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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 10




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 10

Writen by Ruthie Lee


I felt her head release from my body and she stepped back and she disengaged the hug. 

 But her hands crawled up to my neck and she pulled me down giving me a kiss… 


 I stepped back and away from the kiss immediately. 

 She bent her head immediately and apologized. "I'm so sorry!... I… I didn't know why I did that!"

"You didn't know why you did that? Why would you even do that?" I almost yelled. 

"I… I… Lost control of myself and… I am very sorry" she apologized. 

"one minute you're in tears and the other minute you're already kissing me, who does that!" I yelled. 

She sniffed. "Please!, don't kick me out, I promise never to do that anymore!" she pleaded and went on her knees. 

I sighed. "Just know your place okay?". I give in too easily, I can see why Suzanne left me. 

"I will, I'm very sorry!" she added but I walked out of her room before anything would happen again. 

  Just why? Why the hell would she even do that!. 

 Doesn't she know what kisses are meant for?. 

  As I walked away I could hear Kathleen locking her door.

Some strange girl is living in my house, she's not that strange anymore but not knowing where she's from is one thing and she won't even tell me and somehow I am fine with that! What is happening to me. 


 I gave Mary her bath that morning and after wearing her, her clothes I left her in her crib with her stuffed toys and went to prepare breakfast. 

  That morning only Mary and I ate breakfast and Kathleen wouldn't come out of her room. 

I didn't force her to come out or have breakfast, whenever she's ready she will have breakfast, I don't care. 


 It was 12pm in the afternoon, the sun was burning outside, the grass was dry, the lake was calm and the whole atmosphere was peaceful and quiet just how I have always wanted it.

I was having banana with Mary, after biting my big bite, I'll place it under her lips and she'll grab whatever she can with her four teeth. 

 Kathleen still hadn't come out of her room. I didn't care but deep down I was a bit worried. She was crying earlier, but I know even though I ask, She won't tell me anything. 

 I don't really care though, and that's what keep killing me. My niceness might put me in trouble, but the thought about saying no to someone who really needs help or need anything you've got, is just said and heartbreaking and also hard for me to do. 

 Just as we had our last bite of the banana, I shoved a bottle of milk into Mary's mouth and she sucked on the nipple of her baby bottle happily, staring at me with her big bright and brown eyes. 

 I noticed something walking and I raised my head up to see it was Kathleen. 

She immediately turned seeing me. 

 "Thought I was living alone with Mary, for a moment I forgot I had a visitor!" I muttered to myself but in a way Kathleen heard me correctly…

"Sir, Joseph…"  she called. "I'm very sorry!" she added. 

"You should be!" I said in a hushed voice. 

"Ar…e you mad at me?" she asked. 

"Why wouldn't I be?" I scoffed as I wiped the corners of Mary's mouth. 

"But it was… I… I didn't know why… I did that, it was just a kiss and I'm sorry!" she added. 

Just a kiss? 

"It's not even about the kiss, well it's about it, but what I'm vexed about the most, is the fact that a stranger is now living at my house!" I stated. 

"A stranger, but I am not a stranger to you or Mary anymore!" Kathleen said. 

"We might have gotten along with each other for the past few days, you might have had breakfast or lunch with us but still that doesn't move you from being a stranger, you don't want to tell me the reason why you want to live here, you don't want to tell me where you lived, where you've come from… I don't understand why? Cause somehow I have no problem with you living here but I have to know those details about you and what if the police suddenly stops by here one day and they report to me they're looking for you somehow, and then they ask me where you used to live, how do you think I'm going to respond to that!" I yelled. 

 Wow. I am really getting worked up, 

I'm yelling about the things I should have done earlier. Maybe it was about the kiss. 

"I… i.. I'm going to tell you, I promise!" she stated, her head down, her voice shaking. 

"Tell me? Promise. I can't believe you!" I laughed. 

"Telling someone where you used to live is not a crime or a secret, what are you actually promising for. You are really dumb!" the word escaped my lips and I regretted immediately cause I saw her clenched her fist beside her. 

"If I tell you where I used to live, will i live here?" she asked. 

"That's the point! I need you to not be a stranger!" I said trying to calm down. 

"If I tell you where I used to live, you promise I'll live here?" she asked. 

"It's a promise!" I sighed, I'm tired of going through the same question over and over. 

"It's a promise then!" she muttered and raised her head up but didn't look me in the eye. 

