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Writen by FunMi Layo


It was 11am i was preapring to go to Christy house to see her as promise, i was about driving out when i saw Catherine alighting from her car

Catherine: Biodun

Biodun: what the heck are u doing here & how do u get to know my house address

Catherine: it so easy ur dad told me your address

Biodun: so what the heck do u want

Catherine: i want u

Biodun: u want me, am i a food or what

Catherine: i want you, i want your body i want everything about you i just want you to be mine

Biodun: it seem u are insane your dad need to admit you before u run mad completely, since how many years now that i told you me & you cannot be an item

Catherine: why dont you want me am i not pretty enough or what u want in a lady am i lacking in any way

Biodun: Catherine how many time will i tell u that i have someone in my life and i plan to settle down with her.

I sight Christiana alighting from a car i guess it her friend car

Christy: hi darling, i hug him

Biodun: i hug her back and kissed her, i told u am coming to your place why are u here instead

Christy: yeah that true but my rommie came to see her aunt here and it near your neighbourhood so i just use the opportunity to come instead

Biodun: oh i see, you are looking glamorous

Christy: thank you, well BB meet my roomie Franka & u Franca meet the love of my life Biodun

Franka: it nice meeting you, i see why Christy dont have an eye for any other man in school

Biodun: smiles it a pleasure meeting you dear

Franka: the pleasure is all mine, Christy i will need to take my leave now i need to go have fun with my man also

Christy: smiles alright dear i will see you at home

Franka: bye handsome

Biodun: bye dear (she drove off) your roomie is so funny

Christy: that Franka for u

Catherine: Biodun

Biodun: any problem

Christy: oh sorry miss please who are u

Catherine: why did you want to know who i am

Biodun: Catherine what your problem i already told you what i need to say and by the way this is the woman i will love to spend the rest of my life with........ Ife (love) meet Catherine mr Abel daughter

Christy: oh it nice meeting you so finally i got to see Mr Abel daughter

Catherine(i stare at her with an evil glare) Biodun u will live to regret this, u will eventually be mine

Christy:(if look could kill i was supposed to be dead by the wsy Catherine was using to stare at me) Miss what do u mean

Catherine: you will get to know soon just pray our path never cross again

Christy: Temi(mine) what going on here

Biodun: Catherine if i see a scratch on her body just know that you and my dad will be held responsible

Catherine: hisses (i drove out)

Christy: Temi

Biodun: Ife dont worry let ho inside and talk

Christy: okay but i need an explanation for what just happened

Biodun: dont worry i will tell u everything (we walked in) Ifemi you know i love u right

Christy: yes i know why asking

Biodun: nothing i just want you to know that whatever happens i dont want you to think i dont love you

Christy: why are u saying all this, i know you love me so tell me what happening and why is catherine threatening you

Biodun: i explained everything to her from the beginning to the end

Christy: just tell me that all what you just say is a lie

Biodun: am serious Ife and i want you to believe me when i say i wont marry her, u are the one i love and i wish to spend the rest of my life with

Christy: stop saying all this, your dad is involved here he want her for u

Biodun: but i want you for me not her, he has not get to meet you that is why he is forcing me to marry her

Christy: but....... He placed his index finger on my lips

Biodun: but what dear, dont tell me ypu are scared of my dad or Catherine nothing will happened to you they will rather face me before they can get to you

Christy: are u sure your dad will accept me

Biodun: yes dear he will and if he didnt i will still get to marry you by your parent consent

Christy: BB we would need your dad blessings

Biodun: Ifemi whether with my dad blessings or not when we get married our marriage will still be a blissful one just trust me okay

Christy: hmm i trust you

Biodun: are u sure, hope u will get to fight for our love you will never give up on us

Christy: (i stare at him) yes i will also stand by you i will fight for our love alongside with you

Biodun: i love you (i kissed her forehead)

Christy: i love you too

Biodun: so now that we are cool let change topic please, i bought you things you will like from my trip

Christy: really

Biodun: yes dear, let go to my room (we went to my room together) i brought out three gift bags and a travelling bag full of clothes

Christy: i opened the travelling bag and saw different type of clothes: gown, shirt, top, trousers, bumshort etc and one of the gift bag contain shoes while the other gift bag it purses and a silver hand bag while the last gift bag is full of chocolates, cookies, fruit wine, biscuit etc i was extremely happy thanks Temi but it too much you should not have bothered buying them

Biodun: smiles really, Ifemi any stress to make you happy is worth it so no complain

Christy: awwn thank you BB

Biodun: hope u liked everything i bought

Christy: yes i love it not like, i love u you are the best

Biodun: smiles love you too

Christy: i will give some clothes you bought to Lisa and Franka

Biodun: anything you wanna do with them darling they are all yours, how is my small wife(Lisa) doing

Christy: she is fine, you know she is now in a boarding school it only during holidays we do see her

Biodun: i do miss her alot, i also bought her something too but till i see her before i will give it to her

Christy: she will be glad if she get to see you soon

Biodun: yes o she will be a slay princess now killing those guys in her school with her beauty hope she dont have a boyfriend yet

Christy: funny you Temi, if she has a boyfriend how are we to know

Biodun: you will know na are you not a lady

Christy: (i smirk at him) am a man o (we both laughed)

Biodun: i hold her tight in my arms, u know what

Christy: what

Biodun: i cant wait for you to be mine completely

Christy: really

Biodun: yes of course, so that when we got married i wont be bored staring at the television always or been busy working on my laptop i will be busy staring at you

Christy: funny you, if you staring at me everyday of your life we would run short of money

Biodun: chap laiye laiye ko le possible (never it not possible)

Christy: kini ko le possible (what can not be possible)

Biodun: i can never be broke

Christy: really BB

Biodun: yes my love, have you forgotten who is beside you it BB o Biodun Badmus the only son of Colnel Bdmus & the only heir to Badmus empire

Christy: enough with your bragging

Biodun: am not bragging la the truth is bitter, but you know am not dependent on my dad wealth or properies because i got my own company that i own which my mom left for me before she die & am a lawyer by profession so how on earth can i ever be broke

Christy: smiles i have heard you sir

Biodun: love you ko

Christy: love you too ko

Biodun: you will be spending the night here with me right

Christy: yes of course but i will have to wake up early i have lectures by 10 tomorrow

Biodun: no problem Ife i will drive you to school tomorrow or will you prefer to drive any car of your choice to school tomorrow

Christy: Temi you will not kill me i know you have cars but i will prefer you drive me to school instead

Biodun: as your royal pleases

Christy: get out of here joor

Biodun: really

Christy: yes la, you are making me laugh out my lungs out

Biodun: dont u like it when i make u laugh

Christy: why wont i like it

Biodun: good girl

Christy: choii u just call me girl, sho mo age mi ni (do u know my age)

Biodun: Ifemi you are still my little princess (i kissed her)

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