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Writen by FunMi Layo

3 months later

It been 3months now that Christy has gone missing, her mom and brother are safe now in California. My dad has been on my neck because i refuse to come to the engagement party i was supposed to come months ago. Initially with his action and the way he do threaten me am suspecting him mayb he has a hand in Christy kidnapping.

I went to the club with my friends because life has been meaningless without my love i miss her every passing day and regret that the last time we were together i have to make her jealous by saying Catherine name. I was damn drunk.

The next day i woke up and saw myself in a room that doesnt look like my room

Catherine: hi baby boo

Biodun: i get to look at the mirror and saw my worst nightmare getting dressed up and smiling. How on earth did i get here and why are you in d same room with me

Catherine: oh babyboo have you forgotten so soon yesterday you were all over me you didnt even give me a breathing space anyway i enjoyed the s*x u are a good f**ker oops have forgotten you were so drunk yesterday you will not get to remember how you were all over me asking me not to ever leave you the way Christy did.

Biodun: how dare you call her name and why will i get to spend the night with you, you know what Bitch you are just lying. We have no intimacy last night so dont you dare

Catherine: keep wishing darling, anyway see you soon

Biodun: get your flirty hands off me

Catherine: i wink at him and walk out

Biodun: OMG what the fuck is this, impossible i didnt get to do anything with her she is lying and where the fuck are my friends.

I dressed up and went back home i was not myself how can i possibly cheat on Christy with Catherine God please help me and let me find Christiana soon.

At Christy POV

I have been locked in an unknown place for the past 3months now and am confirmed pregnant am carrying Biodun baby i just hope he get to find me soon.

I was still in my thought when one of the thug told the rest that the boss is here i always wish to know the devil that kept me here all this while.

Boss: where is she

Tout: Boss she is she

Boss: good……. Christy

Christy: how do you know my name and who the hell do u think you are that make you think you can keep me here for so long?

Boss:(slap her twice) you really wanna know who i am

Christy: yes show your fucking face Bitch

Boss: dont you dare call me a bitch because i have a name (i unveil my face)

Christy: Catherine

Catherine: yes you still remember me smart girl

Christy: what have i done to you that make you think i deserve this from you

Catherine: many thing idiot i told you to stay far away from BB you declined i was even sending you threat messages you still refuses.

Christy: so you were the one sending those threat messages

Catherine: yes bitch, do you want to know more i was the one that kill your father by removing the life supporting machine

Christy: what? how dare you why did you have to kill my dad

Catherine: i have to because you dont listened to instruction i intend killing all your family member but i dont fucking know where Biodun take them to

Christy: you are so evil, how could you? i promise you this Biodun will find me soon and save me with our unborn baby

Catherine: hahahaha it will never happened because i wont let that happen, i would have kill you and your unborn child right now but no because i want you to suffer first and you will get to see me and Biodun getting married before i will take your life

Christy: he will never betray me by marrying you he loves me

Catherine: love kill you there……… He loves me he doesnt love you anymore he thought you left him. Yesterday we spend the night together he asked me to promise him that i will never leave him the way you did and guess what he was all over me he dont wanna let go of me yesterday

Christy: you fucking bastard you are lying Biodun will never do this to me he love me not you he can never stoop so low

Catherine: keep shut do you want proof i have proof because i know you will never believe me (laughing) Jerome where is that envelope

Tout: here is it boss

Catherine: untie her hands so that she can see the pictures very well

Christy: i was untie i opened the envelope and saw the impossible (crying) how could you Biodun why did you have to break my trust i hate you

Catherine: (smiling) please so hate him because am madly in love with him, since high school that was when have been telling him how i feel but he keep ignoring me and the more he does that am being obsessed with him i cant wait for him to be mine

Christy: i hate you bitch i will never forgive you and him

Catherine: suit yourself bitch (i kicked her at her back) tie her hands back

Christy:(crying) if anything should happened to my baby i will never forgive you

Catherine: Max torture her for two hours and starve her for 3 days

Max: but Catherine she is pregnant

Catherine: are you the one to tell me that? do what i asked or i will blow your head off.

Catherine o

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