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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 18




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 18

Writen by Ruthie Lee


"So what is this business dinner all about anyways?" Kathleen asked over breakfast that morning.

She never stops being so inquisitive.

"It's just like the word sounds, business and dinner, we have dinner and talk about business" I explained.

"Oh..."  Kathleen nodded and wiped the corners of Mary's mouth. She has suddenly taken my daughter's duty away from me.

"So we're leaving by six pm?" Kathleen asked and I nodded.

"You seem suddenly happy with this occasion, if you get too excited I might not take you!" I Lied and she pouted.

"I'm.. Sorry, I won't get too excited!" she apologized and I almost laughed.

"And besides you are going to wear one of the best dress you can ever find.!" I stated.

"Best dress, is this some kind of party, cause up here, I hear people talk about wearing their best dresses to party".  Kathleen said shoving her mouth with toasted bread.

 I sighed, and I'm taking her to a dinner party.

Who am I kidding.

"Kathleen!" I called and she turned to me with her mouth full, we held eye contact and I raised my brows up at her.

Lately we've been holding gazes, I remember when she couldn't look me in the eye.

"Wmhah?" she said, she wanted to say 'what' but with her mouth full she said that.

"You eat like a horse!" I tell her.

She quickly chew on the bread and smiled. "I haven't seen a horse before!"

"Well they eat like they've lost their lives to hunger!" I elaborated.

"Well I eat like them and so what?" she shrugged.

I sighed. "it's not the proper way for a lady to eat!".

"What? There are rules for eating now?" she laughed. "This world is a mess!".

"It's not a mess and it is called manners not rules, and seriously I'm not taking you to a business dinner if you eat like a horse!" I scoffed and she paused.

"Oh... Okay then how can I eat more like... A lady!" she sighed.

 "Pick up one of the bread.!" I ordered and she carefully dropped Mary to crawl all around and she picked up the toasted bread.

"Now eat!" I ordered.

 She was about to shove the whole thing on her mouth but I yelled "stop" and she did.

"I don't understand you told me to eat, why are you telling me to stop!"     she pouted.

"Can you eat, but try not to shove everything in your mouth once and for all, I know it's a small toast but still try to take a bite like this!" I said, picked one of the bread and showed her how it should be eaten.

"Huh?" her eyes widen.

"Come on. Go for it!" I beckoned my head forward.

She slowly took a bite out of the bread, a small bite just like I did.

"Sir, Joseph how, it's like I'm biting air. How can I get enjoy the food if I don't eat it all at once!" she questioned.

"You don't have to enjoy the food, just be a lady that's all!" I replied.

"What? But... I don't want to eat that way!"

"Did anyone ever tell you, you whine so much like a child?" I raised my brows at her.

"No, cause I never got close to anyone other than you, so you're actually the first person to tell me." Kathleen smiled.

"You're just pretty that's all, your brain might be made out of pillows." I said and she gasped.

"You just called me pretty!" she blushed.

Didn't she hear the pillow part? Or she chose to ignore it.

 "calling someone pretty is a normal thing to do, don't get too excited!" I laughed.

"Well I'm not normal and it's not normal to me!" she replied proudly.

 "Anyways, I'm done eating." I said standing up.

"Okay!" she said.

"I'll feed Mary her food, so just rest and enjoy your meal!" I tell her.

She nodded and I picked Mary from the floor and grabbed her tiny plate and spoon too.



 It was three pm and it hadn't been too long since we had lunch. Leaving Mary and Kathleen at home, I got in my car and went to the nearest supermart I could find. 

 Finally found one at a small corner and I wasted no time in buying two toothbrushes. 

  I bought extra tissue papers cause we're almost out of it and bought a baby brush for Mary, well she had four teeth, it needs to be brushed and the toothbrush was made like a normal toothbrush, but the top was made out of soft foam.

  I got home and wasn't surprised when I saw Mary and Kathleen sleeping on the floor of the living room, looks like they've both had a long...

Since I couldn't carry any of them and it looked like they were enjoying their positions. I grabbed an extra blanket from my closet and placed it on the body.

 I walked passed them and headed for the bathroom, I arranged the toothbrushes it's place and dropped the tissue paper too.


 I was organizing my paperwork I would be dropping with Martins if I happen to be at the dinner tonight, when Kathleen walked in the room with sleeping Mary in her arms.

"You both slept really well its been two hours, if we don't get ready now we'll be late for the business dinner I mentioned earlier!" I said, standing up and shoving the papers in my briefcase.

"Is it time already?" Kathleen gasped.

"Yep it's five thirty, and I said we'll be leaving at exactly six pm, so we have only thirty minutes to get ready!".

 "What about Mary? She's still asleep!" Kathleen said.

"She's just a baby, we can still fit her into something while she's asleep, you, go wear yourself a dress!" I said and she nodded and left my room in light speed.

 I closed the door and like the wind, I changed into one of my best black tuxedos, it was a backing black tie, and looking myself in the mirror. 

 It did make me look good. 

 I didn't do much with my hair, I just added a little bit of hair oil and brushed it back. 

 Though I looked the same. 

  Took out one of my work related fancy shoes and slipped them under my legs. 

 I grabbed one of Mary's pink flowery dress from her baby  drawer, grabbed a matching shoe and a hair band. 

 Still asleep, I stripped the clothes off Mary's body and gently covered up her body with the fancy pink dress I picked out. 

 I left Mary looking elegant while she's asleep, and as I opened the door I flinched when I saw Kathleen.

"Hey, I was about opening the door.!" she smiled.

