firm, lips were like fruits from the garden of Eden and eyes big and bright as sunlight.

Living as a bachelor, I took this girl to my house and asked for her name, she told me her name was Ymir AND gosh she was just so beautiful.

That's how it all started and Ymir started to live with me. She was nice, sweet and always happy, she's always shy and she never let me look her in the eyes, if we managed to hold eye contact Ymir would smile at me and looked away immediately. Ymir was the most beautiful girl I had ever met in my life.

 But one rainy night, Ymir looked me in the eye and out loud she confessed her feelings for me and no joke that I liked her too. We started going out but we took things slow, very slow, we hardly ever kiss, I didn't know why she always walked away when I wanted to kiss her.

Until one night when we both finally kissed, and after that night everything changed, my world was Ymir, every night I dreamt of Ymir and I having sex countless times, it was one of those dream that felt so real. And every morning I had to fight the urge of not going further like my dream.

Then one day, one of my dreams came to past, Ymir and I did that and after that day, I lost it, I knew nothing but Ymir, I couldn't go anywhere without Ymir, I wanted to be with her every moment and second of my life.  I wanted her touch at every moment, I wanted her, I was so determined to kill anyone who came close to her at that moment. I was like a madman at Ymir's feet.

I loved ymir, I wanted ymir! My head knew nothing but ymir.


I stopped reading and glance around the room.. Wait what?

This can't possibly be true.


T. B. C

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