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Writen by FunMi Layo


We were on our way when i saw a car trying to catch up with our car, i was scared i login my WhatsApp and drop a voice not for Biodun i wanted login out when the car block us

Thug 1: all of u get down

Christy: we come down, the thug drag my hand when the driver try saving me from him but another thug uses back of the gun to hit his head and shot him on his leg. I screamed out

Thug 2: it better you stop screaming because no one will save you

Christy: please what do u want from me

Thug 1: (slap her) shey we told you to leave Colonel son alone why did you not listen

Christy: please am sorry dont harm me

Thug 2: it too late to plead now, you will suffer i push her into the car and we drove off

Thug 2: (phone rings) hi boss

Boss: howfar

Thug 1: she is here boss

Boss: okay good job, if she try any rubbish torture her but dont kill her i will decide her fate myself

Thug 1: okay boss (phone cut) Jerome tie her up

Thug 2: okay boss


I try calling Christy and my driver number but it not reachable am a bit worried, i decided to wait till the next morning before i will go to her parent house to asked about her.

The next morning, i was about going out when my phone rang:

Biodun: hello

Unknown: good morning

Biodun: morning please who am i on to

Unknown: am calling from the hospital

Biodun: hospital?

Unknown: yes i called u because you were the last person the patient speak to

Biodun: please which hospital

Unknown: St Michael hospital

Biodun: okay thank you am on my way (phone cut) i pick up my car key and drive straight to the hospital, God please protect Christiana for me please. I went to the reception please someone called me from this hospital

Nurse: what the name of the person that call you?

Biodun: i could not asked for name

Doctor: oh hey you were the one i call right?

Biodun: yes doctor

Doctor: please follow me

Biodun: doctor please hope all is well

Doctor: (you can have your seat) yes all is well a patient was rush here yesterday he was half dead but than to God we were able to save him and remove the bullet from his leg

Biodun: OMG please can i get to see him

Doctor: no you cant, because he need enough rest and he is still unconscious

Biodun: but doctor please along with the man that was brought in here was a woman with him?

Doctor: no he was the only one that they brought in

Biodun: oh my God please hope Christy is in safe hands where will i get to know where she is

Doctor: hope all is well

Biodun: yes please if he get to wake up let me know and i will 

go pay his bills please help me treat him well

Doctor: no problem we would try our best

Biodun: i went back home and was damn worried where could she be (phone ring) why is my dad calling?

Dad: Biodun

Biodun:good afternoon dad

D- What is good about the afternoon so u are back to Dubai fr the past week and you didnt tell me neither call what type of a son are you

B- Dad am sorry

D- I know your reasons bit that didnt change the fact that am still your father

B- Dad why did you call me and how did you get to know that am in Dubai?

D- Cant i call my son again, it was your wife to be that told me you are around

B- my wife to be?

D- Yes Catherine

B- what?Catherine but i never told her am in Dubai and how did she know

D- You can call her to ask her and mind you son be ready because Sunday is your engagement party you must attend if not dont blame me for the outcome of your stupidity (call cut).

Biodun: what type of a father is this? that is not after his son happiness but his own self benefit i hope he got nothing to do with Christy disappearance if not he will pay for it. Shortly, my phone rang again.

B- Hi Desmond

D- Bro please is Christy with you

B- No i wanted calling you to asked also

D-📱she is not here o she told us she will be spending the weekend with you we thought she with you📱

B-📱yes she was, but she left yesterday after receiving a strange call saying she has to go to school 📱

D-📱 oh no my sister has been kidnapped 📱

B-📱what do you mean by that?📱

D-📱The call she received yesterday was not for her to go to school she received the call from Solo

B- 📱yes please who is this Solo 📱

D-📱he is our gateman, some strange thugs came into our house yesterday with guns looking for Christy they asked the gateman to called her when the gateman was talking to her one of the thug collected the phone and talked to her telling her that she shouldn't tell anyone about it if not we would die 📱

B-📱OMG and you didnt care to tell me about it by calling earlier 📱

D-📱Am sorry i thought you wont allow her to go 📱

B-📱yes i literally didnt want her to go but she was angry with me that she even ask me to stay far away from her i try making her to allow me drive her but she declined. I asked my driver to take her instead it not long i arrived back from the hospital my driver is at the sick bed lifeless he was shot on his leg and my love is missing 📱

D-📱what are we to do now?📱

B-📱I seriously dont know, you are at home right ?📱

D-📱yes, mom has been crying all day long📱

B-📱Am coming over, from there me and you will go file a missing case at the police station and i will go booked a ticket for you and mom to California you guys will have to leave the country for your safety. Thanked God Lisa is back to school 📱

D-📱okay please am expecting you📱 (Call cut)

Who could have kidnapped Christy could it be Biodun dad 

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