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Pizza Girl Episode 9


Pizza Girl Episode 9

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I walked down the street, feeling so happy about the new foot wear I just got. It suit well with the trouser I wore.

My stomach began to grumble again and I needed to eat. I sighed remembering Diana. If she was here she would have gotten me something to eat.

But I need to get used to the fact that we see when we see and nothing more. 

I saw some couples coming, they had snacks in their hands and my attention was fast drawn to them. If only they could give me part of the snacks, then I will be totally fine.

They got close and I approached them trying to catch their attention.

"Good afternoon." I said and to my surprise, the wife smiled at me.

"Hi son. How are you?" She asked in a caring way.

" Fine but hungry." I said and she smiled stretching the snacks To me.

"Here have this. Eat and be happy." She said and I smiled.

" You act like my friend." I said smiling.

" What's his or her name?" She asked while the man just stared at us.

"Diana." I said and she furrowed her brows.

" Diana?" She asked and I nodded.

"Yes. The pizza girl. Do you know her?" I asked and she smiled.

"She is my neice. I am the owner of the pizza shop." She said and my eyes widened.

" Really? I am seeing you for the very first time. Now I know Diana took after your kindness." I said and she smiled.

" I am happy to help." She said.

"Thank you. And greet her for me. Tell her Isaac is sending his greetings." I said and she nodded.

" I will do just that." She said looking at the man with her who just smiled back. 

"Bye." They bade walking away. I stood right there and I began to consume the snacks.

I was still eating and enjoying myself when I felt a car speed up to where I was. I quickly moved away so i won't be hit.

The car came to halt abruptly splashing mud on me.

I shut my eyes in anger but right now I can do nothing. I looked down and I saw my shoe was stained with mud already.

Now if Diana sees it she won't like it.

The door opened and I saw a young guy come out. He looks young, I mean very young. Maybe we are age mates or he should be older with just a year or two.

And he owns a car already? Wow that is amazing.

"What the hell is a street child doing in front of my gate?" He asked smriking as he looked at me from head to toe.

I looked back to confirm what he was saying and then I saw it was true. There was a very huge mansion behind me and I was right in front of it's gates.

"Oh am sorry about that." I said and wanted to move away when he stopped me.

"You think sorry would solve the problem you just caused?" He asked and I furrowed my eyes in confusion

"What problem?" I asked.

"You standing with your filthy body in front of my gate is the biggest problem. I hate streets children." He said and I got pissed.

" Why not try calming down. You having all these today doesn't mean I won't have. The children on the streets are just like you. You should be thankful your life isn't like one of us.

 None of us wanted to be this way. Fate did this, so stop blabbing okay?" I barked in anger catching him unaware.

"Wow. So you are raising your voice at me?" He asked and I scoffed.

" I don't care who the hell you are, or who you think you are. The least you can do is to splash mud water on me which you already did. And the highest you can do is kill me which I am always prepared for every passing day." I said before walking away from his presence.

Enough of them looking down on us. We didn't wish for this life, we didn't want to be on the streets. 

So we should be taken care of and loved. I actually can't blame people, I blame fate for taking us to this cruel part of life. 

I kept walking with tears rolling down my eyes constantly. I want all this to change. I am tired of been trashed by every one.

I got to a part of the street which has a public tap. I took a look at my messed clothes and shoes and signed.

I turned the tap and I saw it had water in it.

I removed my shoe and then picked up my already stained shirt and poured some water on it so I began to clean the shoe.

I also used the shirt to clean off the mud on my trousers. After everything, I picked the shirt I just washed and wore it.

Thank God I washed it. I would have been stranded now. 

The painful part is that I planned to wear that shirt for three days. Now it's ruined because he is an a*shole.



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