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Morenikeji-Episode 8




Morenikeji-Episode 8

Written By Amah's Heart

I got ready very early because he told me that he will be leaving around 7am.

He is one of the groomsmen and didn't want to arrive late on his friends day.

He was in his car already when i joined him.

I needed to make sure that my makeup is top notch.

As I joined him in no time he looked at me in a very loving way.

We didn't have much to talk about as he quietly drove on.

He picks his questions carefully and I pick my answers too so that I won't sound offensive.

He was still my boss after all and can give me a sack letter if I do anything that he doesn't agrees with.

We finally arrived at the place.

Chike and Dammi lodged in the same hotel but different wings with their friends.

While I went to Join Dammi, Philip went to Chike's.

Dammi and her girls were almost ready and was about leaving for church.

Her wedding gown, shoes and other accessories were breath taking.

The make up was lovely too on her.

They were fixing her veil when I stepped in and went to sit beside her.

She saw me and quickly said.

"I almost thought you were not coming...if not for one thing I could have said you were jealous of me. How do you explained about missing my bridal shower? Even after I informed you that Chike has paid for it all. You still refused to show up. There could be only one explanation to all of it which I have already summed up in my head. Is very okay to be jealous, not everyone is lucky to end up with a man..a nice one at that. Keji, you missed a whole lot of opportunities with men and now you are bitter and sad. Sometimes we think we can have it all but the truth is we can't.... Maybe when you stop with the jealousy then maybe better things will start happening...

I wasn't offended. I smiled and said.

"Today is your day and I'm very happy for you. Enough of my little problem Dammi. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your shower. I wanted to but I just got this job which I already explained to you in our chat and I really can't trade it. I do want a man like Chike but I'm more after making money and regaining my self worth. Enough of me... today is all about you and you look really pretty by the way...

She smiled and said.

"Yeah, you can say that again. Chike usually say I'm one of the most beautiful lady he has ever come across. But, wait oo so Keji you are working as a house help... you of all people? When I saw your chat and you explained that you have started work and the nature of your job, i was in great doubt. Working as a cook and kitchen assistance is just like another name for a house girl job. I can't believe in my widest dream that you will stoop so low to accept such a ridiculous job offer. With your class and every thing Keji...? I will have more to ask you after my wedding...

I smiled and said.

" I really do not care about the title of the Job or the description, if is legal and pays well then I'm in. Leave tush, porsh, class or beauty aside. There's this inner satisfaction and joy when I'm working for my money and not waiting on any man to do me that favor. Today is about you not me Dammi. Keep the rest of the question for after.

"That's true, today is about me... don't come and steal my shine...

I laughed out as she rolled her eyes at me.

Everyone was ready and we all moved to church for the main thing.

Dammi and her girls, her two cousin, a sister and two other upcoming girls.

She didn't go for big girls. just younger ladies that she won't have to spend much on.

Dammi wouldn't want to spend so much on their dress despite that Chike gave her money for everything which includes the bridesmaids dresses.

Dammi must have gotten something cheaper for them and pocket the rest of the money.

I know what she was capable of.

I'm glad she didn't includes me because she knows my standard.

if it was for her everyone of them would have paid to get into the train.

I sat on the front pew because we're among the first to arrive church.

From where I sat I can see everything.

I saw Philip. Oh he was really handsome in his suit and tie.

His had a nice haircut, beautiful nose shape, fine chin, well carved bear, a round shape mustache that looks so ordinary yet unique, his eyes shot far right into my heart. His smile was infectious and I can't help smiling from where I sat.

He looks outstanding among the groomsmen and stands out with his appearance.

Maybe others are also good looking, especially one that has been looking towards my side but I can't be distracted by any of them.

My eyes was focused on only one man.

I still wish Phil will be my own Chike.

One of the groomsmen was staring at my direction but I don't want to give him a green light because I'm not even close to being interested.

He's okay, a fine man too no doubt but please, I don't want and I refused to look at him so that he won't be encouraged.

I was not paying much attention to Dammi and Chike as the officiating priest went on with the marriage ritual.

My whole focus was on Philip who did not bothered to look at my end.

I wish he will look at me with the way one of the groomsmen was staring at me with desires in his eyes.

"You may now kiss the bride"

The priest said to the couples. They lock lips and everyone cheered.

I clapped loudly because it has now become official.

my friend Dammi is married.

She has become Mrs Chike.

I left every bitterness and was really happy for her.

Everyone deserves to be happy with the one they love.

Dammi has a lot of shortcomings but she have not had much to smile about until God sent Chike on her way.

She deserves every love and happiness that life offers and I wish her the very best in her matrimonial home.

I'm sincerely happy for her and Chike. He loves her and her shortcomings and that is how it supposed to be.

Let me tell you a story about Dammi.

Dammi used to be in an abusive relationship, she started squatting with her man after her misunderstanding with her elder brother who she supposed to be staying with.

Her ex insults and beat her at the slightest provocation.

