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The President Daughter -Episode 8



(No Lower Class Needed)

The President Daughter -Episode 8


            Avril POV

I took my bath, washing myself very well to remove any unwanted scent from me after which I walk out of the bathroom after cleaning myself and walk inside my closet.

I picked a black long dress that has a split from the hem to my thigh.

I wore my thong with a match bra and slipped inside my dress, slipping my legs inside my sliver red bottom heel.

I shouldn't be told but I look fabulous.

Walking out of my closet I picked up my phone from the bed,and walk out of the room.

Ishmael will be arriving at the airport in few minutes.

Ace was standing in front of the door, ever since last night I haven't talk to him.

He doesn't even seem affected by it, I guess I'm fusing on the matter too much.

"I'll drive today, I don't need your service." I told him and walk towards my Ferrari.

Getting inside the car, I drove out of the parking lot.

The gate was opened and I drove out.

After thirty minutes of driving I got to the airport. Immediately I got there I saw Ishmael sitting on the side.

I rushed towards him, when he saw me he stood up and I throw myself on him.

"Oh goodness, I missed you." I said, tightening my hands around him.

"I missed you too cupcake, I missed you a lot." He replies, he release me and claimed my lips. I kissed him back, holding onto the collar of his shirt.

He broke the kiss and peck my nose then my ear and then rest on my forehead.

"You look more beautiful than I remember." He said causing me to blush. He always have a way with his words.

"Well thank you my Arab handsome." He grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

"Shall we?" He asked and I nods.

"Yes, we shall."

"Ain't you just my precious boyfriend?" I asked Ishmael when we got to the white house.

"I sure am." He replies and winked at me.

Silly man.

A knock came on the door and Jane walk in.

"Good day your Excellency, good day sir. Ma'am, do you need anything?" She asked.

"Oh yes, tell the cook to make pasta and sauce for my boyfriend and after that get me a bottle of wine from the rack and two cups." I told her, she nodded before walking away.

"She work here?" Ishmael asked as he lay back down on my bed. I hummed and sigh.

"You will meet mom and dad at dinner." I told him and he nods.

          *Ace POV*

I was typing out on my laptop when w message came into my phone.

*Her boyfriend is here*

Oh so great! Now I have to deal with her boyfriend as well.

I quickly typed a reply and send back to hi.

This is getting so annoying!

After office and went back to my mansion and took a bath then sleep, when I woke up it was already late.

I decided to pass the night here.


I drove straight to the white house, luckily when I got there she wasn't around.

According to her personal maid, she left to give her boyfriend a tour of the city.

Relaxing back on a couch, I ordered her to get me a bottle of whiskey. She brought the whiskey and I opened it then pour some for myself inside the shot.

I frown a little at the taste of the whiskey before my mind ran off back to Avril.

What could she be doing at the moment.

Did she regret our time together?

Who cares? I don't think I really care.

Few minutes later, another knock came on the door and I mumbled 'come in'.

Unfortunately it was Avril. I stood up from the couch and frown.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, she roll her eyes and glanced around the living room.

"How the hell do you get to stay here drinking whiskey? You are a servant here." She said and I mentally chuckled.

Only if she know that the man standing before her isn't whom she think he is.

"Well…..I guess I've found favor in the eyes of your father as a humble servant." I replied and she scoffed. I'm sure she doesn't buy it.

"Why are you here anyway?" I asked and she suddenly opened her mouth to speak but closed it.

"I…..I….yes, I want you to come and meet my boyfriend." She said and laughed nervously.

"Meet your boyfriend? Are you okay?" I surprisingly asked.

Why will she want me to meet her boyfriend? I mean, what relation do I have with him?

"You know what? Just forget about it." She said and walk towards the door. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards myself.

My hand sneaked around her tiny waist where I held onto her tightly.

"Do you missed me?" I asked in a whispered. She snorts and tried to wiggle herself out of my grip.

"And why will I miss you? A nobody? A lower class?" She asked and I smiled.

"Even a lower class deserve to be loved Avril." I said and slammed my lips on hers.

I can't bear to let you go Avril, not yet, not ever!


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