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The Black Angels-Chapter 24




The Black Angels-Chapter 24

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky


       Phin's Pov:
She bent immediately to pick them up and I joined her.

"I'm so sorry" I apologized as I helped her pick up the clothes. 

"Its...its nothing. Good thing they're not stained" she said hastily.

Hold on; that scent...

I suddenly paused and looked at her. The scent was so familiar - like that of Mishael's blood.

How possible?

She shut me a stare and stood up when she was done picking up the clothes.

"Um...thanks for your help. I'll be on my way now" she said and tried walking away.

"Wait!" I called back her attention as I sprang on my feet.

She arched her brows in curiosity.

"Its you" I said, slowly, pointing my finger at her.

"You're the one I'm looking for. You're Mishael's mum".

The basket of clothes dropped from her hands immediately as she opened her mouth in shock.

"How...How did you know that name?" She panicked.
        Javan's Pov:
I sat in front of the table with the opened book in front of me as I went through it over again and over again, making sure I wasn't mistaken.

I couldn't let anyone get to it. Never.

There were two ways to break the bond:
But one was certain and 100% guaranteed, while the other was just a try and see.
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*the try and see* was for Mishael or Olivia to get in touch with either of their mothers; while the 100% guaranteed was for them to fall in love.

I had only read out the part of them getting in touch with their mother because I knew it was gonna be impossible. I knew Olivia's mother was dead and Mishael's mum was nowhere around. 

But I couldn't let them stay together because they might fall in love. Although, I didn't want Olivia to be bonded to him this way, but I had no choice. I couldn't let her fall in love with him either. 

So, I'm ready to keep her here with me for as long as it might take.

    Queen Nessa's Pov:
"Where the hell did you say Marcia is??" The king roared as I stood behind him in the throne room.

I bent my head in fear.

"I've...I've told you, my lord. She went to..."

"Lies!!" He snapped and turned to look at me.

His eyes flickered with anger.

"Why re you lying to me, Nessa? Where's Marcia?"

I bent my head and winced, not knowing what to say. I didn't know what other lie to tell him.

"Talk to me!!" He snarled and fisted his hand and I screamed in pains and fell to my knees.

He was frying my brains.

"Tell me, Nessa!!" He yelled as I screamed.

"She went down to earth!!" I cried out and he stopped.

His eyes dropped. He was no doubt, shocked.

"What?" He said faintly.

"I'm sorry." I whimpered.
"I sent her down to kill the black angels".

He scoffed and drew nearer.

"What...did you just say, Nessa?" He asked, finding it unbelievable.

Mishael's alive. And I wanted him dead. I'm sorry". I cried

His legs shook as for the first time in a long time, I saw him flinch.

If not for how strong he was, he'd have definitely slumped.

"Mishael?" He called in shock.

"Mishael is alive? 

"My...My son is alive?"

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