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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 13




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 13

Writen by Ruthie Lee


Mary's attention turned to Kathleen, and Kathleen stood up and walked to the table. "You're too nice for me sir, Joseph!" she sniffed, wiping her eyes. 

I'm just being me, and how  nice must I have been to her to make her cry?. 


"It's okay stop crying now!" I tell her. 

She nodded and wiped her tears. "Thank you sir, Joseph!" she stated. 

"It's fine!" I tell her. 

 Mary gagged something to her dipping her baby hand into her food and Kathleen laughed. 

And there was the Kathleen we we all knew, the Kathleen who laughs and smile non stop. 

"Great!" I grunt as I took Mary's hand and wiped it with the table's napkin. 

 I moved the food away from Mary as she starts to yell at me. Well thank goodness I don't understand baby talk. 

"You just keep yelling and I'll just keep eating" I said to Mary and starts to eat. Kathleen just watched us not digging in. 

I looked up at her. "You haven't eaten anything since yesterday right?" I asked. 

She nodded. 

"Well what are you waiting for dig in!" I said. 

"I'm not that hungry though!" she said lowly. 

"Still it's not healthy--

 I paused on my sentence. It's not healthy for 'we' humans I'm not sure if not eating for days affect people like her kind. Somehow I was curious of asking her but I just stayed my lane. I wasn't ready to be fish bait. 

 She slowly picked up the spoon and starts to eat very slowly, unlike her usual ways of eating. 

 Well I was decieved not for long, cause the moment Kathleen tasted every corners of her plate, the food vanished immediately. 

And I thought she wasn't hungry. 


She dropped the glass of water on the table, she just emptied the glass. 

 She glanced at me and I noticed how wet her eyelashes have become. It's a good thing she stopped crying. 

"I'm full" she announced shyly standing up. 

"Thank you sir, Joseph!" she announced! 

"It's nothing!" I tell her. 

She gave a smile and walked to the couch, sitting down gently and watching Mary and I eat. 


 After lunch, since Kathleen insisted on holding Mary, I let her hold Mary and I did the cleaning of the table and also did the dishes. 

 The house was strangely quiet that day, Kathleen was sitting quietly in the living room, while Mary was crawling around the living room, and as for me, I just stayed in my room thinking about my life now. If I happened to walk past the living room, Kathleen's eyes would watch my every move. 

  Finally it was nighttime, well, we all had late night dinner since we had lunch a little bit late. 

 Well thankfully I was getting used to Kathleen being Kathleen again, even though she was a little quiet today, she still smiled with Mary and she looked nothing like the fish I saw on my expensive rug. 


The night was cold and quiet It was supposed to be me and Mary on my bed sleeping but, Mary wasn't with me, from my room and on my bed, I could hear her happy laughter coming all the way from Kathleen room. Immediately  I gave Mary her night bathe, she flew into Mary's arm like I wasn't even there. 

 They're both growing tighter than I expected. 

Though the sound of Mary and Kathleen's voice warmed my heart, I was still a little bit worried, about Mary being different from us. But I just let that slip away from my mind every now and then but still let it hang on to the bottom of my mind.

 “No Mary that is not what you eat!.”  I heard Kathleen voice from her room. 

 I heard Mary's laughter follow her voice and I breathed out a sigh. A sigh that held many emotions. 

 I closed my eyes and reminded myself to get Mary back here before falling asleep but I didn't know when I fell asleep. 


  The next morning I woke up and my heart skipped a beat when I noticed Mary wasn't sleeping beside me. 

 Then I breathed out a sigh of relief when I realised she was with Kathleen. 

 But then again it was Kathleen!!! 

 I stood up from my bed and hurried out of my room and to Kathleen's room immediately. 

I got to the door and knocked. 

No one answered so I turned the door knob and quietly opened the door. 

 There I saw Kathleen on the bed sleeping on her left side and cuddling Mary, Mary also sleeping on her left side, sleeping and looking safe and peaceful in Kathleen's arm. 

 I breathed out a sigh of relief as I closer the door. 

I should be awarded, trusting my baby with a non human, and they spent the night together and nothing happened. 

Maybe I was wrong about her. 

 I quickly freshened up and went to make breakfast before they'd both wake up. 

 Half way making the delicious homemade meat lasagna, I could hear the water from the bathroom running and I wondered who it was. Of course I didn't have to wonder cause I have Kathleen living with me now. 

I suddenly imagined her tail in my bath tub and I cringed. I shook that thought out of my mind and continued with the food. 

 The food was ready and as I cleared the kitchen table, the door opened and Kathleen walked in with Mary in her arms.  Kathleen was still in the same clothes, but her hair looked wet. Mary seemed to have another clothes on. 

Looks like they just had their bath. Mary smiled at me and let out a "Da… Da" I smiled at her too and she giggled happily. 

"You both just took your bathe right?" I asked. 

Kathleen nodded. 

"I used Mary's special plastic bathtub!" she smiled. 


