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The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 4



The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 4

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by Michael Adeyeye (A.k.a) Mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author! mikelrado contact 📳
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What is going on? I managed to ask the man that was groaning in pain right if front of me, “the EDE people are here” he managed to reply, “please run for your life while you still have the chance” he said again before he died. Just as I was about to shut the door, the roof of the house am in started burning, meaning the house is not safe for me. I crawled out in serious pains but I just have to if I want to live. I got to the roadside and I saw people who I think is a family *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* rushing into a Siena car, the man there saw me and he rushed to me and dragged me to the car. With the help of his wife, they lifted me into the car, and that was the last thing I saw.


At exactly 8pm, somewhere around GRA ilorin kwara state. The dragon girls of the university of ilorin base and the capon of their osun base with is second in command were all sitted in a well furnished and expensive sitting room. All the chair in the room is occupied except for one, all the girls in the room wore a straight face meaning *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* things are not going well for them or they are ready for serious business. Few minutes later, Benny came out of a room very close to the sitting room, all the girls stood up and hail her as she walk to her sit, Benny sat down and the girls did the same.

Benny: am so sorry to bother you all, but I have no option than to call this emergency meeting.

All the girls: no problem mama! ***they all chorused***

Benny: there is a traitor among us.

All the girls look in shock on hearing Benny’s last statement, the capon of their university of osun okuku base (sexy thunder) was the first to speak out in anger

Sexy thunder: tuale mama! ***she said hailing Benny*** you all know say *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* na this kinda thing I hate pass for my life, backstabbers! I hate such people with passion. abeg mama, please go straight to the point, who is the traitor? Make we use the idiot send message to others that might want to be like her. Abi watin una think? ***she said facing the rest of the girls***

They all nodded in agreement. Benny smiled before speaking again

Benny: sexy, calm down now, you never even allow me to land.

Sexy thunder: am sorry moma, na as the thing take *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* pepper me for body I take talk am.

Benny: it’s OK, I understand. But make I burst your brain, the traitor am talking about is from your zone.

Sexy thunder: ***shocked!** from my zone? Abeg who the person be? Make I send my girls go carry her right away

Benny: calm down, her matter Don pass like that. It is d.d our nurse.

Sexy thunder: ooohhhh! Mama! Now you see the reason have been against *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* that babe? But you won’t just listen to me, na you dey give that babe liver. Why will she be following you up and down, something that me even her capon is not qualified to do, all because she’s a nurse.

Benny: sexy, it’s not really my fault now, her skill is needed in dangerous and important missions, she’s the only professional medical personnel among us remember? But now that she as crossed her *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* boundary, na to show her who I be

Sexy thunder: but mama, watin she do sef?

Benny: she’s been leaking all our plans to mikelrado all these while, she even changed the bullet in my gun to rubber bullet so that my shot won’t have much harm on mikelrado. But the most annoying part is that she killed the girl that I assigned with her to go drop mikelrado’s body at the school gate, and then go against my command by taking mikelrado’s body *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* away, maybe to give him a proper burial or something.

Jane: (she’s the second in command at the osun base of the dragon girls) moma, so d.d took away mikelrado’s body? Then how are we sure that he is dead?

Benny: yes she took both mikelrado and his mum body away but am 100% sure that mikelrado is dead. 5 shots to the chest and a plank on the head, no *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* human can survive that.

Sexy thunder: I will call my babes in osun to go bundle her now

Benny: she’s still here in ilorin, I had she’s with that mikelrado boy called stone.

Temi: (second in command to Benny) yes! That reminds me, I think we should take care of that guy called stone right away, cause delay they say is dangerous.

Benny: I will send a squad to stone house tonight, he should be dead before *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* tomorrow morning, and if they should find d.d with him, they should bring her to me, I need to make good example out of her. And sexy, please alert everyone at your base too to be on the lookout for her. right now, she is on my WANTED LIST.


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