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The President Daughter -Episode 6




(No Lower Class Needed)

The President Daughter -Episode 6


               Avril POV

I was dumbstruck, my eyes widened as realization hits me. I just kissed my bodyguard!

I pushed him away from me and clean my mouth, so stupid of me.

Why on earth did I stoop so low to kissing him?

"Let's just pretend that this ….." I pointed at the two of us, "Didn't happen."

He chuckled softly and stepped away from me, he looked at me up and down then turn around and walk towards the door.

"You know, you should try remembering some things Avril, we don't have the whole time." He said before walking out. What does he mean by that?

I walk back to my seat and continue my work.

A knock came on the door and I mumbled a 'come in'.

My secretary walk in and dropped a file on my desk.

"This is the file from the accountant desk, should I send a copy to the project manager?" She asked and I shooked my head and dismissed her.

I couldn't help but reflect on what happen few minutes ago.

     It is still a shock to me, I just can't believe that I was so dumb much to kiss him, a pauper, a nobody, a common bodyguard.

   I am ashamed of myself.

I sigh and opened the file my secretary brought to me, I checked through it while typing out necessary points out on my email.


I rang the bell on my table and my secretary walk in.

"Miss Banaras, you call for me?" She asked, I shook my head and cleared my throat.

"Where is my bodyguard?" I asked her.

"I don't know Miss, he left an hour ago." She replies and I rose an eyebrow. What the hell is she talking about?

"What do you mean? Where did he told you that he was going?" I asked and she shrugged obliviously.

"No Miss, he never told me anything." I huffed angrily and grabbed my phone from my desk.

Hell I don't even have his f**king number!

Where the hell is he now? I swear I'll fire his a*s when he gets back.

He can't just go anywhere anytime he felt like it. I am his boss and he rakes permission from me.

"You can go now." I shoeed her and she walk away, quietly close the door behind her.

I dial the house number on my phone and place it against my ear. The phone was picked by a maid.

Tell a driver to drive one of the cars to BanFair and pick me up." I speak inside the phone and hang up.

Just wait and see what I'm going to do to your motherf%%king self Ace, you are done for.

I stood up from my seat and grabbed my bag from my desk. Ishmael will be coming to the states tomorrow. Yes I am so excited about it, at least I can quit seeing the annoying but enticing face of my bodyguard.

I walk out of my office and walk to my secretary's desk.

"I'll be out for the day, send my tomorrow schedule to my email and cancel further scheduled for the day." I said to her and she nodded in understanding.

I walk inside my private elevator and pressed the number to the down floor. My back against the wall as the elevator started moving.

I got downstairs and walk towards the door, a car was parked with one of the drivers standing beside it.

"Good afternoon your excellency." He greets and I nods while he open the car door for me.

I got I and rest my back against the leather seat.

"Where to your excellency?" He asked and I roll my eyes.

     "An hotel room, take me home idiot!" I barked and he nods.

Such a fool, asking me where to take me when he know damn well that it is the white house.

                Ace POV

After taking my bath, I changed into a T-shirt and a black jean trouser, combing my hair, my eyes shot back to my lip.

I couldn't help but feel excitement in me when she kissed me, it has been few hours ago but it felt like a second ago.

I loved it!

The first time she kissed me, it was when I was sleeping. She stole a kiss from me and I just had to act like I never knew.

I miss my Avril, not this egoistic person but the real one who would do anything for me.

I want the little girl that loves me without doubt.

I grabbed my phone from my bed and walk out of the room.

I wonder what she's gonna say when I get back to the white house.

It is not my fault that I left her stranded, I just can't help but attend the Important meeting.

I parked the car at the parking lot and walk inside the house, I climb upstairs and walk along the hallway towards Avril room.

I knocked on the door and heard a 'come in'. I closed the door behind me and turned to face her.

She wrapped her hands around her chest, sending me dagger looks.

"Where the hell were you old man?" She seethed out. I rose an eyebrow and sigh.

"Iwent somewhere important." I replies calmly. She chuckled and glanced at me up and down.

"Somewhere important? Really? Do you have anywhere important to be except here? You are a fool, a nobody, you don't even deserve to be my bodyguard!" She yelled at me.

I walk towards her and stop in front of her.

"Yes, you are rich and I'm poor, so what? A lot of poor Americans still work for the elites, if we don't then who will?" I asked angrily. "I want my innocent and lovely Avril back, your egoistic self is nothing like Avril!" 

Her palm came in contact with my cheek and I froze.

Avril will never do that.

She will never defy me.

She cherish me.

Did I really lost her with to amnesia?


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