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Pizza Girl Episode 7


Pizza Girl Episode 7

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I sat for some minutes with the shirt I washed waiting patiently for it to dry so I could get moving like I have always done.

I felt filled after eating the Pizza Diana offered me. Now I know why some families can't do without pizza. I keep seeing the cartons in the bins all around the streets.

I took some water from the river and drank it over it. I sat next to the rock where I spread my clothes feeling extra bored.

And for the first time I wanted someone around badly. No one has ever talked to me like Diana did so I have never felt lonely not until now.

And she looks quite old. I wonder how old she is. I will ask her if at all we meet again.

I checked my shirt again and I noticed it was dry. The sun was quite scorching, it was for my own good. 

I packed the shirt neatly and stucked it into the back pocket of my trousers. I rinsed my legs and the slippers I have always had on.

It was almost worn out, so I had to carry my feets gradually to avoid it cutting. I walked away from the river happily.

This is the second time in 19 years that I have eaten good food. The first time was when I still had the streets children cater for me.

They brought me fresh pasta from only Heaven knows. They never told me where they got it from till we are scattered abroad for one reason or the other.

I was so happy and ate with great joy. I will never forget them, not even in the after life. They were my family.

It's so painful we had to split up. I was still walking when my leg hit a stone and I fell to the ground.

"Argh." I groaned as I felt sore pains at my ankle.

I rose up head to look at the stone. How come did I not see that? 

I stood up dusting my shirt, I then noticed two things were wrong.

I couldn't stand on my two legs. My left leg was hurting badly.

And two, my slippers got worn out.

"Sh*t. What do I do now? I can't walk barefooted." I thought holding the slipper in my hand.

I placed my leg on the floor and I felt the heat from the sun burn my feet.

"Ah." I gasped raising my leg quickly. The ground was so hot due to the scorching sun.

"What do I do." I thought trying to fix the slippers. But unfortunately, it was damaged beyond repairs.

"What do you expect Isaac. You have been wearing this for three years." I said to myself in pains. Sometimes I just keep questioning my dead parents why they gave birth to me at the very first place.

I looked around for anything that could be of help. Then I sighted a nylon close to me. It looked thick in texture. 

"This should help till I find a new pair of slippers." I thought reaching for the nylon. 

I rested my back on the tree and began to wear the nylon on my leg. I tied it at my ankle and then placed it on the ground.

"This seems better." I thought smiling. The leg that was hurting was the one without a slipper, so I won't do much touching of the ground since I can't walk well and will have to leap.

I began to move with just a slipper until I got to the main road of the street. Some children were passing and when they saw me they bursted into laughter.

They looked rich and I knew they can never understand what life is yet. I ignored them and kept moving. I saw a bin at the corner and I smiled.

Who knows? I can find a useless slipper in there. That would serve the purpose for now.

I rushed to where it was and began to offload the trash, in search for a pair of slippers. I almsot offloaded everything and was at the edge of giving up when my hand hit something.

I brought it out and I saw it was a Shoe. A male's pair.

"Wow." I said happily examining it. It didn't look torn or anything. It was close to new, maybe a rich person dropped it.

I tried it on and I saw it was a little bigger than my leg. But it was still very manageable.

"Yes! At least finding a nice shoe few days to your birthday is the best. I haven't see or worn something that has this kind of quality since I have been living.

Diana is good luck. I met her today and I find something expensive. I can't wait to tell her if at all we see.

I walked away from the bin majestically. I am sure going to surprise Diana the next time i see her.


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