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The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 7



The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 7

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by Michael Adeyeye (A.k.a) Mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author! mikelrado contact 📳
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It was a 30 minutes drive to the camp. Stone parked under a tree as they started asking around for the healer. After about 2 hours of trying, they met a boy who took them to another boy, that’s the healer’s son the first boy said pointing to a boy sitting quietly at one corner of the tent. Stone and d.d walk to where the boy of about 14 to 15 years old is sitting, hi! D.d was the first to speak to the boy as the boy nodded back answering them.

D.d: are you the son of the healer?

Boy: ***nods his head in affirmation as he burst into tears****

D.d: it’s ok! *** She said as she draw closer to the boy *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* patting him on his shoulder*** what really happened ***she asked when she noticed it that the boy is a bit calm***

Boy: they tied daddy and the sick man with a rope and push them into the fire ***the boy said, crying profusely****

D--n it! Stone cursed as him and d.d look at each other in shock.

Stone: ***squatting in front of the boy*** how did you escape?

Boy: I was watching film in our neighbors house when they came, our neighbor drove off in their car before they got to their house.

Stone: is that your neighbor one person? And why did the person leave you behind?

Boy: it’s a family of 4, the man who is daddy’s friend, his wife and two children.

Stone: so they all drove off before they got to their house?

Boy: yes

Stone: so why did they leave you behind? *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122*

Boy: I don’t know, I beg them to take me with them but the man said I should go and meet my father that my father can take care of himself and his family, but I saw them pick up a man crawling out of our house as they leave.

The last statement of the boy got Stone and d.d attention, they look at each other.

D.d: can you describe the man they picked?

Boy: no, I didn’t see his face, all I could see was that the man had bandages all over his head and chest.

A bright smile appeared on Stone face as d.d looked at him, my boss is still alive! Stone said out loud. D.d got up and pull Stone away from the boy a bit as she spoke some inaudible words to him, Stone nodded his head in agreement to what *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* d.d said. They both came back to the boy as d.d squatted in front of the boy again.

D.d: will you come with us? Or do you have any family or relative to stay with here?

Boy: please aunty, take me out of here, I have nobody to stay or play with, everybody I know are dead.

D.d: come with us then.

The boy stand up happily as he followed Stone and d.d out of the tent.



I was walking on a lonely path in a very thick forest, no sign of human, all I could see were birds flying around and some amazingly big trees, I continue walking on the road until I started hearing footsteps behind me, I look back instantly but could not see anything. I continue walking again and still I was hearing footsteps behind Me, I stopped and look back but still nobody is behind me. Don’t be a coward! Show yourself! I shouted, then suddenly I hear a voice speak.

Voice: there you are, still as brave as ever!

Me: ***I turn back to see a figure that looks like human, dressed in all white*** who are you and what do you want?

Voice: you are deeply lost my son, but never worry, this is the path you must take if you want to *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* survive, revenge and defeat your enemies.

Me: lost? Enemies??

Voice: don’t worry my son, you will get to understand everything better very soon, but first, you must find your way back to your real self and your real life.

Still couldn’t understand what the mysterious woman before me is saying, I closed my eyes for about 2 seconds to process all what she said, I open my eyes to ask her a few question but could not see her anymore, I was a bit shocked, I look around but could not find her.

Suddenly everything started fading, the road nothe birds, the trees, and the entire forest were *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* disappearing one after the other. Now am dead scared! I closed my eyes in fear of not knowing what will happen to me next.

After few minutes later I tried to look up and see things, my sight were very blurry as I open my eyes, my head aches really bad and my whole body was too heavy for me to carry, gradually I started to see things clearly, then I realize am in a room that looks like an hospital. I look at my right and could see a man in a white coat walking to where I lay, and walking behind him is a *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* woman wearing a white gown

Doctor: thank God you are awake, please sir, what is your name? A good Samaritan found you by the road side and brought you here.

I open my mouth to tell the doctor my name but no word came out of my mouth, my brain suddenly went blank, I try really hard to remember but the more I try the more I am lost. Please sir what is my name? I finally speak out



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