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Pizza Girl Episode 15


Pizza Girl Episode 15

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


I signed as soon as she was out of the room.

"Isaac you can't lose control with her. She is your helper and you shouldn't do anything stupid okay?" I said to myself sighing heavily.

"You know that wasn't necessary." She said walking into the room again with tears in her eyes.

"Diana am sorry." I said looking at her.

"I was enjoying myself and you just chased me away like that?" She asked staring at me with tears in her eyes.

"I am so sorry Diana. Please stop crying it's hurting me." I said walking up to her.

"Why did you ask me to leave?" She asked.

"I shouldn't have kissed you. I am just a street boy, I have nothing to offer you. I shouldn't try to make this happen because that will be selfish of me." I said and she scoffed folding her hands.

"Did I complain Isaac? Right from the beginning did I ever see you as a street boy?" She asked in a shaky voice.

"No you didn't. But you deserve someone better." I said and she sighed.

"Shut up." She said in anger.

"Diana." I called and before I knew it another kiss landed on my lips. This time it was more intense.

I opened up and kissed her back holding her by the waist. Our tongue touched making her shiver. She wrapped her hands around my neck and then broke the kiss.

"Isaac I love you. It may sound stupid, but I really do. I love you so much and please don't even send me away. Again. It's painful." She said looking into my eyes. 

I nodded and she hugged me tightly.

"I love you too Diana. And I will try all my best to make you happy." I said and she smiled.

"Am staying here tonight." She said and I smiled happily.

"Finally. Let's sleep now." I said walking to the bed and pulling her with me.

I laid down and she did the same very close to me. She pulled up the cloth to cover the both of us.

She moved my right hand to her waist and my left hand under her head.

"Diana what if your mom comes in? Won't she be angry seeing you with me like this?" I asked and she sighed looking at me.

"You need to start seeing yourself as someone worth being with. And why would she get angry. Have you forgotten I am 23? Am f**king old enough." She said and I smiled.

"And I am 20." I replied.

"She would never think that until you told her. You look 27." She said and I laughed.

"That's suffering for you. Makes you look older than expected." I said and she placed her palm on my cheek.

"That's over now Isaac. You will never sleep on the streets again, you will never beg for food again. I promise you." She said and I sighed.

"Diana don't promise that. You are still under your mom, and you aren't that bouyant. And as for me, I don't know when I would obtain a job." I said and she placed her finger on my lips.

"I will take care of that Isaac. I have made the promise. We will get you a job together and we will be happy together. You will stay here till we get your apartment." She said.

"What? That is inconvenienting your mom, and you know that." I said and she smiled.

"She isn't complaining. You know what, let's go to bed. Am sleepy, and we are to resume at the shop very early." She said.

"We?" I asked.

"I talked to Mom. You will start working at the Pizza shop till you get a nice job." She said smiling.

"What? Are you serious right now?" I asked in shock.

"Oh yes I am." She said and I kissed her on the lips.

"Thank you so much Diana." I said happily.

"Stop thanking me. The only favor I need from you is for you to stop talking and go to bed." She said and I nodded.

"Yes Ma'am." I said holding her very close before shutting my eyes, trying to catch a sleep on this ever comfortable bed.

I was at the edge of sleeping when I felt her lips on mine again. I smiled taking her lower lips between my teeth, pulling it carefully and slowly.

"Did I interrupt your sleep?" She asked and I smiled nodding.

"Sorry about that. You look so handsome when sleeping and I was tempted to kiss you." She said shyly and I smiled.

"So what do we do?" I asked.

"We should sleep at the same time. So there won't be anyone one watching anyone." She said and I nodded.

"Deal." I said making her laugh.

"Goodnight Isaac." She said.

"Goodnight sweet Diana." I replied and she smiled as she shut her eyes to sleep and I did the same thing.

                 THE NEXT MORNING 

I felt someone kiss my lips and I opened my eyes to see Diana sitting on me and staring into my face.

"Good morning." She said laughing faintly.

"Morning." I said making her kiss me again.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked.

"With you beside me, I slept like I was in heaven." I said making her laugh.

"Planning to flatter me today." She replied.

"And you? Did you sleep well?" I asked.

"I slept like a baby. Your arms around me made me feel safe." She said and I smiled.

"I love you." I said and she giggled.

"I love you. Now come on, we need to prepare. The shop will be opened soon." She said climbing down from my body and pulling me up.

"You use this bathroom and I will use the one in my room." She said and I nodded.

"Okay. Let's not rush things." I said and he furrowed her brows.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I want us to bath together. But no. You should use the bathroom in your room." I said and she laughed.

"Okay. I will be back soon." She said rushing out of the room and I smiled getting rid of the clothes I wore.


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