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The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 6



The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 6

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by Michael Adeyeye (A.k.a) Mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author! mikelrado contact 📳
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Benny: ***she picks the call with a smile on her face** speak

Killer: MoMA, the bastard is not here too

Benny: haha…. What do you mean he’s not there?
Killer: we have searched everywhere but no sign of him at all.

Benny: that means he will be at the apartment his *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* boss rented, do you know the place?

Killer: no MoMA.

Benny: I mean the apartment his boss was keeping his mom and him before he left the country

Killer: I don’t know the place

Benny: ok, just be going to zango now, I will text you the address.

Killer: ok moma

Immediately after the call, she text the address to killer, and in about 25 minutes later killer called again.

Killer: MoMA, I think the idiot has fled the city because he’s not here too

Benny: are you sure you get the exact place

Killer: Yes MoMA, we only saw his car here, I *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* remember his car quite well, this was the car he drove the day you sent me to trail him.

Benny: what is the car number plate?

Killer: KW 182 POS

Benny: that is his car, if his car is there then he’s still in town I guess. you know what, you and the girls should just leave him for tonight, go home and sleep, I know how to handle him.

Killer: ok moma. *** The line went dead***



Stone got to the GANMO transformer just by the express road and did not see d.d, so he pick up his phone to call her, but just then he saw Somebody coming out of the street right beside the transformer so he chill a bit to check who the person is, and yes it is d.d, she walk straight to the front passenger door, open it and entered.

Stone: good morning

D.d: good morning Stone, hope you slept well

Stone: yes I did and you? ***He said as he start the car engine and zoom off***

D.d: I did too. Who did you say are after you and how *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* did you get to know?

Stone: our zango apartment has a CCTV camera, I decided to sleep in an hotel last night because I feel the apartment is not safe for me, so I connected the camera to my laptop and was recording everything that’s going on at the apartment. I checked the recorded video this morning and I saw them come into the apartment, they were heavily armed and they are all females.

D.d: wow! That’s serious. So Benny want to eliminate you too?

Stone: what do you expect, am mikelrado’s right hand *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* man. ***He said feeling himself***

D.d: do you still have the video?

Stone: yes. Why do you ask?

D.d: I will love to watch it later

Stone: ok, no problem

Stone turn on his car tape radio to listen to the early morning news as usual. The newscaster was already done with the news and was rounding off with the news headlines. Stone and d.d was shocked to hear it that there was a massive attack at EJIGBO in osun state last night and that 90% of the houses there were burnt down with thousands of people dead, thousands were seriously injured and hundreds homeless. *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* Stone was the first to Speak.

Stone: is that not the town you said my boss is being treated?

D.d: yes it is ***she answered with a shaky voice***

Stone: d--n! ***He shouted hitting his hands on the steering*** I pray my boss is safe ***he said as he double the speed of the car***.

Stone and d.d got to EJIGBO town in osun state at about 25 minutes past 11am, the city was all almost in ashes and health workers were seen carrying bodies here and there.

Stone: I have never seen anything like this, who could have done this? ***He asked no one in particular***

D.d: this is serious, a whole city attacked? Wow!

Stone: am sure a small group of people can’t pull this off, I just pray my boss is safe ***he said as he kept on driving at a very low speed***

They continue driving for another 10 minutes before *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* they got to the house of the local healer that d.d brought mikelrado to. They park close to the house which was partly burnt.

Stone: is this the house? *** He asked as he stepped out of the car***

D.d: yes ***she replied, stepping out of the car too, she walks to the entrance of the house peeping in to see if someone is inside*** this is the healers house *** she concluded***

Just then two health workers walk past them carrying an injured person on a lifter bed. D.d rush after them immediately.

D.d: good morning ma, please we just came into the city few minutes ago *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* and we are surprised to see the whole city in disarray, even those we came to see, their house has been burnt and we don’t know how To locate them because non of their numbers is connecting.

Nurse: sorry for that, there has been a rift between EJIGBO and EDE recently, but last night things got worse when the EDE people attacked this city, they did all these. But there is a camp just by the outskirt of the city, that’s where the government of the state is keeping the survivors. go check there but if you can’t find your people there then you will have to go check the hospital and murtuary ***she said as they left***

Stone: this is really serious ***Stone who was listening to the nurse too said***

D.d: extremely serious, let’s go check the camp she talked about

Stone: yes let’s go

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