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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 14




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 14

Writen by Ruthie Lee


"Undergarments are… 

 I couldn't find my words. 

"Undergarments are what women… they're like… It's… 

Goodness this is so embarrassing.. 

The seller sighed and looked up at Kathleen.

"Undergarments are panties and bras lady wear under their clothes, and you can get them from that rack over there!" the seller said and pointed, she will probably be wondering how Kathleen doesn't know what under garments is. 

I gave her a thank you look. 

Gosh that was so embarrassing.


Turning to look at the rack where Undergarments were sold, Kathleen gasped. 

"Those aren't called undergarment, they are called under-wears or tiny wears!" Kathleen laughed. 

"Huh?" the lady seller was confused. 

"Well here it's called Undergarments and it can also be called under wears but not tiny wears!" I corrected 

So she knows it's called underwear but didn't have a clue it should be similar to undergarments.

"I've always call them the tiny wears! And of course I would love to get them. Sir, Joseph you wouldn't mind helping me pick nice ones out, just like you did with the dresses would you?" Kathleen smiled. 

Picking out dresses for her was easy and now she wants mr to help her with… Goodness I can't believe this. 

"I think it's best if you pick them out yourself!" I said nervously. 

"And that will be fifty thousand, in total!" the lady, the seller actually, spoke up and I Turned to her. I slipped my card on the table and to her. 

The lady took the card from me and gave me a faint smile. "You look like newly weds, and I don't see anything wrong with helping your wife with a quick pick with the Undergarments!" 

I arched one of my brows at her. "Funny" I scoffed. "we are not married, she's not my wife!". 

"Oops! My bad!" the lady laughed. "I understand though but still nice baby you both have there" she said giving Mary a faux smile. 

"She's not the mother to my child!" I explained and the lady laughed nervously and I restrained myself from rolling my eyes. 

Now this is awkward. 

She did whatever she did with my card and handed it back to me. When some goddamn people can't mind their  business. 

"Well then, ma'am, if you don't mind I can help you with picking out great under wears that has nice fabric and best for the skin!" the lady seller smiled to Kathleen and Kathleen nodded happily and I watched as they both left to the Undergarments rack. 

  Mary suddenly pinched my neck and I turned to her. 

"What is it? You want Undergarments too?" I joked. 

And she starts to rant in her baby words. 

 I waited patiently for the ladies to be back and in no time they made it back to the counter. 

 The seller went behind the counter and placed different kinds of lingerie on the counter. 

I scoffed but I didn't say anything.

This is way awkward than I ever imagined. 

The lady charged for the lingeries and I paid for it too. 

 Kathleen, Mary and I made it out of the mall without getting anything else. 

I let Kathleen hold Mary as I shoved the shopping bags into the car trunk. 

 We all got into the car and I drove home right away. 


 We all got into the house and I surprisingly found Mary fast asleep in Kathleen's arms. 

"I'll go drop her on the bed!" I tell Kathleen trying to take Mary Deon her. But she moved back. 

"No, it's okay, sir, Joseph! I'll go lay her down on the bed!" she smiled and walked away. 

 I walked out of the house and to my car, I opened the car trunk and pulled out all the shopping bags.

  I got into the house again and couldn't find Kathleen in the living room, 

 I dropped the bags on the floor and on the couch and went to my room. 

 There I saw Kathleen sitting on the bed beside Mary and watching her sleep. 

She looked lost, and she looked at Mary like something she wants to devour. 

"What… are you doing?" I asked, snapping her back to life. 

 She flinched and looked up. 

"Sir, Joseph!" she called nervously and stood up. "I wasn't doing anything, I was just watching her sleep!". 

I saw that she was watching Mary sleep, but I didn't like the way she looked at her. 

Honestly it freaked me out. 

I didn't ask any more questions I just said. "well you can to your room now, and check out your new clothes!" 

"Thank you so much, sir, Joseph I'm really grateful!" she smiled. 

"It's nothing!" I shrugged. 

 She walked out of my room and straight to the living room, from the door I watched as she grabbed the shopping bags, straight to her room. 


 Realising Mary didn't eat dinner before sleepinvlg made me realise none of us has eaten dinner too. And Mary might wake up by 3am in the morning bursting my sleepy eardrums with her hungry cry. 



  I decided to order pizza since I wasn't in the mood to make dinner, and pizza delivery guys never hesitate to charge me because unfortunately I live a lot farther away from others. 

But I don't care tonight I'm willing to pay them extra. 

 I called the bakery and ordered the large sized pizza. 

It would have been the medium sized pizza if it were just Suzanne and I. But no, we're talking about Kathleen here.

             Waiting patiently in the living room for the pizza to arrive, Kathleen walked out of her room with one of the clothes I picked out for her. 

 A simple orange shirt and a blue short. She looked different in it and it suit her perfectly. 


"I love all the clothes you got for me sir, Joseph they are all pretty!" she smiled. 

 I returned the smile, but in a weak way. 

 I sat on the couch and breathed out a tired sigh and glanced at the door. Damn I was hungry. 


Kathleen sat on the couch opposite mine and folded her legs in a crossed  X way on the couch. 

 She said nothing and I noticed her eyes on me. I said nothing and didn't look her way either. 

