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Pizza Girl Episode 4


Pizza Girl Episode 4

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


     .... THE NEXT MORNING....

I woke up as early as 6am, I got off bed and walked to the mirror to look at myself. I stared at my face remembering what happened yesterday with Isaac.

"I wish I can see you soon." I mumbled before reaching for my night gown and tossing it off.

"Are you up Diana?!" I heard Mom ask from the living room.

" I am up." I replied heading to the bathroom.

" Am off to the shop, don't stay late before coming." She said and I heard the door open and close. I signed and picked up my sponge and soap.

I opened the shower and the water began to flow on my body.

I scrubbed my body with my eyes shut. 

"Why do I feel lonely all of a sudden? I have been single for more than a month now, and I haven't felt this lonely until now." I thought sighing.

I dropped the sponge and rinsed my body before grabbing my towel and walking out.

I wrapped my body with the towel and then picked up my hair dryer to dry off the water that kept dripping from it.

I stood in front of the mirror as I dried my hair, and his words flashed back into my head.

 That's very possible Diana. Don't be sad, not everyone met are meant to stay. Some come for a purpose and once fufiled they move on. 

"I should take my mind off him. He just helped me, no big deal. I thanked him already. If we meet we meet." I thought and walked away from the mirror.

I picked up my hair bond and parked it in a pony tail. I reached for my pizza shirt and wore it before wearing my Jean Trousers.

I wore my stickers and picked up my face cap. I took one last look at myself in the mirror before heading out.

I picked the key to my scooter on my way out, I locked the door and threw the key in my pocket.

I sat on my scooter and kicked it to start with the key. I kept the face cap on the handle and wore the helmet.

I zoomed off with great speed. Wasn't in the mood to great anyone so I just kept my face to the road.

I moved to the street where isaac took me through last night. I wanted to pass the normal route to the shop but one thing kept telling me I could see him on that route.

Though it's not the route to the shop, if I see him I would just face the route back to shop.

I sighed and I diverted and moved into the path carefully looking around to see if I would catch any glimpse of him.

I moved slowly but the woods was just quite, I didn't see anyone there. I looked at the garbage and I looked at it closely to see if he would be there.

But he wasn't anywhere to be found.

Sadly, I moved out of the woods and headed back to the shop in full speed. I got to the front of the shop and I parked my scooter under the shed I do keep it.

I stopped the running engine and walked into the shop wearing my face cap.

I saw mom serving the customers pizza. She looked at me and I waved smiling.

"You are late." She said walking to the kitchen.

" Sorry about that." I said and she nodded.

" There are some pizza's for you to deliver. At a restaurant down town

"Down town? That's quite far." I said sighing.

" And that's why you have a scooter right?" She asked and I smiled.

" Of course. How many cartons?" I asked tracing my hand on the today's to do list that she hung on the wall.

"Seven. They paid already." She said and I nodded.

" I will load now." I said and she nodded carrying another piece of pizza to a customer.

I carried three cartons at the same time and moved to my scooter. I placed on it and used the rope to hold it down.

I walked in to carry the rest and when I came out I saw mother's car park in front of the shop.

"What is she doing here?" I said looking at my scooter as I kept arranging the cartons well.

"Diana." She called and my eyes heated up.

" Am busy, what do you want?" I asked in a rude manner looking at her.

"Am here to see your Aunt, and I said I should greet you." She said and I sighed.

" I don't need it. I am at work. Good luck to your meeting." I said and sat on the scooter.

" Diana." She called but I ignited my engine and zoomed off muttering totally nothing.

"She just f**king ruined my day." I Mumbled moving on the high speed I can.


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