 I eyed Mary from head to feet and realised she wasn't dressed well.

Wearing a red t-shirt over a pink fancy gown. Seriously?

"What is this? Are we going to a clown party?" I sighed referring to her clothes.

"You told me to put on one of my best dress and this is the best dress and combination, I think it's pretty!" Kathleen expound.

"We both have different meaning of pretty and yours is the wrong one. Come on," I said and started to walk to her room while she followed me.

 Getting to her room I saw all the dress I bought for her on the bed and I sighed and picked up the one I think it's the most prettiest for her.

"Uh this? This is so ugly and dark!" she squeezed her face.

I scoffed "And you think red and pink is the best combination? You don't wear t-shirt over gowns, what the hell!".

"Black is everything!" I said grabbing her hand and placing the black dress in her hand.

"But it's so dark!" she whined.

"Dark, but it will look pretty on you trust me!" I sighed.

Kathleen let's out a smile. "You really think it will look pretty on me?".

 Immediately she said that, my head quickly realised  on its own that the best stragedy to get Kathleen to do what you want is through a compliment. She gets flushed easily even with the smallest and slightest compliment.

 Kathleen took of the red t-shirt, leaving the pink dress on her, she turned to me.

"Are you going to stand here and watch me change?" she asked narrowing her eyes at me.

"Huh?... Uh no... I'm leaving now!" I said and walked out of her room.

Good thing she's smart in that aspect.

 Kathleen walked out of room seconds later with the black dress on her body, And goodness, she really looked good in it.

"Sir, Joseph!" she called..


"Can you help with the zipper?" she said turning her back to me.

She didn't even let me say yes she just turned her back to me to zip up the dress immediately.

  I dragged my eyes away from the lace bra she was wearing from the inside and zipped the zip up to her nape. This story is written by Ruthie lee. 

This is so uncomfortable.

Heaven knows I am not a pervert. 

"There!" I said as I left the zipper.

"Thank you!" she said facing me.    I looked down at her feet.

"It's nothing!" 

"Okay then go put on some shoes!" I stated.

"I don't. I don't have any shoes!" Kathleen said.

She's kidding right.?

Should we just stay home.

"Right, we forgot to buy even a pair from the mall the day we went for your  dresses" I stated surprised at my calm state.

"So should I Just - - - 

"or....",  I interrupted Kathleen. "hold on a second!" I said and walked away from her and straight to my room.

 I got in my room and Mary's eyes suddenly caught my attention, she was finally awake.

"Hey Mary" I smiled and touched her cheeks.

She smiled too.

"We'll be leaving the house in a bit, hope you're ready!" I smiled and she started to rant her baby words.

 I walked away from the bed and head to the small in built closet at the corner of her sure.

 I was pretty sure Suzanne didn't take any of her shoes with her. And when I opened the bottom closet, I was right.

 I grabbed a pair of heel boots about three inches off the ground. I was almost out of the room when I heard Mary's voice call out to me.

I turned to see her hand stretching and reaching for me on the bed.

 I smiled and my heart melting.

She looked like a wrapped cupcake, in her sparkly dress.

 I picked Mary from the bed and she kicked her leg figuring out she was wearing a pink sparkly shoes.

  I laughed as I took her out of the room..

 We met Kathleen still waiting for me in the living room. And seeing her Mary happily reached for her stretching her hand towards Kathleen.

"Now hold on young lady!" I said hold Mary's hand.

 I gave Kathleen the shoes and she smiled all the way as she puts them on.

 Her height suddenly grew about 4inches as she wore them and immediately she took Mary from me.

 "I'm almost tall like you sir, Joseph" she giggled stepping beside me to check her height with Mary in her arms

"You used to be under my chin, now you're under my nose. You didn't grow!" I stated and she glared at me.

 "Okay then since we're all set, no we're not. Can't you do something with your hair?" I asked.

"Do something with my hair?" she asked touching them.

"Yeah, you know what just let your hair be. Your lips looks really chapped!" I said. Moving closer to the white cabinet beside the wall, i opened it and pulled out a lip gloss from it.

"Here put this on!" I said giving it to Kathleen.

"What is this?" she asked and I sighed.

"It's a lip gloss and ladies wear it on their lips!" I expound.

"Oh. If ladies were it then why do you have it, you're not a lady!" she smiled.

I sighed. "I run a cosmetic industry, this is what we produce!".  "just put it on!" I sighed again.

 She looked at the lip gloss in her hand and her eyes darted to me.. "I don't know how...."

"Seriously?" I almost yelled.

"You really have a lot to learn!" I said yanking the lip gloss out of her hand and turning the lid till it opened and I brought out its stick that came out with the dim glossy pink.

"Put your lips together!" I instructed and Kathleen's lips closed.

 I placed the lip brush on her lips and moved it sideways on her lips spreading the gloss.

I've never applied lip gloss on someone before. Even Suzanne.

"Now chap your lips together like this" I said and did a gesture and she did the Same

"It smells so nice!" she Beamed.

Mary's hand suddenly hijacked the gloss stick in my hand and she shoved it in her mouth.

I quickly took it out of her mouth.

"No no... It's not food!" I laughed.

"Maybe she wants to be a lady too!" Kathleen laughed.

"Well she is a lady in her own world!" I stated, took the stick from Mary and placed it back in the container of the lip gloss and closed it shut.

"Now let's get going!" I said, dropping the lip gloss and trying to take mary from Kathleen but she wouldn't come with me.

"She loves me more now!" Kathleen smiled and walked away to the door.


T. B. C


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