 We both remained quiet and I didn't know why but I decided to take a quick glance at Kathleen and my eyes widen when I saw her eyes staring at me like the way she was staring at Mary minutes ago. This story is written by Ruthie lee. 

   What the hell! "Kathleen!" I called. 

She tilted her head to the right. "Yeah?" she replied. 

"Why… Are you looking at me like that?" I had to ask. But I asked in a way she wouldn't know I was frightened. 

 "Looking at you like what?" she didn't seem to understand. 

"Like…" I couldn't explain so I just sighed. 

"Just forget it!". 

"Okay then!" she smiled. 

"Sir, Joseph…" she called and I looked at her. 


She smiled. "You're really pretty!" 


That was unexpected. 

My face heat up surprisingly. 

"Uh… Thanks?" 

She shrugged happily and laid on the couch. 

"Aren't you hungry, or sleepy?" I asked her. 

"I'm not hungry, neither am I sleepy! I'm not even tired, I'm just happy!" she smiled staring at the roof. 

"Happy?" I scoffed.

Well that's good to hear. 

"Happy about what?" I asked. 

"to be honest, I don't know!" she turned to her side, to face me, lying on her right side. "But I think, being here, right now is making me happy!" 

"Really? Just being on the couch is making you happy?" I asked. 

"No, not that" she shook her head Negatively. "The thought about my mind being free" 

"your mind being free?" I repeated not understanding what she meant. 

"My identity, not worrying about you finding out who I really am!" her voice was a bit low saying that. 

My eyes blinked rapidly as I remembered the vividly. 

"Ugh, that day was the worst day of my life!" Kathleen suddenly said making me turn to her. 

"Worst day of your life?".

I had to ask. She didn't know how I felt that fat 

"Yes it was the worst day ever, the expression you had on your face made me felt worthless, and when you left for a day, I almost… 

She paused. 

"You almost what?" I asked and immediately the door bell sounded through the whole house. 

"Must be the pizza!" I said standing up. 

"Don't worry I'll get it!" Kathleen said, stood up and hurried to the door in full speed. Well it's a good thing she's back to her all cheerful and enthusiastic energy. 

I shook my head Negatively as I grabbed my wallet from my pocket and head it to the door. 

 To my surprise I met the stupid delivery guy flirting with Kathleen, he didn't even notice my presence and I was standing behind Kathleen. 

"And if may ask, what are your digits miss beautiful!" the dude smiled with his ugly set of teeth… I didn't blame him for not noticing me though cause the cap he was wearing had thick visor. 

Kathleen laughed. "What are digits?" 

"Oh come on miss, I'm not a hard guy, don't play jokes on me, just your phone number and I'm out of here!" the delivery guy said and held Kathleen's hand. 

Kathleen slid her hand away from his grip immediately and moved back with the pizza box, bumping into me. 

She turned.

"Sir, Joseph!" she called sounding a little relieved. 

The delivery looked like he just saw a ghost seeing me, as his jaw was already halfway to the ground. 

"Thanks for stopping by!" I gave him a stern look as I placed the pizza bills into his hand. "Keep the change!" I added and slammed the door. 


I turned to Kathleen to see her staring at her hand like it hurts. 

"What's wrong?" I asked gently taking her hand to see if he injured her. 

"Nothing!" she shook her head. "I… I just don't like it when they touch me!". 


"Men!" she added still looking at her hand, though mine was now underneath. 

Men? But I'm a man and I'm holding her hand right now. 

"But I'm holding you right now!" I blurted out. 

"You're different!" she murmured but I heard it. 

"I am?" how am I different? 

"The pizza will be getting cold let's hurry up and eat it now sir, Joseph!" Kathleen's cheerful voice quickly said as she ran to the table to place the box. 


 First time we'll both be having dinner without Mary. 

 The pizza box was wide open in front of us and two bottles of cokes were placed beside the pizza. Nothing better goes with pizza if not coke. 

"I've totally had this before!" Kathleen gasped taking a bite out of the triangle shaped pizza in her hand. 

"Good for you!" I said taking out a slice of pizza. 

"But i don't know what this is!" she said referring to the coke. 

"Really? Coke should be one of the things you should have tasted before, it's pretty popular and it's all over the world!" I expound. 

"Well it's not in my world!" Kathleen giggled. 

 I paused and looked up at her. "What do you guys even eat over there?" 

She suddenly bent her head. "you know, the normals,....   Can we not talk about that please!" her voice was low. 

"Why?" I had to ask. 

"Any time we talk about my identity since the day you found out, you always have this expression that makes me feel… Ashamed". 

That was deep. 

"I'm sorry!" I quickly apologise. 

"It's okay!" she laughed, sadly. 

She dropped her slice of her pizza. "What I'm just grateful for, is meeting you, I'm grateful for meeting you, I'm grateful for you accepting my identity. And now that you've found out about who I am I suddenly want to become more human for you! You've done so much sir, Joseph I just want yo repay you in any way I can!" she sighed. 

"Like I said, you don't need to repay anything!" I stated. 

"You saying that is just making my head fumble, and making me want to repay you even more!" she rubbed her neck and grabbed her pizza again. 

"And now I just have two wishes!" she stated. 

"wishes aren't supposed to be told out loud but can I know what they are?" I asked. 

"Well I don't mind sharing my wishes with you, since they both kind of involve you!" she smiled.

T. B. C 

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