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Pizza Girl Episode 26


Pizza Girl Episode 26

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I kept fondling with her va**na and she kept moaning. Her moans were driving me crazy and I felt like I should screw the hell out of her but I had to be calm.

Her V produced some liquid in my mouth which I took in with all delightfulness. It tasted amazing, like it was some vanilla, so some cheese, or some butter.

I rose up my head and moved up to kiss her again. She opened her eyes and looked at me before I placed the kiss on her lips.

"Do you taste it yourself?" I asked and she nodded shyly.

"My turn." She said turning me over.

"To do what?" I asked as she trailed her fingers down my chest through my cloth.

"Shhhh." She said placing her finger on my lips and I furrowed my brows looking at her.

She reached for my top and pulled it up to my upper chest. 

"Yours hands my love." She said and I rose up my hands so she could move the cloth up. She moved it up and I helped her remove it quick by raising up my head.

The cloth was off and when I opened my eyes, my mouth was right in front of her ni**les.

I looked at her and she smiled before I placed my hot tongue on her ni**ples.

She shivered and ran her fingers into my hair, moving it up and forth as I teased her.

Her ni**Les were long enough for me to hold onto them with my upper and lower jaw.

I moved from left to right, with my hand right on her a**.

"That's enough Love. My time." She said within gritted teeth pushing me and making me lay on the bed once again.

"You shouldn't deprive me of that you know. I wasn't weaned when I was young." I said staring at her b**bs.

"We will get you fed later." She said moving down to my trousers. She stared at the bugle that was surfacing in my trousers and she moved her hand to it.

"I thought you are scared of it." I said and she smriked. 

"Not anymore." She said in a whisper and reached for the waist of my trousers. I rose up my hips and she pulled it down to my thighs were it got stuck.

My boxers were still on. 

"Let me help." I said and she moved away letting me pull off the trousers myself.

When I was done I wanted to pull off the boxers but she stopped me.

"That's mine to remove." She said and I moved my hand away laying on the bed.

She moved on top of me and stared at me again. Just the stare on the bulge made it twitch.

"Wow." She said laughing. She reached for it and placed her hand on it making sure not to look at me.

She suddenly reached for my boxers and pulled it down, and my d**k sprang out like a wild lion, ready to devour.

"Be ready." She said holding my naked d**k in her hand, and to my shock she placed her mouth on it.

"What the f**k!" I groaned as it felt like something I have never felt before. Like a very sweet place where I don't want to ever leave.

Her tongue kept striking my cap and I kept groaning as she did. I felt my balls tighten every passing second.

"I have never felt this in my life." I said with my jaw clenched.

"I know you haven't, and that's why am doing it." She said rubbing my d**k as she looked at me.

I was even too shy to look at her in the eye. How is she able to look at me after doing that.

She wanted to take it in her mouth again but I stopped her.

"That's enough. I feel like am going to expload real bad." I said turning over and letting her lay on the bed again.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I lower myself.

"Can you do this?" She asked and I sighed.

"To be honest, I haven't done this before. But I know, it enters some hole here. My friends and I do spy on people doing this." I said laughing.

"Okay then. Let's see what you got." She said smriking and I positioned myself using my hand for support.

"Be careful with me. Am a virgin." She said and my eyes widened.

"What? You haven't done this before? How come can you do that so good?" I bomberded her with questions.

"It's nothing new okay." She said and I sighed.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked and she nodded shutting her eyes.

"Do it." She said and I nodded lowering myself again. I moved my d**k into the hole I supposed to be the hole.

And it felt too tight.

"Wait, is this the hole?" I asked looking at her and she giggled.

"It is, it's just that am tight. Push in slowly." She said and I nodded.

I pushed in and I saw her flinch shutting her eyes. I looked down and I saw blood. My eyes widened and I wanted to move away but she held me back.

"I guess you didn't spy when a virgin was getting laid. It's nothing. Go on." She said and I nodded reluctantly.

I kept moving in and out slowly and gradually, in a definite rythm. After some seconds of this very sweet exercise. Her face wasn't like she was in pain and I could hear her moan.

Something in me kept telling me to go faster! Go faster and I obeyed that voice and began to go faster.

After some minutes I felt my balls tighten and I felt climax was close by.

"Am c*ming." She said as she began to shake. 

"I think am going to do that to." I said and we both reached climax at the same time. Exploding massively.


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