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The Black Angels-Chapter 29




The Black Angels-Chapter 29

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky



       Olivia's Pov:
"She's pregnant?" Phin asked.

Oh my God!

Immediately, Javan tried hitting me with the syringe, but he suddenly screamed as his hand got suspended in the air.

"Arhhh" he yelped, his hand turning red.

I looked and discovered it was Mishael.

Phin ran to us immediately and pushed Javan away from me, helping me stand.

Mishael gripped him.

"You animal!!" He snarled and punched him in the face.

"Are you okay?" Phin asked but I couldn't even blink as I was blenched.

I was pregnant??

Was Javan saying the truth?

"How dare you?" Mishael rasped and punched him again.

He had him pinned to the floor.

Oh my God!

"Hey, Mishael! That's enough" Phin tried to intervene.

"Don't touch me!!" Mishael pushed him away and focused on Javan.

"You son of a bitch!!" He beat him more.

He was already bleeding from his lips.

"Mishael please..." I didn't even know when the words escaped my mouth.

His hand was suspended in mid-air as he looked at me.
A short silence stepped in.
Phin rushed to him immediately and lifted him away from Javan.

"What were you trying to do, man?" Phin asked him.

"That baby's a bastard and doesn't deserve to live" Javan said with blood dripping from his lips.


Mishael pounced on him again.

"Mishael!" Phin called but it was too late as he was already giving Javan the beating of his life.

But luckily, Phin was able to stop him.

"Come on, man. That's enough" he cooed.

Mishael glared at Javan on the floor, his breath coming out rough.

"I regret all the years I spent with you" he finally said and walked out, leaving Phin and I in the room with Javan. 

I stared at Javan for a while, speechless. I couldn't believe what he tried to do.

"Come on, Olivia" Phin turned to me and said and staring at Javan one last time, I followed him out of the house.
        Gera's Pov:
"Thank you" Tabitha muttered as I handed the glass of water to her.

"Yeah" I sighed and took a seat.
She's been crying the entire time but luckily, I got to cool her off - for the meantime.

"When will Mishael be home?" She asked weakly 

"Soon...I don't really know".

She sighed pathetically and didn't say a word.

"What made you do it, Tabitha?" I asked.
"Why did you have to dump him in such manner? What ever happened?"

It bought tears back to her eyes as she bent her head and wept 
Geez! I thought we were over this?

I never wanted to hurt him" she whimpered.
"I was so scared and stupid and running away was the only thought that occupied my mind at that moment.

"I was scared the truth was gonna come out someday. And I was scared the queen might kill me if she ever gets to know."

I pulled a confused face.

"What truth?" I asked curiously and she sniffed.

"The truth that Mishael is the king's son" she released the bombshell and I flinched in fright.

"Whaaaat?" I yelled unconsciously.

"The King desired me the very day he saw me in Krypton. He knew I was married but still went ahead to confess his intentions to me. He told me he wanted me on his bed. I didn't want to, but he forced me into it; threatened me and I had no choice. I had to give in.

"Few weeks later, I became pregnant. I thought the baby belonged to my husband and we celebrated it. I gave birth to Mishael but six years later, I got to learn my husband was impotent and it became obvious Mishael wasn't his son - especially with how powerful he was

"Unfortunately, my husband died few days later, leaving me and Mishael alone and I became stranded and scared - knowing I was with the King's son. The queen was a villain back then and I was scared of what she might do when she got to learn the truth.

"So,I had to leave - run away - and I had to leave Mishael behind. I never wanted to! But I had no choice. I was scared of bringing him to earth because of how strange and powerful he was. And I felt perhaps...he might get to be with his father soon if I left him there.

"I wasn't thinking straight. I never wanted to hurt him. I'm so sorry" 

She bent her head and wept more and this time around, I couldn't even console her cause I was speechless.

What the hell?

"I'm so sorry" she shook her head in tears.

I watched in awe and bewilderment.

The door opened immediately and Mishael was the first to walk in.

He paused when he noticed his mother who was still crying profusely.

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