"Sir, Joseph, I want to tell you everything about me!" she said sternly. 

"That would be great, tired of being in the dark!" I scoffed. 

"First! I don't have sun skin allergy, I Lied about that!" she started. 

"Okay….? Go On," 

Finally she's letting out all the lies,. This is a good start. 

"And what else did you lie about?" I asked when her lips seemed to be numb. 

"I…i… I'd like to show you what happens to me when I'm under the sun!" she said as her eyes start to water. 

She doesn't die or anything right? 

Why is she crying! 

 "Okay then, the door is right there, should we go outside?" I raised my brows and she nodded. 

 I grabbed Mary and placed her in my arms while Kathleen started to walk outside. 

 She opened the door and moved back a bit. 

 The day was bright and the sun was hot. 

I was a bit worried though, she was scared of the sun, yet she's trying to get under it to prove why she's scared of the sun, honestly I was a bit scared. 

"Promise I would still get to live here!" she said.. 

I rolled my eyes. "Kathleen I don't really understand why- 

She starts to walk outside barefooted before I could even utter another word.

 I followed her outside and just as she walked passed the shade of the building, and under the sun, her skin started to glow, and I found my jaw dropping. 

 I wasn't talking about just glow, I was talking about glowing, just like how neon light glows in the night, that was how Kathleen was glowing, it was like different huge bright torchlight were lit up on the inside of her body, making her skin shine just like light itself. 

Every part of her body was glowing. I was speechless. 

She turned to me and her eyes were different, it glowed to. 

 My jaw dropped, she outshined every thing around the environment and if anyone else lived here they would have notice her bright skin from afar it was just glowing and shining. 

"Sir, Joseph, say something!" i heard Kathleen shaky voice said. 


 I said just that looking at her. 

"Please!" she added walking back to Mary and I. 

What the hell is she? 

That definitely is not a skin disease it's paranormal and extraordinary. 

"what are you?" I asked.

I wasn't scared but then again something in me was scared. 

Immediately she got under the shade, her body stopped glowing. 

It was the sun. 

"Please don't freak out sir, Joseph!" she breathed heavily. 

"What in the world are you??" I asked moving back a bit. 

"That was definitely not an allergy or a skin disease. That was definitely something else," I added. 

I am freaking out but I am calming myself down. There is definitely an explanation for everything. 

"It's not, i had to show you that to tell you where I come from, please let's head inside!" Kathleen pleaded. 

"Where you come from!" i repeated. My mind wad kind of spinning on its own. 

"I am not from anywhere around here but I am from here" she stated. 

I looked at her and shook my head Negatively. 

"I can't understand a single thing you're saying!" I tell her. 

"Then let's go inside please sir, Joseph I promise to explain everything to you!". 


 And there we were, sitting across each other in the living room.

 I held Mary tight even though she strangely wanted Kathleen to take her in her arms at that moment. 

 But no I let my baby whine in my hand not letting her down or near Kathleen. 

"I am not human, sir, Joseph!" Kathleen stated. 

"You're not human, I don't understand what you mean!" I scoffed. 

We both talk, eat have limbs, what the hell is she talking about. 

"I am not!" she starts to cry. 

 Mary starts to cry seeing her cry and I just let them cry, Mary has gotten too fond of Kathleen, but what I just want is just an explanation for all of this. 

She cleaned her tears. 

"You don't have what I have and that's what makes me different from you!". 

"And what would that be?" I asked. 

She hesitated for a while. "A tail!" 

A tail? 

"A tail?" I repeated. "What tail. All I see is legs!" I said. 

Or is she talking about bunny tails that are short, I'm Kind of lost here. 

"People call me monster seeing my tail, please sir, Joseph I want you to not be scared of me." she sniffed. 

Scared of what I haven't seen? 

"Can you just go straight to the point please!" I was getting impatient. 

"Please close your eyes!" she instructed. 


 I did so because I was impatient. 

Nothing could be heard except from Mary's cry. 

Suddenly Mary stopped crying. 

"You can open your eyes now!" Mary's voice was shaky as she said that. 

I opened my eyes and I couldn't find Mary on the couch anymore.


I looked on the floor and my spirit almost fled my body when I saw a huge fish on my rug. 

No not a huge fish, it was Kathleen. Her hair was longer, her body was sparkly and it looked wet, and scales were on some part of her back as she was facing her stomach on the floor looking at me. But her legs were gone for it was a tail that remained there, that left me speechless. 

T. B. C 


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