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Pizza Girl Episode 2



Pizza Girl Episode 2

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I watched him walk away smiling. He looked unkept but very handsome. This is the first time I am seeing him around here. Where does he stay?

I walked back to where I packed my scooter with my helmet in my hand. I carried the cartons of pizza that are tied at the back of it.

I carried them carefully and moved to the hotel.

"Hi." I said to the guards at the door.

"Hi." One of them replied in a very thick voice.

"Pizza delivery." I said raising up the carton. They opened the door for me to walk in.

"Thanks." I said as I walked into the main building. I wasn't surprised at the hugeness of it, this isn't the first time of me delivering pizza here.

"Hey." A lady called me and I turned to face her.

"Here." I said handing the pizza over to her. She wore the motel's polo shirt, so i knew she was  a worker. Probably a new one.

She collected it from me and smiled.

"Thanks." She said walking away. I also walked out of the building heading back to my scooter. I got outside and I saw some guys close to my scooter.

They were smocking and drinking. Why must it be close to my scooter? Can't they move into the motel?

"Excuse me please." I said trying not to freek out.

" Hey pizza girl." One drunk one said asking close to me.

"Don't dare." I mumbled. I didn't want to cause any scene here cos it won't be good at all.

"You are so pretty." He said tracing his fingers on my face making me boil in anger.

The rest stared at us laughing making me very angry.

"Move away." I said within gritted teeth.

" She wants to beat me." He said to the others and they laughed in mockery.

"What will you do honey?" He asked moving his head to mine and in anger I smashed my head on his forehead making his scream.

I grabbed the bottle that was with him and began to move to the others. Their eyes widened and they took to their heels.

I dropped the bottle and wore my helmet, I ignited the engine and rode off.

I was moving on a normal pace when I noticed I was been followed by some people.

I needed no one to tell me it was the guy I smached. Maybe he want to look for support and he wants to revenge.

I looked back and I saw they were on power bikes moving very close. 

"Sh*t!" I mumbled increasing the pace on which I rode. I didn't have any strength to fight the guys coming behind me.

They were up to seven. I need a place to hide as soon as possible.

I gave them a reasonable gap and then I saw a narrow path by my left. It was dark.

I rode into it path switching off my scooter. I pushed it down the path putting off the lights.

I looked for the darkest place where I could hide my scooter and myself. I went behind a tree and bent down behind it.

I saw the power bikes zoom off going straight down. I sighed and sat on the ground panting. That was damn close.

I need to wait so I can give them more gap. They passed the same route I was to pass home. And it's sure that if they don't see me they will surely trace me back.

I need to sty put. I reached for my phone in my pocket and brought it out. I needed to send a message to mum before she starts getting worried.

It's dark already.

Mom I will be home late, I am caught in some sh*ts here.

I sent the message and I began to here some sounds close to me. I kept mute and hid my phone to avoid drawing attention by the lights.

My breathing pace increased and I began to sweat profusely. 

After some while the sound stopped and I began to hear sounds of nylon opening.

"Was I running from a rat or what?" I thought sighing. I switched on my phone Torchlight and pointed it to where the sound was coming from.

And to my surprise I saw the boy I splashed water on eating something from the garbage. I was shocked that my phone fell off my hand.

He didn't seem to care about me, he looked so hungry and happy at the same time.

I stared at him in the dark not knowing what to think.

"Hey." I whispered and he looked at me.

"Who is that?" He asked without fear. I guess he didn't notice me when I pointed the lights at him.

"I am the one." I said putting the lights close to my face and immediately he caught a glimpse of my face his eyes widened and he wanted to run off.

"Don't go." I said making him stop.

"This place is dangerous, what are you doing here?" He asked avoiding my face.

" I got into some big sh*t, and I needed to hide." I said looking at him.

" Leave as soon as possible, there are rapist here." He said walking away.

" Please wait. Can you please direct me to another path that can lead to the next street? They passed the route I should take home, and passing that place is very risky." I said and he looked at me.

" Follow me." He said walking away.

I quickly reached for my scooter and began to push it with me as I walked. I trailed behind him staring at him.

Why would a very handsome boy eat from the garbage? What of his parents? Why would they abandon him on the streets to suffer?


Please guys don't let Nigerian mentality affect us, this is an American setting. Even in Nigeria this isn't new 

Anything can happen in America, that's why I keep saying we should watch Foreign movies.. it modifies our mentality...

3 years is even small, you haven't seen ladies of 50 years marrying a 20 year old boy. That's the other side for you.



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