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The President Daughter -Episode 9



(No Lower Class Needed)

The President Daughter -Episode 9



            Avril POV

It has been a week and things are still very complicated with me and Ace. I don't even know what to call it.

Forbidden attraction?love? No way in hell am I in love with that man.

Say what? I can't. I just can't.

I sat inside my office going through my emails. Work has been very hectic today. From one meeting to the other. Thank goodness, finally there is one meeting left.

"Ace? Come in." I called out for him. I am super thirsty.

"You called me?" He asked walking towards me. He was wearing a black buttons up shirt and a black suit.

"I want a cup of caffeine and a cube of sugar." I told him.

"Is that my job Avril?" He asked. How dare he.

"Excuse me?" 

"That is the job of your secretary and not me, I am to protect you not to make coffee." He said and turned around to walk away.

"If you take another step there you're fired." I seethed out.  He turned around and scoffed.

"Fire me if you can Avril, you don't know me." He said and walk away.

What the hell!

He….he….he just walk away.

Goddamnit because I'm sure going to deal with him.

Who is he to tell me that? He is just a pauper. A stupid bodyguard.





I got out of my car and glared at Ace.

"I'll sure deal with you." I said between gritted teeth.

I got inside the house and slowly climb upstairs.

Ishmael was not in the room when I got there, where could he be?

I slipped out of my pencil skirt and starts undoing my shirt. I sigh and fell back on the bed.

After taking my bath I walk onside my closet and wear my nightwear.

I got back inside my room and found Ishmael laying on the bed.

"Hey baby." I greets and lay back beside him.

"Hey, how was work?" He asked.

"Work was fine but hectic." I told him and he chuckled. He wrapped his hand around my waist and buried his nose on my neck.

"I missed you." He said and I giggled. He suck on my neck leaving sweet little kisses on it.

"I missed you more sweetheart." He turn me around and smashed his lips on mine. His hand trailing my body. He squeezed my a*s causing me to gasp.

Yes I want him, but somehow I don't feel happy about this.

"I want you." He whispered.

"I want you….very much more."

               *Jane POV*

I sigh as I stare at the text from Ishmael. He is really making my job more difficult for me.

It isn't right, what we are doing is not right. I can't be seeing my boss's boyfriend. Her excellency boyfriend. Oh my goodness, she will kill me.

I've told Ishmael several times without number but he is just so adamant that he doesn't listen to me.

I remember five days ago, when he started showing interest in me. Its not like he want me as his girlfriend. He just said that he like me and my hard work ever since then he took my cellphone number and keep texting me time to time.

Ma'am Avril is just…..I don't know what to say about her.

She is a devil, I don't know why Sir Ace like her so much. I don't really understand their history and why he will act like a pauper to be her bodyguard.

I stood up from the bed and glared at my fellow maids.

Most of them are jealous that I am Avril personal maid, like what? It's no big deal.

              *Ace POV*

It is late in the night, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't f**king think.

I pick my phone from the nightstand and check the time. 2:10am. Say what?

It is f**king late, why can't I sleep?

I stood up from the bed and headed out of my room.

I quietly climb down the stairs, my phone serving as light.

Maybe a cup of milk will do.

I walk inside the kitchen and open the fridge. I took out the condensed milk and Pou it inside a cup. 

"What the hell!" A voice shrieked behind me. I turned around sharply and saw Avril.

"Avril? What are you doing here?" I asked and rose an eyebrow.

She scoffed and brush pass me.

"Why are you sneaking around by this time?" She asked and fold her hands.

I turned on the light and sigh.

"Look, I couldn't sleep so I came to drink milk." I told her.

"Oh really? A bodyguard is not allow here in this kitchen."

"And why is that? Because I'm a pauper? Oh a bodyguard." I said and giggled.

"Kiss me." She said all of a sudden.


"Kiss me." I pulled her arm and smashed my lips on hers.

Oh God, how much I love this woman.


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