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Pizza Girl Episode 24



Pizza Girl Episode 24

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


"Let me go and get dressed. Stop crying." She said in a shaky voice and I nodded.

"I will wear my present too." I said smiling and she laughed walking out of the room.

I grabbed my new clothes and began to put them on. The shirt looked so beautiful and fitted on me. The trousers had this shinning black leather.

"Wow." I said putting it on. It wasn't too big, not too small. It was perfect.

I then reached for the shoes and put it on. It fits in too well very, it wasn't like the other one which was a little tight.

I walked out of the room and headed to the living room to see a big cake on the dinning table.

Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you. 

Diana and her mom sang for me and tears of joy filled my eyes. 

"Thank you so much. I wasn't expecting this." I said trying to push in the tears.

"You deserve more Isaac. You are like a son to me, and I will do exactly the same for my son too." She said and I nodded walking close to her.

I hugged her and she hugged me back patting my back.

"Thank you Mom." I said in tears. For the very first time in twenty years of my existence, I felt the love of a mother.

"The temple should be open by now. we need to move." Diana said and we disengaged smiling.

"Go to God in prayers." Mom said kissing my forehead and I nodded.

Diana and I headed out of the house, she wore a blue beautiful gown and black shoes.

"You look so beautiful." I said and she smiled.

"It's my partner's day. I should look beautiful as my boyfriend looks handsome." She said and I laughed.

"Of course you should." I said and then I remembered I am yet to tell Mom my age. She will be so disappointed to hear it.

"What's wrong?" She asked as she saw my contenance change.

"Have you told Mom my age?" I asked looking worried and she smiled.

"She knows already. It's written on the cake." She said and my eyes widened.

"And she didn't say anything about us?" I asked and she shook her head.

"She said the most important thing is to love each other and have understanding." She said and I sighed in relieve.

"That was very reliving. I thought she won't agree to her younger child getting married to her elder child." I said and she shook her head.

"Mom is very understanding, and sometimes I really wish she was the one that gave birth to me. It would have been perfect." She said sadly.

"It's well. Things happen for a reason." I said as we walked into the temple.

"We are the only ones here." Diana said looking around.

"Yes. It's empty and I love it that way." I said walking to the alter.

I knelt behind in front of the alter putting my hands together and shutting my eyes. And I felt Diana do the same beside me.

I opened my eyes and began to pray.

"Dear God, I thank you for making me see another year in peace.

For not letting the streets see my end. For making Diana have a soft heart for me. For making her mom love me and turn me to her child.

For always keeping your faithfulness over my life. 

Lord I pray that we will never know sadness again. Diana would never leave me because if she does I don't think I can survive it.

Make our family happy forever, bless our Union. Amen"🙏

I prayed and opened my eyes to see Diana looking at me and smiling.

"I love your faith." She said and we stood up.

"I prayed at this same spot last year on my birthday, that my 20th birthday should be different from the rest. Full of happiness. And God did it, that's why i didn't want to miss this temple so I could give thanks to God. And then ask from him my heart desires." I said and she smiled.

"Thats very amazing. Now it's time to make a wish." She said and I smiled.

"Here? In the temple?" I asked and she nodded.

"Three wishes." She said and I looked up thinking of what I really want.

"Okay. One, I want you and your parents back in love." I said looking at her and her eyes were filled with tears.

"Go on." She said and I nodded.

"Two, I want us to be together forever." I said and she smiled.

"And the third. I want to be able to take care of You and mom." I said and she smiled.

"So shall it be. God has heard your request." She said and I nodded.

"Let's go home. Your cake is waiting for you." She said and I held her hand as we walked out of the temple.


Isaac isn't selfish due to his requests

He is the perfect one for Diana 

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