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Pizza Girl Season 2 Episode 22



Pizza Girl Season 2 Episode 22

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe

                        UNCLE JOHN 

I can't do this anymore! You need to stop doing this to that family. You are hurting them.

And when did your emotions get the best of your operation? My wife shower concern for that bastard rather than anyone in my family! I need her out of the way!

I understand you but we don't have to kill her. We can come up with something better.

Are you trying to tell me that you didn't give her the chocolates?

I couldn't hand it over to her because it would be too obvious that it's me.

That's good. But are you sure she took it?

I don't know,I left it in her room, she would definitely see it. If not now, later.

If this doesn't go as planned, consider yourself dead. You owe me your life and you know it.

It will go as planned, but please try to change your mind.

If you bring that suggestion again,I swear I will take it out on your girlfriend. I know you developed feelings for her already.

Don't touch Rita.

📲 If you do the job well, cover our tracks, then we are good to go. Your lover and your life is safe.

He hung up and I sighed, I turned to look back and I saw Isaac right there. It looked like he was crying. I guess the plan worked.

"Hey Isaac. When did you come in? I didn't see you there." I said Smiling and his face changed to an angry one.

"Why did you do it?" He asked and I furrowed my brows.

"What are you talking about?" I asked smiling, pretending not to understand what he was saying.

"Why did you try to kill Diana!" He yelled.

"Isaac what is the meaning of all this accusations?" I asked angrily.

"Really? Accusations? I heard everything. I know you placed that Chocolate in Diana's drawer." He said and I sighed.

"Well I guess I didn't play my game well." I said nonchalantly.

"What? Why would you do that to her? To us? To Rita! How dare you?" He yelled.

"Look here Isaac, don't be stupid okay? Go home if you don't want to get killed." I said facing back.

"Really i don't care if you kill me because you are a murderer. You just murdered my brother!" He yelled and I looked back in confusion.

"Diana didn't take it?" I asked looking back.

"Of course she didn't, and that's why I am not poking an iron in your heart." He said angrily.

"Who is your brother?" I asked and he moved closer to me.

"Someone you just killed. You know what is annoying, that I am too small to kill you. You are weigh stronger, but trust me you won't go Scot free." He said and dashed out of my office.

I sighed and hit my hand on the wall constantly.

"Shit!! I am not safe anymore! I need to get out of here! Away from Elisha." I said and began to pack my stuffs.

I knew Isaac was going to expose me to the cops,and I am not ready to spend the rest of my life in jail.

                           AUNT RITA 

I was still packing my stuffs when Isaac barged in looking so disfigured.

"Isaac what's going on?" I asked in shock.

"Mom Enoch is dead." He said in terror.

"What? I don't get you." I said shaking my head.

"Enoch is my brother, forget about the details for now. But you should know that Uncle John was behind the poisoning of Diana, and he tried it the second time but unfortunately Enoch took it instead." He said and all I did was leave my mouth opened.

"But if john is the culprit why did he help us search for the culprit? Why did he do all those nice things?" I asked In a shaky voice.

"Because he wants to get under out skin. I have gotten him already, and he knows I know. But I need your help now." He said and I nodded nervously.

"Anything." I said.

"I need you to call him here before he runs out of town." He said.

"Do you think he would come? Now his secrets are leaked?" I asked in tears.

"It's you Mom. You don't need to tell me you have seen me. Tell him you miss him and you want to talk to him. Don't make it suspicious." He said and I nodded.

"Okay. I will do it." I said and he nodded.

"By that time I would have gotten to the cops. Make sure you tie him down with your acts, please don't act suspicious. He could kill you." He said and I nodded.

"Got it. Please stay safe." I said and he kissed my forehead.

"Stay safe too." He said running out of the shop and I bursted into tears. I was shattered.


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