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Writen by FunMi Layo


CHRISTY: I woke up feeling tired Biodun was still sleeping i decide to go make breakfast. I was cutting onions when a hand was wrap around my waist, who the hell are you

Biodun: chill Ife am the one

Christy: oops you scare the hell out of me

Biodun: smiles good morning love

Christy: morning sleepy head

Biodun: sleepy head

Christy: yes of course

Biodun: why are u preparing breakfast the cook will do that

Christy: Mr BB as long as am around i will do the cooking the cook should rest

Biodun: hmm but u also need rest, you look tired and weak upon all the styles i make you do yesterday night

Christy: hey mister naughty, out of here please it too early to be feeding my ears with naughty words

Biodun: really who is naughty between me and you

Christy: you of course

Biodun: me ke, have u forgotten all your naughty moves yesterday. My naughty pumpkin

Christy: OMG what will i do with you now

Biodun: smiles there is nothing you can do o because you love me and you willnot want me to be hurt

Christy: hmm not funny, pass me the plate please

Biodun: alright love

Christy: i served the meal and he take it to the bedroom, why did you bring the food to the bedroom

Biodun: because i want to and after eating i want to give my baby a body massage

Christy: who is the baby

Biodun: you of course

Christy: do i look like a baby to you

Biodun: yes of course you will always remain my baby

Christy: hmm how many time will i tell you to stop calling me baby

Biodun: countless time

Christy: and you are still repeating it

Biodun: because i always love teasing you love you ko

Christy: i dont love you

Biodun: hmm if you dont love me Catherine will always love me

Christy: are u really saying this to me

Biodun: hmm

Christy: okay fine, my stay in your house is overdue you can invite Catherine over when i leave (faking a sad face)

Biodun: Ife

Christy: stop calling me that, i grab a towel and went to the bathroom

Biodun: you are angry with what i said i was just joking

Christy: continue joking (i say in the bathroom) i was done bathing i wore a simple short gown

Biodun: i hold her waist

Christy: Mister can you kindly leave my waist am going home

Biodun: home ke but you said you are spending the weekend

Christy: not anymore

Biodun: but why

Christy: i (phone ring) why is Solo calling me

Biodun: who is Solo

Christy: why did you want to know

Biodun: stop it joor

Christy: Hi Solo

Solo: madam

Christy: what happened Solo why is your voice shaky

Solo: madam people dey our house they dey look for you if not they go shoot Desmond and Madam

Stranger: hey Christiana if you want your family safe it better you leave where you are now and come save your family mind you dont you dare tell anyone about this if not your family will be dead my eyes are on you (phone cut)

Christy: hello helo (sweating already)

Biodun: Ife what wrong why are you sweating talk to me

Christy: my........... I wanted talking when a sms came in: "You better keep your mouth shut dont you dare tell him if you value your mom and brother life".

Nothing i need to go am having an urgent lecture in school i need to go

Biodun: let me drop you

Christy: no need i will take care of myself

Biodun: Ife what have i done now why the attitude

Christy: you know what you did please stay far away from me and do what ur dad want

Biodun: Ifemi what are you saying i try holding her and she ran out

Christy: i went downstairs and asked the gateman to open the door let me go out

Biodun: small madam sorry abeg oga call me say make i no open the gate for you unless you let the driver carry you go where you wan go

Christy: okay where is the driver

Driver: Madam see me here

Christy: okay let go please

Christy family is in danger o

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