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Writen by FunMi Layo

💖💖💖💖8 months later💖💖💖💖

Biodun: my dad still doesn't want to back off the marriage deal with Catherine. I travel to California for a business trip, my mom owns a company there before she die and hand it over to me have been here for 5months am planning to come back home to marry Christy and settle down with her in California We are not gonna start a family of our own in the city my dad lives i want a peaceful lives for me and Christy.

I will be coming back to Dubai in a week time to take my bride. The meeting was over i told my driver to drive me home, i got home i freshen up and decide to eat then call my love, have been worry sick about her because she told me that she has been receiving threat message saying she should leave me if not she will get to lose the people she value most i just hope she is fine.

I was done eating i decide to call her but she didnt pick i call her for the third time it was a male voice.

Desmond: hello

Biodun: hi please i want to speak with Christy

Desmond: you are who to her

Biodun: am her fiance

Desmond: oh i see that why she save your number with "my forever with a heart sticker

Biodun: abi please can i speak with her

Desmond: no you cant

Biodun: why

Desmond: she is not in her right self to pick your call

Biodun: why? please what wrong and i notice that your voice is not that cool what happened

Desmond: we lost our dad not quite long, our mom called from the hospital to inform us. Christiana heard about it and ran to the hospital i was about running after her before i saw her phone ringing

Biodun: please who are you to her

Desmond: am her elder brother Desmond

Biodun: oh i remembered you we have see once but i guess you cant recur, am Biodun Badmus the guy who help you the day your car got faulty in an unknown area

Desmond: oh i really need to see you and thank you for that day you save my life

Biodun: no p dude, please i need a favour from you

Desmond: which is

Biodun: please always be by Christy side i want her safe

Desmond: no problem it my duty she is my sister after all

Biodun: sorry for the death of your dad my condolence such occurrence will never happened again

Desmond: amen, i never knew i will lose my dad this way he has cancer and the doctor told us that he can still live long since the cancer is in an early stage i saw my dad healthy yesterday i never knew it was my last day feeling him (crying)

Biodun: dude please it well, i know how you feel i also lost my mom i know the pain you are passing through you are a man you have to act strong if the ladies see you breakdown who will tell them to stop crying

Desmond: thanks dude i will love to see you soon

Biodun: likewise am in California now i was planning on coming back home next week but i will be back by weekend my love need me beside her

Desmond: no problem dear we would be expecting you

Biodun: please take good care of yourself and the ladies

Desmond: i will thanks (phone cut)

Biodun POV

Am now at the airport i call my driver to come take me home, after the call with Desmond (Christy brother) i quickly book a flight online. I sight my driver and he took my luggage we drive off, i reached home late due to the traffic i decide to see her the next day.

The next day, i freshen up, dress up and carry my car key i didnt bother to eat. my thought was on Christy. I got to their house and i got inside after parking my car.

Lisa: uncle Biodun

Biodun: my baby (she ran to me and hug me)

Lisa: i miss you

Biodun: miss you too dear

Lisa: Uncle….. Daddy left us

Biodun: my sweedy…… Daddy went to rest

Lisa: he didnt say goodbye (crying)

Biodun: stop crying dear, do you want me to also cry

Lisa: no

Biodun: so please stop crying

Lisa: alright i will, aunt Christiana is in her room she is always crying and moody

Mrs Anna: Lisa: who are you talking to

Lisa: mommy is uncle Biodun

Mrs Anna: Biodun

Desmond: oh mom it Christy fiance, it nice seeing you again

Biodun: thanks dude, good evening ma

Mrs Anna: evening dear, how are you

Biodun: am fine, my condolence Ma such occurrence will never happened again

Mrs Anna: amen dear, it nice knowing you

Biodun: thank you ma

Mrs Anna: Christiana is in her room she has been skipping her meal thanked God you are here now maybe you will talk to her to eat

Biodun: i will ma

Lisa: uncle BB even mummy has refused to eat please talk to her

Mrs Anna: Lisa

Desmond: mom it true we try talking to you but you still refused how do you want Christy to also listen to you & eat

Biodun: Ma is that true please you have to eat and be healthy you know that your husband will not be happy that you are unhappy and refuse eating do you want him to be sad also

Mrs Anna:(crying) my son

Biodun: Ma please stop crying God know best i hug her

Mrs Anna: thank you Son i will try and eat & to be happy

Biodun: i will be glad

Desmond: Ada is they any food in the kitchen

Ada: no i just want to start cooking

Mrs Anna: no need Ada i will be the one to cook today

Lisa: wow really

Mrs Anna: yes Lisa, you miss Mom cooking right?

Lisa: yes mom

Desmond: thanks Biodun you did what i couldnt do

Biodun: stop it bro, we are like family now (i hug him)

Mrs Anna: Desmond please take him to Christy room if am through cooking i will call you guys

Desmond: okay mom

Biodun: Lisa dear i will see you later

Lisa: okay uncle BB (we take the stairs and Desmond show me her room)

Desmond: that her room

Biodun: alright thanks

Desmond: see you later dude.

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