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Pizza Girl Episode 17



Pizza Girl Episode 17

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


"You can open now. You are acting childish." I said chuckling.

"What do you expect. You are f**king huge." She said looking at me.

"What do you mean by f**king huge?" I asked and she sighed.

"Never mind. You should try the Snickers on. Still very scared it won't size you." She said and I nodded.

"If it doesn't I will wear it like that. Nothing you get for me Diana will ever be a waste." I said and she smiled.

I took the Snickers. It was white in color. I craved so much for these kind of shoes. I love white Snickers so much.

I slid my feet into it and it entered freely. But I couldn't cover up the back of my feet.

"It's too small?" She asked and I shook my head.

"I don't care. I will wear it." I said forcing all my feet in. My nails were folded in it but I didn't mind.

"Isaac your feet will hurt." She said and I sighed.

"I know, but it can't just waste right? I will endure it. It's not that bad as it looks." I said putting on the second one.

I stood up and stamped my feet on the ground.

"Now it feels better." I said grinning.

"Isaac are you sure? Tomorrow is your birthday, your feets can't be hurting." She said and I sighed.

"My birthdays are nothing to me. It's just like a regular day for me. So stop acting like it's one big day." I said sadly.

"Isaac stop talking like this. Tomorrow is a special day for me okay? I am happy you will be with me tomorrow." She said holding my hands and I managed to smile.

"Diana I am not worth you." I said and she shook her head.

"Shhhhhh." She hissed placing her lips on mine.

"You worth each other. We are meant to be together. Like this." She whispered pulling me into an hug.

"Okay." I said trying to cheer up.

"We need to get to the shop now." She said and I nodded.

"How do I look?" I teased.

"Amazing. Hot. Charming." She said making me laugh.

"Thanks. And your scent right in my nostrils are doing a great job making me damn Happy." I said making her blush.

"C'mon." She said holding my hands as we walked out of the room.

We headed out of the house and she locked the door with her key. 

"Are we taking that?" I asked happily pointing to the scooter.

"Yes we are. I believe you enjoyed the last ride." She said and I grinned.

"I got a chance to hold you tight for the first time, it was amazing." I said and she smiled. She walked up to the scooter and sat on it.

She took the helmet and wore it on her head.

"Am sorry I have only one helment, and it's meant for the rider." She said as I approached her.

"I don't mind." I said sitting at the back.

"Your arms around me." She said igniting the engine.

"Arms on dock." I said making her laugh.

"Enjoy your ride sir." She said as we zoomed off with great speed.

"Woah. Wasn't expecting that." I said tighten my grip around her.

"Don't worry. You can't fall." She replied loudly.

I stared at her from behind and I saw her neck was exposed.

"Concentrate." I said to her.

"I am concentrating." She replied as I placed my tongue on her neck.

"Sh*t Isaac. You are f**king distracting me." She said laughing.

"Sorry." I said giving her neck one last kiss before stopping.

"Thanks." She replied making me laugh.

We got to a turning which led to the pizza shop, when a familiar car rushed out of this turning from nowhere,without any signals.

Thank God Daina was very sensitive. She quickly pulled over and we almost fell.

"Sh*t!" She yelled removing her helment.

"I know him." I said as I recalled the car from the other day. The young guy that was trying to mess up with me.

"I know him too. And the last time I didn't get the chance to punch him on the face. This time I will f"*king remove his teeth." She said running to the car which was almost leaving.

To my shock and amusement, she hit the window with the helmet in her hand and the glass broke making me gasped.

"Diana just stared a war." I thought.

She moved back a little and that same arrogant bastard climbed down looking very angry.

"How dare you!" He yelled in anger.

"Next time you f**king drive safely." She replied in anger too.

"Diana, we should get out of here." I said walking to her.

"You." He said pointing at me.

"Put that useless finger down, and don't you ever think of raising it to his face. Ever again." She said taking his finger and breaking it.

"Arrrgh. You are so dead!" He groaned.

"Diana." I called in shock.

"Let's go Isaac." She said pulling me back to the scooter and we sat on it again. I looked back at the guy and I felt pity for him again.

"Bastard." She mumbled as we zoomed off again.

"I never knew you were that tough Diana. But that got us into trouble. We are hunted by him already." I said sighing.

"Let him bring it on. I ain't scared." She replied and I swallowed hard.

My girl is a wrestler.


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