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Pizza Girl Season 2 Episode 4



Pizza Girl Season 2 Episode 4

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


"Diana would be discharged tomorrow." Mrs Danielle said approaching me as I stood outside the hospital staring at the road.

"That's good news." I said smiling.

"Yes. Finally she will be out of here." She said and I looked at her, while she stared at the road too.

"You were crying." I said and she looked at me.

"What are you talking about?" She asked looking at me.

"When you and the rest were talking. You were crying." I said and she sighed.

"It's nothing Isaac." She said bowing her head.

"It's something. I eavesdropped and I heard everything. You shouldn't keep everything from me since you are yet to tell me about you." I said.

"Isaac that is when you come to the house." She said and I shook my head.

"I may not be chanced. I would be home helping Mom and Diana. Can't we just talk now? At least if not all, about the one that caused a fight between you and Mrs Caroline." I said staring at her.

"I need you to promise me one thing." She said looking at me and I nodded.

"I give you my word." I said.

"Promise me you won't tell Diana. I don't want to cause anymore hatred." She said and i nodded.

"Very well then. I won't say a word about this to her." I said and she nodded sighing.

"I have been best friends with Caroline since our youthful age. I knew her Jacob for a very long time, trust me I loved their union."

"When Jacob asked her to marry him, trust me, I was the happiest bestie on Earth. After they got married I began to notice something different about Caroline."

"Then I got to know that she was having an affair with one of the rich brothers Elisha. I was so terrified and I couldn't bare the truth knowing that Jacob was madly in love with her, and knowing the truth will break him."

"I talk to Caroline just as a Best friend should. I needed her to tell me why she gave up Jacob's love for riches, but she said nothing to me. All she said was that she never loved Jacob and she would never love him."

"On the long run, she realized she was pregnant with DIANA. Jacob's daughter. I was happy and sad for Jacob. He was still in the darkest lies."

"If i didn't mention, Jacob and I were also very close. We were friends, the three of us. I couldn't keep the truth from him, so I told him about Caroline darkest secrets."

"He got pissed and flew out of the country, promising her that she would never see him again. When he left, Caroline knew I told him something and then she confronted me."

"I told her I had to do what was right as a friend. She got very angry and our misunderstanding started. She hated me so much for what I did. I actually spoilt her plans."

"When she had Diana, she couldn't take her to Elisha because he would never accept a bastard. So she had to give Diana up so as to be with him."

"So since then. We have hated each other." She narrated and I sighed.

"Wow. But you missed something." I said and she looked at me.

"What" she asked.

"I heard you said she made you suffer for it, and you are still suffering up till now. What did she do?" I asked and I saw tears drop down her eyes.

"I was married to a man named Stefan. I loved him so much and I was pregnant of his child. Caroline hated the fact that I was happy with my husband and I ruined hers. So she killed Stefan." She said breaking into tears.

"Oh my God. I am so sorry Mrs Danielle." I said feeling great sympathy for her.

"She killed him and I ran for my dear life. When I was ready to give birth to my first child, she hunted me down and snatched him away from him, making sure we never saw each other until now." She said cleaning her tears.

"Geez, that is so cruel of her." I said angrily.

"For 20 years,I have always cried for my son. I never got the chance to see him or talk to him, or even show him motherly love." She said and I held her hand.

"I am happy you have Enoch." I said and she smiled.

"Yes. After two years, I met with another man Daniel. We got married and we had Enoch. But I never for once forgot Stefan's child." She said in tears.

"I am so sorry Mrs Danielle. But why does Elisha's brother Klaus want to kill Diana?" I asked and she shook her head.

"I don't know. All I knew is that they hated me because I acted like the good one. I don't really know how Klaus got into the story. Only Caroline knows this." She said.

"To be honest, I am happy Diana didn't grow up with Caroline, she is evil." I said and she nodded with her head bowed.

"I kept asking her for my son helpless but she never told me where he is, or where to find him." She said and I felt so sorry for her.

"And you didn't report her to the cops?" I asked and she smiled.

"I was helpless Isaac. I lost my husband and that hunted me for years." She said and I sighed.

"I am so sorry for making you remember all these." I said and she shook her head smiling.

"It's fine Isaac. Now you know my little story. Please make sure Diana doesn't know this. She shouldn't hate her mother, though she is a monster." She said and I nodded.

"Sure. We should go in now." I said standing up and she stood up too.

We walked into the hospital and all i kept thinking of is why Caroline did all she did. I need to know her side of the story too.

I need to know why my girlfriend Is stuck in the middle of all these mess.


Now we know the story 

Diana would do better off without Caroline

I need many comments on this chapter o