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The President Daughter -Episode 5



(No Lower Class Needed)

The President Daughter -Episode 5


            Avril POV

Things were going absolutely well between Ace and I, I have started going to office and sometimes I find him weird.

He wasn't scared of anything, he is very blunt. I remember sometimes last week when he told me that I'm sick.

It was funny, but not funny at the sane time.

He acts like he is my boyfriend and not my bodyguard, he so much wish!

I will make life unbearable for him. He should just wait and see how those that disrespect Avril Banaras ends up.

"Good morning dad, mom." I peek both their cheeks and sat down on my chair.

"Hope you like your new office." Dad said and I nods. I am the director of Banfair group of companies. I really don't know where that name comes from and I don't really care to know.

"The company is nice, and the workers are just some bunch of poor people anyway." I replied and roll my eyes.

Mom glared at me but didn't say anything. She stares at my back and I look back to find Ace looking at me.

"What?" I asked but he didn't alter by my outburst instead he keep staring hard.

He must be sick, yes I understand folks like him tends to have mental illness at such a sexy young age.

I continue eating my food after which I left for work, of course with Ace following me around like a puppet.

He is a puppet, definitely is.

I enter my office and walk towards my desk, throwing my bag on the couch.

"You can leave now." I said and groaned then sat back on my chair. "I don't want your stupid a*s watching me every minute." 

He rose an eyebrow and walk towards me, I look at him as if he is crazy.

"What are you doing?" I asked, staring st his eyes. Those eyes seems to hide a lot of things. Personal things I guess.

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"You are rude, never knew you yo be one." He said and I role my eyes. We only knew each other a month ago doesn't look like he have known me my whole life.

"Shut the f**k up and get out." I told him, pointing at the door. I hate it when things don't go the way I want it. Especially with Ace.

He turned around and started walking off to the door, I sigh and rubbed the back of my head with my hand.

The day haven't started and I am just so tired. The door opened and closed again signifying that he already left.

I don't know what is happening to me this past few days, I find myself more attracted towards Ace. Yes he us tall, hot, jet black hair. 

But then, how can I be attracted to my guard? That makes no sense, I make no sense if I am really catching feelings for him.

It is absolutely impossible!

I found myself thinking more often about him, it is crazy how I just sit down and started thinking more and more about my guard.

I sigh and picked up the telephone on desk.

"Come inside my office now." I spoke onto the telephone. Soon two short knocks can be heard from the door and I groaned out a 'come in'.

Walking inside my office is my secretary, let's just say she is the only one that can put up with my attitude. Meanwhile I don't Care what people thinks about me. I don't give a F what they sees me as because it is true, whatever they says I am then I am.

"Madam you called."

"Send me the files from last month profit sales of the company, I'm tryna see something." I told her but she just stood there staring at me.

"Madam, his excellency had me send the original copy to Mr Fairweather." She replies, what a weird name. Fairweather indeed.

"Who is this fairweather?" I asked her and she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"His excellency and Sir Fairweather have this company, it was merge together in the year 1996 by the two." She explained. Getting schooled by my secretary. It is a shame, but ain't ashamed.

"Send any available copy, and tell my guard to come in." I told her before waving her off.

 A minute later Ace was standing in front if me, I stood up from my chair and walk up to him.

What is it about this guy that got me wrapped around his finger?

Yes he is hot but poor. Very poor.

You can aslo read MY MADAM AND I

"If you're done checking me out, you can say what you need." His cold voice said. Those voice send unknown shivers down my spine.

I didn't know what I was doing, not until I found my lips on his and his hand snake around my waist pulling me closer to himself.

"God, I missed you." He whispered into my ear and resumed kissing me.

What is happening to me?

T.b c

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