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Pizza Girl Episode 11


Pizza Girl Episode 11

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


"Are you sure? Have you told your mom?" I asked and she sighed.

"She would be fine with it. Come on. You are freezing." She said standing up and pulling me up with her. She placed the sweater on me and led me to the scooter.

She sat on it and then allowed me sit too.

"Hold onto me tight. This will be a fast ride." She said and I nodded wrapping my hands around her pretty tight.

She ignited the engine and my heart skipped a little. I have never been on this before.

"Don't worry. I will be careful." She said and I nodded.

She began to move slowly at first and I was enjoying it. But all of a sudden she increased it speed going in a very fast rate.

"Woah." I said a little frightened.

"You won't fall trust me. Just hold on tight." She said in a loud tone and I nodded tightening my grip on her tummy.

After some minutes of the smooth but deadly ride we got to her house and she came to an halt.

I got down still shivering. The breeze on the scooter was overwhelming. I needed to warm myself as soon as possible before my blood turns into Ice.

"Come on in." She said heading for the door and opening it. She moved aside letting me come in first.

"Diana is that you?" I heard probably her aunt ask.

"Yeah. I am home, but not alone." She replied holding my hand. 

"You are not?" She asked before coming into sight.

"Wow." She said as soon as she saw me.

"Good day Ma'am." I said feeling kinda nervous.

"Have you met before?" Diana asked and she nodded.

"We met this afternoon. On the streets, when I was with John." She said and I nodded.

"How come didn't you tell me mom." She said.

"Honey I told you I would be telling you everything when you come back home right? He is one of the things I wanted to talk about." She said and I looked up in fear.

"Talk about me?" I asked in fear.

"It's okay. It's nothing bad." Her aunt said and she nodded too.

"Mom Isaac is freezing. I need to prepare an hot bath for him." Diana said and she nodded.

"Sure. I will prepare dinner." She said and I smiled.

"Thank you for not chasing me away." I said and she sighed.

"You are young enough to be my son. I would equally do this to anyone." She said and I nodded smiling.

Diana held me as we walked deep into the house. 

"You will be using the bathroom in my room, and equally the bed in it." She said and I shook my head.

"Not the bed." I said and she looked at me.

"Why?" She asked.

"I haven't slept on one since I was born." I said trying not to cry.

"They don't bite okay? You need to get used to it soon.

 Because you will be using more of it now." She said and I looked at her.

"Go take an hot bath first, then we will talk better. You are still freezing." She said reaching for her sweater and removing it.

She held me to the bathroom and opened the door. I opened my mouth in awe seeing how beautiful the bathroom was.

She walked to the shower turning the control and she was putting her hand under it as she turned it.

"This should be best for your body now." She said holding my hand and putting it under the running water.

"Wow it's warm." I said and she nodded.

"That's right. And you would be warm in no minute." She said and I nodded as I began to get rid of my clothes.

"I would get you some new clothes for tonight." She said and I faced her.

"Where would you get that. Don't worry I will be fine." I said and she shook her head.

"My Mom's husband left some of his clothings behind before leaving her. Those should do for the night." She said trying not to look at my chest.

"Irritating hun?" I asked looking at my very hairy chest and hand.

"You would need to shave too. The hair on your head and your chest." She said and I nodded.

"Okay. But I don't know how to." I said and she sighed.

"I will help you with that." She said and I nodded.

"Thanks." I replied and she smiled.

"Take your bath. I will be in the room, when you need me, call on me " she said and I nodded. 

"Okay." I said and she walked out.

I got rid of my trousers too and moved under the over comforting water. It was so amazing. I sighted a sponge and soap where I was and I took it.

Well I have a little idea about it. I used to bath with it once in my life that time, when I wasn't alone on the streets.

I scrubbed my body hard, since it's been long I had a nice bath.

After few minutes I was done scrubbing my hair and I walked out of the bathroom to see Diana sitting on the bed.

"I am done. I don't know how to stop the water." I said and she looked at me and I saw her mouth drop open.

"Isaac why did you come out that way?" She asked looking away.

"I am sorry. I didn't want to wear my trousers and I wanted to stop the running water fast so it wouldn't keep wasting." I said and I heard her sigh.

"Pick up the towel on thef door and then cover yourself." She said and I reached for it quickly and wrapped it around my body.

"Am done." I said and she faced me standing up. This time she wouldn't look into my eyes anymore.

"You also need to shave that off. You would learn how to do that. Can't do it for you." She said and i got what she said immediately.

"Okay. Thanks." I said as she stopped the running water.


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