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Obsession- Final Episode





Writen by FunMi Layo


It my bridal shower, i was not supposed to participate but my friends and Lisa if a kid sister persuade me that they will not stress me. I was enjoying the night with my ladies when i felt a sharp pain my water just broke i scream

Franka: oh no please we need to take her to the hospital and make sure to call Biodun tell him the name of the hospital we are heading to and bring the baby things immediately we would be waiting for you

Lisa: okay aunt

Biodun: Lisa called and told me that Christy was rush to the hospital, i left my bachelor party to hi stay with my wife. Maxwell decide to drive me to the hospital because he think am not in my right state of mind to drive.

We got to the hospital and i saw the nurse talking to Christy's mom

Lisa: here is he mum

Mrs Anna: welcome son, this is her husband

Nurse: oh fine please come with me she has been screaming calling out your name i was told to call you

Biodun: i entered the labour room and saw my love weak and tired, she saw me and scream my name out then the baby came out

Doctor: finally, thanks for calling on time Mr BB and congratulation it a baby girl

Biodun: oh lord thank you my mom is back with me…… Thank you doctor

Doctor: you are welcome MR Biodun

Biodun: i went close to my live and peck her forehead thank you i love you

Christy: love you too

Doctor: congrat ma, she just gave birth to a baby girl

Mrs Anna: wow thank u God, please can we get to see her

Doctor: sure you can

Mrs Anna: we went in and saw the couple with their baby

Lisa: finally am a aunt

Franka: smile congrat girlfriend

Christy: thank you dearie

Mrs Anna: my princess congrat the lord will bless you and protect you all

Christy: amen mom bless you too

Mrs Anna: now that you have given birth what about the wedding tomorrow

Christy: it still happening o i want my Biodun by my side

Biodun: awwn

Mrs Anna: okay anything the couple decide.


It my wedding day, my mom decided to stay with my baby for me, we were done taking our vows when i sight a familiar face holding a gun

Maxwell: Christy

Biodun: (gunshot) Ahh bro please are you okay

Maxwell: yes am fine hope Christy is fine

Christy: you are not fine you are bleeding on your hand

Maxwell: i will be fine dear i Was shot on my hand not my head so chill, it was Catherine

Christy: yes i saw her, i wanted telling him that was when she shot the gun

Catherine: i was about escaping when one of the soldier present shot me

Maxwell: I heard about her being shot and was taken to the hospital, after the wedding i decide to go check on her but i receive a bad news and a good news

Biodun: the next day my bro called me to tell me that Catherine is dead but she gave birth to a premature baby girl i asked him where he was and he said he is on his way coming.


Ten years later, Temidayo (Bidoun daughter) and Temitope (Max daughter) has grow up to be two beautiful girls, they do things together and a times people do mistake them as twins. Maxwell got to move on and marry after two years of Catherine departure he got married to Sophia a lady who show him what true love really is. I have three kids after Temidayo my wife give birth to twins (two boys) biko she is not giving birth again i cant withstand her going through pain of labour again. Sophia just give birth to a baby boy yesterday and we are all happy & celebrating . THE END.

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