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Pizza Girl Episode 5



Pizza Girl Episode 5

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I walked to the outskirts of streets dragging my feet tiredly. I have been working under the scorching sun your many hours now in search of a job.

But they keep chasing me away because of the way I look. To be honest, I looked unkept and smelt awful.

I need to take my bath. I haven't taken my bath for almost four days now. My hair is getting black already.

I need to look for a river around here. I looked around and I ran down to a path. And like I guessed there was a river right there.

"Yes!" I said happily running closer to it. I removed my shirt, and then my trouser before jumping into the river.

I swam a little before I began to scrub my body with my palm. The dirt that came out of my body was nothing to write home about.

I dipped my head into the water and began to scrub my hair with my fingers. I scrubbed it really hard that I began to feel pains on my scalp.

I rose up my head smiling. It's been long i felt the coldness of water on my body. I scrubbed the remaining part of my body before coming out of the river. 

I reached for my trousers and then picked up my second shirt which was at the back pocket of my trousers. 

I wore the shirt and smiled. It smelt nice, the day I washed it, I saw some left over detergent in the garbage so I used it to wash off the dirts.

I looked at my trousers and they were also dirty but I had no alternative, and if I wash it now I won't be able to wear it.

I wore it like that, and then picked up the shirt I removed, moved it to the river to wash it.

I began to scrub it when I heard a familiar noise approach the river. I looked up and I saw a scooter coming closer.

"Diana?" I thought and then she came to view. She had her helmet on. She stopped the engine and got off it removing her helmet.

She placed it on the scooter and looked at the river in sadness. I guess she didn't see me.

I stood up and then she saw me. She flinched in fear, I know she wasn't expecting to see anyone.

"Isaac." She called.

"Hi." I said dropping the shirt I washed.

" What are you doing here?" She asked approaching me.

"I should be the one asking you that. I can be found anywhere. But you? Your house and shop is far from here." I said and she smiled faintly.

"Came to deliver pizza at a restaurant close to this place. So I said I should stay here for a while. Now what are you doing here?" She asked.

" I came to have my bath and wash my shirt. I was stinking badly." I said and she sighed staring at me.

" You don't look happy. Wish to share?" I asked and she sat on the rock close to me.

"I don't want to talk about it." She said and I nodded.

"I  will just stay there and get my shirt washed off. Hope you don't mind?" I asked and she shook her head smiling.

"Sure go ahead. I will be here." She said and I smiled.

I walked back to the river and took up the shirt. I bent down and kept scrubbing it with the ordinary water.

"Will it wash it clean? There is no soap." She said and I smiled. 

" I don't really have a choice here. I didn't see any soap." I said.

" I think I have some." She said running to her scooter.

" Why would you have soap in your scooter?" I asked.

" Sometimes I do use it to wash my scooter on my way home. I see a wash place and all I need is water and I will do the rest myself." She said and I nodded.

"That's thoughtful of you." I said as she came to me with the soap in her hand.

"Here. Have some." She said smiling.

"Thanks." I said take little and using it on the shirt. She returned to the scooter and put the remaining in an opening there.

After few minutes, I was done with washing. I squeezed out the water and spread it on another rock for it to dry.

I looked at Diana and I saw her with a carton of pizza.

"You forgot to deliver that?" I asked as I walked back to where she sat.

"No. I miscounted, and took more than ordered." She said and I smiled.

"Thank God you noticed on time." I said and she nodded.

"Have some." She said giving me the carton.

" What? No no. You should get this back to the shop." I said shaking my head.

" There is no big deal okay? My mom owns the shop, and she isn't as wicked as you think. Consuming one of her cartons won't kill. Whereas it's the medium size." She said placing it on my thighs.

I looked at it with great hunger in my eyes. I have never eaten one in my life before.

"Thank you so much." I said and she smiled nodding.

I opened up the carton and picked one to eat. I chewed it and shut my eyes due to the sweetness.

"Wow. This is so lovely." I said smiling.

" I bet it is." She replied and I nodded taking another bite.


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