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The President Daughter -Episode 18



(No Lower Class Needed)

The President Daughter -Episode 18


         Avril POV:

I stir from my sleep, there was still darkness everywhere.

I sit back against the headboard, my hands on my head. Since almost a week now I haven't been myself, always thinking about Ace. 

Call me a crazy kinky girl but since the day he spanked me I want him to punish me again.

I've been more eager for him to touch me, for him to punish me.

I don't know if it is my imagination running wild but I want him with me.

I closed my eyes and picture his smiling face in my mind, he is a very handsome man.

My handsome Adonis.

He is about 6'2 tall, dark hair, perfect eyebrows.

The way he kissed me, the way he touch me. The way he smiled at me.

My hands tightened around the sheets, thinking about him alone and my body is already very responsive.

My eyes flew open and I glanced down at my tiny silk nightwear.

My nipples are hardened and sweats forming on my forehead.

This is what you do to Leave James Fairweather. Why do you affect me so much.

I grab my phone from the nightstand and type a quick email.

I hope he doesn't think that I'm stucking him.

From: Avril Banaras

Subject: Meeting today

Date:Nov 23 2020 19:34

To:Ace James Fairweather

"Are you asleep? Well I can't.

Are we still meeting in my office tomorrow? 

I can't wait to see you."

Avril Banaras

CEO Banfair corporation

I hit the send button and nervous bite my lip.

Will he be angry that I call this late?

I dropped my phone on the bed and got down from the bed, I walk inside my bathroom and ease myself after which I was my habds and stare at myself from the mirror.

When I walk back inside my room a notification came into my phone, my heartbeat increase quickly.

Did he text back?

Is he mad?

Will he still come?

Don't panic Avril.

I grabbed my phone from the bed and open the email.

From:Ace James

Subject: Go to bed.

Date:Nov 23 2020 19:57

To:Avril Banaras

"I can understand that you miss me baby,but you have to sleep now.

Our appointment tomorrow is still intact.

I love you."

Ace James

CEO Ace holding Inc

I blushed profusely at his reply. I keep contemplating whether to reply or not but I ended up dropping my phone and lay back on the bed.

I don't want to disappoint him.


"Good morning Miss Banaras." My Secretary greets and I just nodded. I pushed open my office door and walked in.

I dropped my bag on the couch and sat down on my chair.

I grab the telephone and dial the desk of my Secretary.

"Hello, bring the Banfair merger to my office."

I drop the phone and the days work started.

I glanced at my wristwatch and then back at my phone then exhale loudly.

When will he come?

It is already 5:30 and office closes soon.

A knock soon came on my door and I mumbled a 'come in'.

"Your excellency, Mr Fairweather is here." She said and my heart skipped a bit.

He is here to see me.

"Show him in." I said calmly.

The door was soon pushed open and Ace walked in all his glory.

He was wearing a black shirt and black trouser. His hair nearly combed back. His scent filled my nose and heightened my sense.

"Take a picture, it last longer." He said and I snort.

"That line is long overrated." I hissed and he laughed.

"You didn't came early." I whined, he walked towards my side and placed his lips on mine in a chaste kiss.

"I'm sorry, but I'm here now." He apologized.

I nods and he sat down.

"What were you busy with today?" I asked him.

"The yearly inauguration in my company." He explains.

"I missed you throughout the day," he mumbled and stared into my eyes. "I just want to peel that dress off your body."

I stared at my fingers when he bluntly said that.

He have got no decency at all.

I smiled and looked up at him through my lashes.

I don't know, I feel something for him but what is it? Love?

I dont even know what to call this our relationship, it doesn't have a name.

"I'll do anything to know just what's on your mind." I heard him groan, I closed my eyes and absorb the feelings and the tingle his words down to me.

"I don't know." I said and look up at him. Should I say it?

"What relationship are we in?, I dont know what to call it." I said and his eyes widened.

"What do you want it to be? Girlfriend and boyfriend? Fiance? Wife?" He asked. The thought of me being his wife makes me smile.

"Would you want to marry me?"



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