I met Dammi in school back then and she was my course mate.

She always wanted to feel among which makes her tags along with me and gum to my side like super glue.

After school was over, we went our separate ways untill she calls me one day to tell me about her ordeal.

She loves this guy and didn't want to leave him.

I told her to leave her ex before he disfigures her or even kill her.

She complains of not having anywhere to stay if she leaves which is why she continues to suffer in silent.

I told her whenever she makes up her mind my house was open for her.

After a month she was still finding it difficult until the guy brought in another woman and kicked her out.

She was stranded and have to call me.

I took her in and started packaging her, teaching her how to dress and how to makeup.

At a point I hated it because she sometimes gets on my nerves but I swallowed everything up.

I can't possibly push her into the Street or back to her abusive boyfriend.

She stayed home without a job and I have to foot the bills for more than a year.

She later settled her differences with her brother who she was previously staying with before the disagreement which made her to start staying with her ex but Dammi refused to move back to him.

She stayed with me and i bought things that she uses, cream, soap and even sanitary pad and medicine if she is not feeling too well.

I used to be harsh on her especially when I return from work and she hasn't clean the house because she was busy watching movies from morning till night.

I dislike her attitude sometimes, I also noticed she is not much of a giver.

I encouraged her to go and look for job but she goes out everyday and return with negatives stories.

I started speaking to friends concerning vacancies and she was later called to resume at a big printing press as secretary.

It was while she was working there she met the abroad guy who sweeps her off her feet.

At first we mistook Chike as one who wants to "chop and clean mouth" unserious type that was after Dammi's pant but he proved us wrong.

It baffles me that such a big boy will want Dammi.

Even Dammi was shocked when he continued calling her after he traveled back to London.

When he returned he was certain that he wanted Dammi to be his wife and without wasting time, he surprised her with the engagement ring.

Dammi story changed after meeting Chike.

She moved out to her own apartment paid and furnished by Chike.

Ever since she vowed that she will never be poor in her life.

She saves every penny and tighten her fist in giving out unnecessarily.

Today she finally got married to Chike and I'm happy for her and also prayed my own Chike locates me soon.

With the way I was shining back then and having different men in my life, I thought I will be in my husband house before I clock thirty.

But I'm already thirty and there's no serious man to call mine.

The one I want doesn't even want me.

I also thought I will get married before Dammi because she was dull, not really beautiful, doesn't know how to dress and not so flexible.

But her beauty, flexibility and sharpness came out in full the moment she met Chike.

Everything about Dammi changed.

Here is Dammi's life story and I'm glad I was part of it for good.

It was picture time and we all went to take pictures with the couples.

"Hi, I'm Kunle. I have been watching you and I must confess that you are really beautiful....

It was one of the groom's guy that was staring at me earlier.

"I'm Morenikeji"

I said and he exclaimed happily.

"Omo Yoruba ni o.(she is even a Yoruba girl) Omo iya mi. (My mother's child) I almost thought you were sent down from another planet... I'm happy that I found my own missing rib. Should I go straight to the priest and ask him to wed us right away without wasting time because is obvious we are meant for each other...or do we start with a date first and get to know each other more before proceeding to the altar...?

He said smiling and exposing his broken front tooth.

Kunle is good looking, rich, funny, same tribe and speaks same dialect but I still don't fancy him.

He was talking none stop and I was getting tired.

I looked over at Philip he was taking pictures with Chike.

He was smiling and subconsciously I started smiling too.

Kunle thought it was what he said that is making me smile he began to talk even more loudly.

Philip was done with pictures, he look towards me and our eyes met.

He smiled and started walking towards me.

My heart started beating. I hope Kunle will not spoil this opportunity for me.

I thought of what to say so that he leaves because the main man is coming.

"I have a boyfriend...yes...my boyfriend is com...ming...

I finally said.

Kunle looks back and saw Philip.

"He is your boyfriend...? Mheennn...he is damn Lucky to have you but I will be more lucky if you were mine....

Philip walked up to us and before he could say anything Kunle gave a surprised Philip a handshake before saying

" Guy...so you are the lucky one to my sister's heart...? Nice one man. make sure you cherish her dearly because I will be watching like a hawk to snatch her away if you leave any space...

I crawled up in my guts and wanted to disappear like thin air

Philip who was still smiling, nooded to what Kunle said. He turned and looked at me with questions in his eyes but I remained still.

He later said to Kunle.

"Thanks man. I will do just that and make sure I leave no room for intruder.

He turned to me and said.

"Bae come let's take some pictures before heading home except you will like some party jellof rice before we start going home...? Anything you want I'm here for you... let's go.

He took my hands into his after thanking Kunle again.

I was shocked that Philip was playing along with the whole thing.

He actually took my hand into his warm palm before walking away from Kunle.

I started wishing is all real and not him playing the card that I started just to dismiss Kunle.

I followed him while thinking of a perfect explaination to give him after.

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