That's nice 

"Thanks!" I glanced at her and she smiled. "It's nothing!" 

 I took off the apron I was wearing and glanced at Kathleen one more time. 

She's been wearing that same clothes for three days now! The same blue dress. And now I understand why. 

The least I could do for her is get her new clothes I guess. 

I grabbed the food tray and placed plates on it, as I served the lasagna on the plates I heard Kathleen's voice. 

"Sir, Joseph! What… What is that?"  she asked. 

And we are back to the questions!. 

"You mean the food right?" I asked. 

"Yeah!" she nodded

"It's called lasagna! But this is basically meat lasagna." i explained. 

"it looks really colourful!" she said eyeing the food. 

"Yeah, it's an Italian pasta!" I stated. 

"Italian?" she replied. 

Looks like she's hearing the word for the first time. Well I don't blame her. 

"When something or someone is from Italy!". 

"Italy…" she muttered to herself.

"It's a country!" I added and she nodded. 


"I already set the table!" Kathleen announced as I grabbed the tray of foods. 

"Oh, thank you then!" I said as I walked out of the kitchen. 

  I walked to the living room and saw that the table had been set, I walked up to it and placed the food on it. 

Minutes later after making Mary's food we all start to eat with Mary on my thighs. 

And honestly it felt like nothing had change, two days of all those hectic dramas, yet it seemed like nothing happened at all even though I know about her identity. 

"Kathleen!" I called and she raised her head up immediately but I didn't. 

"I noticed you have been wearing the same old dress for some days now!" I said not sounding too rude. 

She shyly dropped her fork and looked sideways. 

"Would you like to get new clothes? I want to go to the mall to also get new clothes for Mary today so I decided to get you new ones too,...

"Yes I would!" she smiled immediately. 

I'm not planning to get any new clothes for Mary, she has more than enough, I'm just going to the mall for her. I'm just trying my best to be nice. At least maybe some day, hopefully, I'll get all the niceness in return. 

"Okay we will go by sunset!" I announced. 

She beamed happily when she heard the word sun set, of course I'm not stupid, I know she glows like neon light under the sun, I'm not going to take her to the mall under the hot sun and let everyone scream their voice out seeing her body glow. 

  When we were done having breakfast, Kathleen mood suddenly changed and it was like she never cried at all, she seemed very happy, insisting on doing the dishes, though she doesn't know how to wash them, I had to show her which meant that I still did the dishes. 

 Well she seemed like no harm at all and my mind calmed down to it fullest. 

 The day passed by like no other day and Kathleen couldn't stop reminding me that the sun had set. 


 I didn't have to put Mary in her baby sit today cause Kathleen had to hold Mary in the car all the way to the mall. 

 Darker clouds were emerging the sky and as we drove to the mall every street we passed through has streetlights from the beginning to it's end. 

 Kathleen and Mary seemed to be having a good time together at the back seat of the car and in no time we got to the mall. 

 Kathleen jaw dropped as she walked out of the car with my baby, she stared at the big building with different white lights beaming from the inside, huge lights on the outside and different tiny colourful lights that wrote 'Grey's mall' on the outside wall of the building.

"This place is extremely beautiful sir, Joseph!" Kathleen exclaimed. 

"Yeah, just wait till you get inside, and plus they sell everything here!" I stated shoving my phone and wallet in my pocket. 


 We got inside and Kathleen's big brown eyes eyed the whole place. Now I can't question her knowledge of not knowing so many things or not knowing so many places. Cause I know what kind of person she is now. 

 After walking around the mall for a while we finally got to where ladies clothes were being sold. 

"Now I can hold Mary and you can go pick any outfit you like!" i tell her and she gasped happily and left for the rack of ladies dresses arranged in hangers and on a rod. 

"I like this one, and this one and this one and this one and all of them.!" she stated happily pointing all the clothes. 

I shook my head at her trying to hold back my laugh. "You can't like all of them!" 

"But i do!" she smiled. 

"How about I help you pick!" I tell her. 

She nodded and the woman in charge of the clothes sales laughed and walked away to another buyer. 

 I picked out six dresses, and about four casual clothes for Kathleen before walking to the seller's counter. 

  As she calculated all the dresses checking the price tag one by one, I turned back and saw two couples checking out panties on bikinis rack. 

 I turned away and then turned to Kathleen. 

Right I should ask. 

"Would you like undergarments too?" I asked. 

"Under-garments?" she repeated and I nodded. 

"What is that?" she asked and the seller looked up and then looked down at what she was calculating. 

 I sighed. 

Do I have to explain this now. 

"Undergarments are… 

 I couldn't find my words. 

"Undergarments are what women… they're like… It's… 

Goodness this is so embarrassing.. 

The seller sighed and looked up at Kathleen.

"Undergarments are panties and bras lady wear under their clothes, and you can get them from that rack over there!" the seller said and pointed, she will probably be wondering how Kathleen doesn't know what under garments is. 

I gave her a thank you look. 

Gosh that was so embarrassing.


T. B. C 

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