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Pizza Girl Episode 10


Pizza Girl Episode 10

(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)
©️Authoress Ti Fe


"Mission accomplished." I said to myself happily after packing Isaac's stuffs into a bag. I felt happy more than I ever have.

I felt so fufiled. I kept the bag in my closet making sure nothing would go wrong with it before Thursday.

I headed out of the house again to the shop. I promised mom to come back as soon as possible.

I sat on my scooter and rode off to the shop,having a very wide smile on my face.

After approximately 7 minutes, I got to the shop and I packed my scooter where it has always been.

I walked inside the shop to find out mother was gone. Now that's preferable. I don't want anyone changing my mood.

"Diana." Mom called happily.

"Mom. I am so sorry I arrived late." I said and she smiled.

" It's very fine. I didn't really stay in shop too." She said and I narrowed my gaze.

" Where were you?" I asked and she laughed.

" John dropped by." She said blushing slightly.

" Omg. I knew you would get along well. I don't mind having him as my father." I said and she scoffed walking back to the kitchen.

"Don't be decieved Diana. He is yet to know I an barren, and once he does know, he would leave just like the others." She said in a very sad tone.

" No. I feel John is different. And how sure are you that he doesn't know about that." I said and she sighed.

"We can't be so sure. And I am not putting my mind on it okay?" She said and I smiled.

"I understand you Mom. So how was it? Tell me about it. You look damn happy." I said making her giggle.

"Can we talk about that at home? You still have three more places to deliver pizza." She said and I rolled my eyes.

"That's true. I almost forgot. Make sure you don't change your mind after we have gotten home okay? I want every detail." I said and she smiled.

"Check the list." She said and I walked to the wall to check the today's delivery list.

"I am done with the first, now the second, third and fourth." I mumbled and she nodded

"Twenty boxes each?" I asked and she nodded.

"Right. 20 boxes each." She replied while I checked the address.

"Woah. This fourth shop is kinda far, and I can't take sixty at once. And time has gone and...." I said and she cut me off.

"Go straight to the point." She said making me smile.

"Mom could you help me with the ones close by? Please?" I asked and she laughed.

"There is no problem about that okay? I have been doing that before I got you." She said brushing my hair with her hand.

"Thanks Mom. I would quickly go the one five streets away.

 Wow that's very far. But thank God for my scooter. It's really going a long way." I said as I began to pack the pizzas out to arrange them on the scooter.

I did all in haste because I knew it was running late and going to a place that far at night, where you know nobody is kinda dangerous.

I walked in to carry the last piece when Mom passed a sweater to me.

"Here. It's cold." She said and I nodded.

"Yes that's true." I thought wearing it before packing the rest to the scooter. I tied it, and when I was satisfied. I hit the road.

With full speed I ran past many shops, houses, motel, clubhouses, without even stopping. I passed the first and second streets in great speed.

And I was about entering the third when I saw a cat run carelessly across the road, making me move my direction abruptly.

I was so caught unaware, that before I could calculate, I met myself on the floor with my scooter on top of me.

"Sh*t." I mumbled in pains. I managed to raise it up and then I saw pizzas were very fine. That's relieving.

I felt some sore pain on my hand and I saw it peeled already. And it was kinda hurting real bad.

I ignored the blood at dropped from it and sat on scooter ready to move again. I didn't even think of slowing down because it was dark already.

I just don't want any troubles this night.

Luckily, I got to the restaurant without any more accidents. I saw they were already packing off, ready to go home.

"By this time?" I thought looking at the wristwatch around my wrist. It's just 8:48.

"Ma'am. Pizza delivery." I said and the woman nodded opening up the shop for me. I packed all into the restaurant and brought out a book for her to sign.

"Thank you." She said and I smiled.

"You are welcome. Enjoy our overwhelming pizzas." I said making her laugh. I sat on my scooter and headed straight home.

I got to where the streets lights were brighter and then I saw someone laying on the chair close to the road.

I slowed down and looking at the person well to see it was Isaac. He was so shivering as he slept and I could see could in his breathing under the lights.

I parked my scooter silently so as not to wake him up. I walked up to him where he sat and squatted before him.

He looked damn handsome under the lights. Tears gathered in my eyes as I saw how cold he was.

I held his hand and gosh he was damn cold. He opened his eyes and when he saw me he smiled making me smile too.

"Diana what are you doing here?" He asked and I sighed.

"Came to deliver pizza here." I said and he nodded.

"Am sorry you are meeting me this way. I am so tired." He said and I nodded trying not to burst into tears in his presence.

"Here, have this." I said removing my jacket and giving it to him.

"No I can't take that. You would be cold and the breeze when you are on that scooter would be more than you imagine." He said pushing back to jacket.

"Isaac take this from me." I mumbled in tears.

"Are you okay? Why are you crying?" He asked raising up my head to meet his.

"Let's leave here. Follow me home. I will make hot water." I said holding him by the hand and standing up.



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