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Pizza Girl Episode 22



Pizza Girl Episode 22

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I walked out of the shop feeling so so hurt. I didn't mean to get her angry. I just didn't want her to keep pushing her mother away.

She should try forgiving her. She is lucky she has a mother coming to ask for forgiveness. My mother died, I don't even have anyone to call a guardian.

Its painful seeing them like that. She is still her mother, no matter what happened. 

I kept walking down the street. She didn't really understand what I was trying to do, I was trying to bring the love of a mother and child together since I never felt that. She shouldn't miss that too since she has a choice.

I don't have a choice cos I don't have my mother in the land of the living. It's so painful.

I think I should just stay far from her for now. She isn't In a really good state and I understand that. I will be here whenever she is ready to talk to me.

I will keep loving her no matter what happens. 

I kept thinking and thinking as I walked until I heard a familiar sound behind me. I looked back and I saw the scooter coming behind me.

"Diana." I called as she stopped the scooter and removed her helmet running to me. The scooter fell to the ground as she didn't let it rest on the ground well.

"Isaac." She called running to me. She ran into my eyes hugging me tight.

"I am sorry baby." She said in tears. I hugged her back placing my hand on her head.

"I understand you well Diana. But please don't think I'm forcing you to do things." I said as her tears wet my clothes.

"I misunderstood you. Am sorry my love." She said looking into my eyes.

"I am not angry with you Diana. Believe me I am not." I said kissing her forehead. She nodded and I raised my head to look at the scooter that was on the ground.

"You didn't park it well. It's laying on the ground." I said and she looked at it.

"I don't care. I was so sad and I was so happy to catch up with you." She said and I smiled cleaning her face with my thumb.

"It's fine okay? Should we head back to the shop?" I asked and she nodded. We walked to the scooter and I raised it up.

She wore the helmet and sat on it. I sat behind her holding her.

"You look hot using this helmet." I said and she Chuckled.

"I am burning for you." She said and I laughed.

"I missed you." I said kissing her back.

"I missed you too. We are addicted to each other. So please don't leave again. No matter how I force you to. Always hold me tight in your hand and kiss me. I can be stupid sometimes." She said and I sighed.

"You aren't stupid Diana. I understood you very well. But I left because it seemed you needed to be alone, so as to rethink things." I said and she nodded.

She ignited the engine and we began to move in the pace she loved best. The fast pace.

We got to the shop in no time. I didn't walk for so long before she caught up with me. We walked in and smiled at each other.

After few seconds of settling. Her mom came in with Mr John.

" You are back." Diana said happily running to them.

"Yes we are." They replied looking at each other.

"Welcome Ma'am and Sir." I said and they smiled at me.

"It looks like you enjoyed your stay together at the shop." Mr John said and Diana and I looked at each other breathing out.

"Mother dropped by." She said and her mom rushed to her.

"Are you okay?" She asked and Diana nodded.

"Thanks to Isaac. She wanted to invite me to her birthday party, and she brought me a dress." She said.

"I think I should take my leave now. See you tomorrow." Mr John said and her Mom nodded.

"Good night John." She said.

"Mom won't you kiss him?" Diana asked grinning while I nodded in agreement.

"Diana." She called and I looked at Mr John. He really wanted to have that kiss.

"It doesn't hurt ma'am." I said holding Diana by the hand.

"We will excuse you. Take your time." Diana said and we left where they were laughing.

"I have somewhere we can peep on them. Mom can be really unromantic sometimes." She said pulling me while I followed happily.

We got to a window and we looked in to meet them kissing.

"I love the sight." Diana said happily. I moved my gaze from the couples to Diana and I guessed she noticed.

She looked at me and I stared at her lips which parted as she stared at mine. I reached for her neck and planted a kiss on her lips.

She reciprocated holding my hand.

"Good night." We heard them say to each other and we broke the kiss smiling at each other.

"Let's go back. They are done." She said and I nodded. We moved into the shop again and I saw her mom grinning.

Immediately she saw us, she changed her face to a normal one making us laugh.

"Mom don't decieve us. We saw how happy you were." Diana said and she laughed.

"What will I do without you two." She said walking to us and scattering our hair while I chuckled.

"Let's head home now. No shop tomorrow. We are going out." She said and we nodded as we began to pack our stuffs.

We were done and I saw Diana staring at the bag her mother brought. And to my surprise she picked it up and walked to me holding my hand.

"You are wearing it?" I asked looking at her.

"Can't lose you to the pretty ladies we will be meeting there. Need to look hot too." She said and I laughed.

"Have you forgotten I have nothing to wear. They will never look at me." I said and I laughed.

"Don't worry my love. You will be looking so hot tomorrow." She said and I nodded.

"If you say so." I replied giggling.


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