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Writen by FunMi Layo

Biodun: i knock on the door

Christy: come in

Biodun: i came in and saw her sleeping on her bed hiding her face on her pillow, i went close to her bed and tickle her

Christy: daddy stop it……… I got up because of the tickle and saw Biodun instead of my dad (crying)

Biodun: i hug her so tight, pease Ife stop crying

Christy: i want my dad back please tell my dad to come back to me

Biodun: Ife calm down look at me, stop doing this to yourself do you think your dad will be happy up there seeing you hurt no Ife he will not, please stop hurting yourself so that your dad will be happy. If you continue being breakdown what about your mom if she see you in this condition do you expect her to be happy?

Christy: hmm n she will not

Biodun: so Ife please try and cheer up for the sake of your dad so that your mom will be happy likewise your dad

Christy: thank you Temi, but when did you come back

Biodun: yesterday

Christy: but why, you said till next week

Biodun: yes dear, but i got to know about your dad death i cant just stay there and leave you in pain

Christy: but are you done with what you need to do

Biodun: not really, but the necessary meetings i have attend to it, the remaining stuff the managing director will do the necessary step

Christy: thanks for coming i really need you around and here you are beside me….. I love you

Biodun: love you too dear i know you will need me around that why i had to rush down back home

Christy: did your dad know that you are back

Biodun: no i just come back home yesterday and i dont care if he know or not

Christy: stop Temi he is your dad and he will always be your dad and he has the right to

Biodun: Ifemi

Christy: Temi listen to me please, you know he is the only one you have you need him to understand you and accept your decision. I lost my dad i still cant get over it my dad was buried in my eyes it seem as if my world has come crumbled

Biodun: Ifemi(my love) okay i will tell him but not today

Christy: okay Temi thank you

Biodun: anytime my love, is that person still sending that threat messages

Christy: yes but

Biodun: but what, are you scared

Christy: yes Temi am scared, i get to lost my dad when the person send the last message saying i will get to lose someone in the next 72hours and i did by losing my dad

Biodun: and you didnt tell me about it

Christy: I don't want you to be disturbed that why

Biodun: but did i complain

Christy: no but

Biodun: but what Ife …….. You know what we would need to send momc and your younger ones to a safe place

Christy: but no need

Biodun: there is need because i want all of you safe and my main reason back to Dubai is to come marry you and take my bride with me to California

Christy: your bride?

Biodun: yes of course or you dont wanna be my bride

Christy: i want to, but Catherine is still your dad choice

Biodun: are you starting to support him and Catherine

Christy: Temi (mine)

Biodun: it fine i know what to do

Christy: MINE talk to me

Biodun: have you eaten

Christy: is that what you will say

Biodun: let go downstairs your mom is cooking today

Christy: my mom

Biodun: yes or do you have another mom

Christy: Temi

Biodun: let go your mom is waiting for you, if you are ready to be my bride we would continue the conversation

Christy: Temi why are you like this?

Biodun: uncle BB mom asked me to call you guys for lunch

Christy: okay dear let go

Three days later

It been three days since i saw or heard anything from BB he is still upset with what i say when he asked me of i want to be his bride or not. After summiting my project to our lecturer, no lecture for today so i decide to pay him a surprise visit. I reach his house i horn the gateman opens the gate for me.

Gman: small madam

Christy: (i alight from my car and greet him) Mr Dele good afternoon

Gman: afternoon small madam

Christy: hope you are fine, is BB inside

Gman: yes he just drove in looking stress and sick

Christy: okay thanks i will talk to you later

Gman: okay madam

Christy: i enter and saw one of the maid

Chioma: thanked God you are here Ma….. Oga is not well

Christy: what wrong with him

Chioma: he got a fever

Christy: where is he

Chioma: in his room

Christy: okay dear, give me the coffee i will go attend to him

Chioma: okay ma

Christy: i went to his room and saw my Temi shivering i check his temperature of high i went to the bathroom put water in a small bowl i take a small towel i went to him i use the water and towel ti massage his body i asked him to take the coffee and he oblige i gave him some medicine and he slept off. I covered him with a duvet and went to the kitchen to prepare him some delicacy so that when he wake up he will get to eat something.

I was done with whatsoever i was doing in the kitchen, within a hour i was done so i went back to take a shower.

Biodun: i woke up and was feeling better, i was surprise who could have make me recovered so fast is my Ife (love) here i say to myself. My bathroom door opened and i saw a damsel

Christy: Temi

Biodun: madam

Christy: me madam right? so you are not happy seeing me right

Biodun: hmm

Christy: no problem, i will just dress up and leave

Biodun: leave where? check your time cant you see that it late

Christy: why do you care, i will take care of myself

Biodun: really okay fine suit yourself

Christy: am going to the guest room to dress up and leave since my presence irritate you

Biodun: hmm when did i say that

Christy: you dont have to say anything action speak louder than voice

Biodun: i stand up to stop her when she wanted opening the door to leave. Ifemi you really want to leave me right

Christy: remove your hand from my waist you done love me anymore

Biodun: i make her to face me and i kiss her forehead i adore you Ifemi you mean a lot to me

Christy: really then why did you intend on punishing me

Biodun: punishing you how

Christy: you did not call me or care to see me since the last time we saw

Biodun: hmm it not so i have my reasons

Christy: what are your reasons

Biodun: nothing dear, am glad you came to save me

Christy: are you sure you are glad you to see me

Biodun: yes love, i kiss her she returned the kiss back my hands went to the unwanted and she didn't stop me. I romanced her and turn her on then i remember what she told me that she don't wanna lose her virginity yet but wish to give it to the man that will be her husband i stop because she didnt accept to be my bride when i asked her.

Christy: why did you stop(i sat on him)

Biodun: nothing i dont wanna go against your wish

Christy: hmm so you still remembered what i told you years ago when i wanted dating you that i wish to lose my virginity to the man i will want to spend the rest of my life with

Biodun: hmm yes i still remember vividly

Christy: abi i feel so lucky to have you as my man because you show me what love really is you stood by me when i needed someone, those time when i was in secondary school you never underestimate me or force me to do things against my wish. you are ready to risk your life for me to be safe you even go against your dad decision just for me what else will i need in a man when God has bless me with a good man i will gladly be your bride and stood by you through life trials I Love You

Biodun: burst my brain, i love you too Ifemi

Christy: i started kissing him and was doing the little trick a virgin girl like me understand

Biodun: i decide to help her out because i kinda understand her body language. Ifemi hope you are comfortable and have really make up your mind

Christy:there is nothing to be uncomfortable about when am with you, i love you and you are mine forever so my body is yours i know that anything i do with you i will never regret it

Biodun:(i love this woman i swear to God i say in my thought) smiles anything for my woman.

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