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The President Daughter -Episode 3



(No Lower Class Needed)

The President Daughter -Episode 3


              Avril POV

The day went by smoothly with me going around town for sightseeing, with Ace of course.

He opened the car door for me and I got in, sighing softly as my back hit the leather seat.

Ace started driving while I buried my eyes on my phone.

"Where are we going,Miss?" He asked,causing me to look up.

"Florida." I said and roll my eyes. "Drive me back home you fool." He turned around to face me and raise an eyebrow.

"You're seriously annoying." He groaned, I furrowed my eyebrow questioning at him.

"Are you insulting me?" I asked angrily. He shook his head and look back to the road.

"You're acting childish, you don't have to curse me before making a statement." He said and started driving. The nerve, really.

"Stop the car." I commanded. "Now!" 

He increased the car speed causing me to panic, he is driving above limits. He will get me killed.

"Hey psycho! Stop the car I'll f**king kill you I'd care who you think you are, but stop the car!" I said angrily.

He parked the car beside the road and turned around to face me.

His eyes were laced with anger.

"You know what? You're so arrogant and annoying kitten. And it makes me want to punish you." He said huskily. I stared at him shockingly.

Did….did he just said that? Kitten?

"How….how dare you?" I stuttered. He smirk and start driving.

I'm so gonna deal with him, that he'll regret ever calling me a cat.

Kitten my ass!

The drive back home was short, I angrily got out of the car and walk inside the house.

I walk to my part of the house and opened my door then slammed it behind me.

I sat down on the bed and sigh.

A soft knock came on the door and Jane walk in.

"Good day, Miss." She greeted and I nods slowly.

"I'll go and run your bath now before it's dinner time." She said and walk towards the bathroom.

Yes I'm arrogant and sh*ts but then I felt really bad for the way I acted with her last night.

The first day we met.

"Jane?" I called her and she turned around to face me. Fear evident on her face.

Jane is a really pretty girl, a brunette girl.

Her long leg is whats more enticing to look at.

"I want to apologize for last night, I tend to blow hot sometimes." I said and she grinned widely.

"It's okay Miss, we do make mistakes sometimes." She replies and I nodded before she turn back and enter the bathroom.

I stood up from my bed and walk over to my dressing table.

I packed up my hair into a ponytail buns.

I walk inside my closet and stripped out of my cloth and tied up a big towel around me.

I haven't speak with Ishmael throughout the day but all I need now is a cold water, cascading down my body.

A knock came in signaling that Jane is through. I walk out of the closet and dismissed Jane while I walk towards the bathroom.

"Jane?" I called.

"Get me a class of cold juice." I ordered I pushed the bathroom door open and walk towards the bathtub. 

I put my hand inside the bubble bath tub and sigh. Not what I needed, but then it will serve.

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I dropped my towel and stepped inside the bathtub.

I relaxed inside the bathtub while waiting for my juice.

The door opened and Jane walk in with a glass of juice.

I collect it from her and ordered her to lock the door while leaving.

I sip on my juice calmly I lean my back on the metal cold surface.

After drinking my juice I placed the cup on the ground and somehow I fell asleep.

                     Ace POV

Avril is pretty, she is intelligent but she lack something.


Yes she might be  richer than I am which i strongly doubt, she is might be more popular but then all those thing without having a good home training is bull sh*t!

The way she speaks with the maids and myself is absolutely disrespectful, which I won't tolerate any longer.

I don't want to report to her father because I believe I can handle her sh*t myself.

I relaxed on my bed while watching a WWE match between Roman reigns vs Seth what what.

A knock came on the door and I mumbled a come in.

People rarely come to this part of the mansion since it is firmly restricted to the maids and guards.

The quarter is mine.

"Sir Ace, Miss Avril… Miss Avril….she locked up the bathroom door and for more than an hour now she isn't answering while I call her." Avril maid said, panic laced on her voice.

I quickly went inside my closet and changed into my guard outfit then follow her out.

What have she done now?


Who is confused with Ace James?

What happened to Avril?

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