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The Black Angels-Chapter 27



The Black Angels-Chapter 27

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky


      Mishael's Pov:
"Mishael wait! Come on, man. What do you think you're doing? Just hold on" Gera called after me as I angrily walked out of the house.

"Mishael!" He cut up with me and held my hand.

"Let me go, Gera! I need her; I need to find her. Since you've chosen not to tell me where Phin went, I'll take it both of you don't wanna help me. So, you can back off. I'm going to search for Olivia myself" I rasped.

"And where exactly will you go? Huh? Think! You completely have no idea where Javan's taken her. Think straight, Mishael"

"Then help me with Phin! Where's he? Why are you hiding him from me? Do you really wanna prevent me from getting Javan?"

"Of course, I don't. But first, you need to think straight. Mishael you..."

"Forget it" I cut him off and proceeded out of the house.

He called after me but I ignored him till I got to the passage.
I was about heading to my car when the gate opened with a car driving in.

We don't receive visitors. So, that car might either be Phin...or Javan!

I stopped to see who it was and watched curiously. The driver drove in and parked in front of the house.

The front door opened and it was Phin.
Damn it! I was hoping itd be Javan.

But Phin...its still a good plan. He can help me get to Javan.

But...there seemed to be someone else in the car with him.

He stepped out of the car and walked over to the other side while I watched in amusement.

Finally, he opened the door and a woman came out.

I stared at her as she looked strange, yet familiar to me.


Who the hell is she? Why does she look exactly like the woman that gave birth to me?
      Olivia's Pov:
"I'm sorry, I don't take coffee" I told him as he lifted the cup of coffee to.me.

I noticed a spark in his eyes.

"Huh? Why?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Nothing really. I...I just don't like how it tastes". I replied.

"Come on Olivia. Just this once. Have a sip" 

"Javan...don't bother. I don't need it. Thanks".

"Come on!" He said huskily and almost pushed the cup into my mouth.

"Javan!" I shrieked and stood up.
"What're you doing? I said I don't want the Coffee".

His countenance changed as he stood up immediately.

"I'm sorry" he muttered and left the room while I watched in awe.

Why's he acting strange? Why's it so important for me to drink the coffee?
      Mishael's Pov:
I watched as Phin held the woman by the hand and drew closer.

Could I be mistaken? Isn't she the one?

"Mishael" Gera called calmly and came closer to me.

"Who's she?" I asked, my eyes fixed on the familiar woman.

Soon, she got to where I was with Phin and stood in front of me. And that moment, as she stared into my eyes, it became clear to me.

I wasn't mistaken. She was the one - the woman that gave birth to me.

"Mishael" she called in a disheartening voice.
I kept mute for a while.

"What's going on, Kim?" I shook my head and asked. 
I couldn't take my eyes off her.

"My son..." She winced.

"Who are you?" I asked and took a step closer.

A tear came dropping from her eye.

"Mishael its me...your mother"

I scoffed and turned to Phin.

"What's going on?" 

"We need her, Mishael" Gera answered instead and I turned to him at once.

"We need her?" I asked with a crumpled look.
"You think I...need her?"

"Mishael..." She tried touching me.

"Don't touch me!!!" I yelled and pushed her with my elbow and she fell on the floor immediately

"Mishael!" Phin and Gera called.

"Don't mention my name - both of you!!!" I yelled and they almost fell as well.

"You had the guts to bring that woman close to me? After all she's done? You had the guts to bring her here?

"I don't need her! She's not my mother!!!" I rasped and fisted my hand upward and she started screaming immediately.

"Mishael! Damn it! Stop it!" Gera came running to me.

She was still screaming in pains but I didn't care. The pains I felt in my heart were worst than hers.

"Even if you don't see her as your mother, Mishael, at least respect her for the fact that she gave birth to you!" He said and slapped my hand, making me stop.

I looked at her with so much agony, my lips shaking.
She was still kneeling on the floor, weeping.

"My mothers dead" I said ruefully.
"She died the very day she abandoned me".

And with that, I walked away.
I returned to my room and whacked the door behind me.

I bit my lips and forced myself not to cry.  But it was overwhelming and couldn't control it.

"Noooooooooo" I finally let it out in a cry and the windows came crashing to the floor.

"No",I whimpered and sat close to the wall.

the whole pains returned - the pains I've been trying to forget for twenty years - the pains of my mother leaving me to die.

*Mother please...Don't leave me* I had cried and pleaded with her as she packed up her things in a bag.

*I love you, mother. I can't do without you. Please, take me with you* 

I recalled how she had packed up her belongs and headed for the door. I had ran to her and held her by the waist.

*I'm sorry mother, if I've offended you in anyway. Please, don't leave me. I don't have anyone to stay with. Daddy's gone. You're the only one I have left. You're the only family I have. How will I survive if you leave me*
I remembered wetting her dress with my tears.

She simply turned and moved me away from her.

*I'm sorry Mishael. But I have to go. Don't follow me*
And she left.

She abandoned me; treated me like I meant nothing to her! She dumped me and made me become what I am.

Why's she here? What does she want from me? She doesn't have a son. 

Her son died when he was 6 years old...when she left him without looking back.

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