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Pizza Girl Episode 8


Pizza Girl Episode 8

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I got to the restaurant and walked in to still meet mother and Aunt chatting.

"I am back." I said planning to walk out when Aunt stopped me.

"Greet your mother Diana." She said and I sighed.

" We saw already." I said and was about walking out when I remembered the extra pizza I gave to Issac.

"And mom, I miscounted the pizza this morning, so I had one extra left which I gave to a friend who needed it." I said and she nodded.

" It's fine. Since he/she needed it." She replied and I smiled.

" He is the correct word. You are the best mom. I need to get to the house now. I will be back in few hours." I said walking out.

" Please make it few. We have more orders." She said and I rose up my hands giving her a signal that I heard her.

I picked up my helmet and sat on the scooter igniting the engine. I headed home with just one person on my mind.

"Isaac. His birthday comes up in two days. I need to surprise him." I thought smiling. I rode the scooter home and parked it in front of the house.

I opened the door with the spare key that was with me and rushed inside the house. I headed straight to my room.

I sat on my bed and brought out the box that was under it. I opened it and there was my money which I have been saving for some while now.

I collected cash severally from Aunt, and many customers so I didn't want to go to the bank to deposit anything. I just kept it in this box.

I didn't bother counting the money, I just packed all out of the box and kept it in my pocket.

This should be able to get more than enough stuffs for Isaac. I want this his birthday the best of the bests.

I walked out of the house again and sat on the scooter heading to the mall. 

I was on my way riding my scooter when a car passed in high speed and splashed mud water on me making me come to an halt.

"What the f**k!!!" I yelled in anger and I saw the car stop. He or she should better Apologize because it won't be funny at all." I thought staring at the car.

I kept staring and then I saw a young guy come out of the car, he looked very expensive. No one needed to tell me he is a rich dude, but that's none of my business. He should better Apologize.

"You should have just slowed down, you saw the pothole." I said look at him and all he did was smrik.

"Bastard." I thought staring at him.

"Sorry about that." He said but he didn't look remorseful.

"Are you saying that from your heart? Cos it looks like I am forcing you to." I said in anger.

" Well I didn't want to say that. But I could see you wanted it badly. So I decided to give it to you." He said and I furrowed my brows folding my hands.

"Seriously? You think I need it? Or you are supposed to say it." I said standing up from the scooter.

" I ain't supposed to say it. Because this happens every day, and I came down because your beauty attracted me." He said.

This is why I hate going around on this scooter without my helmet.

"I can see that you are a very arrogant brat." I said walking close to him and he laughed sarcastically.

"What do...." He said and before he could complete it, I hit him right on his balls with my legs.

"Arrgh." He groaned Loudly.

"Next time you don't act stupid." I said walking back to my scooter and climbing it. This time I didn't forget to put on my helmet.

"This isn't the end. I will find you." He said in pains.

" And will you do again, I hope I don't chop off those balls and place it as part of my pizza." I said before riding off.

" Useless. He just wasted my time." I thought checking my wrist watch.

I got to the mall after few minutes and I packed my scooter in a designated area.

I walked in and headed to the cloth section first. First things first, he needs to change his outfit.

"Good day Ma'am. How can I help you?" The attendant asked.

" I need clothes. Male clothings." I said and she smiled.

"Right here." She said walking off and I followed behind her looking around.

"Here are our best wears." She said pointing to the hanger right in front of me.

"These are quiet expensive. I have many more things to buy." I said and she smiled.

" Behind it are the cheapest ones. You can choose which ever one you want." She said and I smiled.

" Thanks." I said moving to the hanger behind. I ran my hands in between the clothes and began to select.

I took five tops. They looked dope and by the looks I felt they would suit him well.

I wanted to move away when I sighted a leather jacket. 

"I must have this too. He would wear this on this blue shirt on his birthday." I thought happily.

I held them in my hand and then moved from there to where the shoes (footwears) we're displayed.

"I looked at the prices and I breathed out sadly. They were damn expensive.

I picked up one and I saw written on it $50. Wow, that's much for me.

I want more than one. I picked another and I saw $25, on it. 

"Good." I thought picking another which had the same amount.

Now this is preferable. 


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