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The Black Angels-Chapter 25




The Black Angels-Chapter 25

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky



    Queen Nessa's Pov:
This was what I was afraid of. This is the reason I never wanted that boy alive. This is the reason I was trying all I could to kill Mishael!!

That shameless mother of his!
Her husband was impotent and she ended up sleeping with the king - my own husband!

She slept with him.

She slept with him and got pregnant. But the king had no idea the baby belonged to him. I also had no idea; not until few years ago. And that was the reason I tried to kill Mishael together with the black angels who were close to him.

I tried to kill him so the truth would never come out because if the king gets to know he had a son,  he'd definitely crown him and I didn't want that to happen. I didn't want the legacy to leave my hands.

So, I tried to kill him. But unfortunately, he escaped it and few months ago, the king got to know Mishael was his son. I still don't know how he found out, but he became sad since then because he thought he was actually dead and that was the reason I wanted Mishael dead by all means!!

Now, look what has happened.

I was locked up in a cell. You wouldn't believe the king had me locked up! 

He blames me for trying to kill his son and sending his daughter down to earth for such a risky mission.

But it wasn't my fault. I wasn't thinking straight. I had to send Marcia.

What have I done? 

This is all Mishael's fault. If only he had remained dead, none of this would've happened. Jr ruined everything!

And I swear, I'm gonna make him pay.
       Phin's Pov:
She stared at me in shock, the basket of clothes still scattered on the floor.

"How did you know that name?" She asked, fraily 

"Because Mishael is my friend I told her.
"We came down to earth together for safety after the Queen tried to kill us. I'm a black angel" I told her and the bewilderment  on her face increased.

"Mishael" she called in a faint voice.
"He's alive?"

"Yeah - he didn't die after you abandoned him" I said and her eyes flickered with a look of contrition.

She lowered her gaze to the floor.

"He needs you." I spoke up.
"He needs the touch of his mother to break a bond that's connected between him and a lady. We think your touch is the only thing that can save him".

"A bond?" She flinched.

"Yes - its a long story and I don't have much time to say it here. You need to come with me. Please" I said, forcing out the please.

She shook her head and turned around, a tear streaming down her cheek.

"I can't face Mishael. I can't. I can't face him" she gibbered and busted into tears

"You don't need to face him. You just need to save him. You're the only hope we have left. I want to believe no matter what,you still have some feelings for your son".

"I've always loved Mishael!" She turned back at me and said.

"I've always loved him. I...(sniffs) I never wanted to hurt him or leave him. I just..."

She busted into more tears.

I kept silent for a while.

"If you still love him, then come with me. You have a chance to save him" I told her and she looked at me with her teary eyes.
      Javan's Pov:
I walked into the room and met Olivia fast asleep on the bed.


So pretty.

I smiled and went to sit on the edge of the bed, staring into her face like a movie. She was so beautiful indeed and I couldn't imagine being away from her. I couldn't imagine seeing her with Mishael.


He's always been the center of attraction right from Krypton. All the ladies drooled on him and because of how powerful he is, I'm pretty sure that's the reason the Queen tried to kill us. He's been nothing but bad luck.

But...I wonder why they've been silent for sometime now. I mean, I was expecting a fight. I was expecting Phin to help him track me, but surprisingly, there's been nothing at all. Why's that?

Why haven't they tried to attack me?

I stared at Olivia one more time and was about leaving the bed when I felt something - something strange - something only I among the black angles could feel. 


No! This is not possible!

I sprang on my feet immediately, staring at Olivia.

No; this can't be. Its not possible.

What's going on? Why am I feeling this around her?



She can't be...

But how...

I don't want to believe its true;of course it's not true.

But, I can feel it.

I can feel the conception - the formation of a new being.

How's this possible??

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