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Writen by FunMi Layo

Two years later, i graduated from d youth corps and was also done with my masters. Christiana is in her final year studying medicine and surgeon in the best university in town. I miss her so much and hope to see her soon, the driver that picked me from d airport drove me straight to my dad house instead of my house.

We arrived at there and they was a welcoming party for me, two of my childhood friends were present, Mr Abel and his daughter (Catherine) with some other guests like that.

Dad: my son

Biodun: dad good evening

Dad: evening son, it so nice to see u again am proud of u

Biodun: nice to see u too dad (we both hugged)

Mr Abel: Biodun Biodun

Biodun: good evening Mr Abel

Mr Abel: how are u dear

Biodun: am fine sir

Mr Abel: good to know, welcome back

Biodun: thank u sir

Mr Abel: u are welcome

Catherine: baby boo

Biodun: (sigh) who is your baby boo

Catherine: you of course in fact u are my soon to be husband

Biodun: u must be out of ur senses in saying such rubbish

Catherine: yes am out of my senses because am madly in love with u

Biodun: u must be stupid what did i told u the last time, if u have forgotten let me remind u i told u that u should not dare to talk to a nuisance like me again

Catherine: haba Biodun why are u punishing me like this

Biodun: how are my punishing you

Catherine: just date me

Biodun: why are u so daft, how many times will i tell u that i cant date u i have someone already

Catherine: u cant do this to me

Biodun: dude

Jerry: dude

Biodun: my guy wassup

Jerry: cool, thanked God i found u here Michael has been looking for u

Biodun: please where is he, take me to him

Catherine: Biodun Biodun

Jerry: she is calling u

Biodun: dont mind her let go thanked God u came on time

Jerry: smiles she is still disturbing u to date her right

Biodun: yes fa, please is it by force

Jerry: smiles she is addicted to u

Biodun: addicted ke

Michael: Biodun

Biodun: Michael my guy

Michael: i miss u o

Biodun: miss u more bro

Michael: Jerry thank u for bringing him here

Biodun: abi am bored here seriously, i don't know why the driver brought me here

Jerry: smiles daddy boy

Dad: attention everyone, i thanked u all for coming tonight may God bless u all

Amen "everyone chorused"

Dad: i have an announcement go make, Biodun can u please come forward

Biodun: everyone applause as i walked forward

Dad: thanks everyone, as i was saying before my son step forward. Biodun u are now a graduate i will like u to become d CEO of "Badmus Empire"

Biodun: wow dad that huge, thank u

Dad: u're welcome son, Catherine can u come forward

Biodun: dad why are u calling her forward

Dad: dont worry son relax

I colonel Badmus want my son and Catherine to get married anytime from now we would fix a date for them (everyone was applauding)

Biodun:(i stare at my dad) please u people should stop clapping because what my dad just announce will never happen

Dad: Biodun

Biodun: Dad how can u arrange my marriage without my consent

Dad: m your father i know what is good for u

Biodun: dad i always agree with u on everything about my life but i disagree on this one

Catherine: Biodun u are embarrassing me

Biodun: u call this embarrassment when am yet to do that, if u know what is good for u declined whatsoever agreement u had with my dad i can never marry u because i have someone who i want to spend d rest of life with

Dad: (slap) Biodun u dare not go against my authority

Biodun: u may slap me more if u want but i have said my own if u may excuse me (i left)

I Went to my house and tell the gate man not to allow anyone in. I went straight to my room and take a shower, i wore a short and a singlet i lay on my bed, on my laptop and was watching a movie it always calm me down whenever am angry (phone rang). Ifemi (my love)

Christy: Temi (Mine) how are u

Biodun: am fine u

Christy: am fine also, are u sure u are good

Biodun: yes dear why did u asked

Christy: i gat a strange feelings as if u are worried about something

Biodun: Ife dont worry i will be fine

Christy: hmm how was your trip back home

Biodun: it was stressful but fine

Christy: plese take some rest okay

Biodun: i will Ife..... I love u so so much

Christy: i love u too

Biodun: i will come see u tomorrow

Christy: i cant wait to see u

Biodun: same here, take care of yourself

Christy: and u too Temi bye

Biodun: goodnyt (call cut)

I Was doing something online when a text message pop into my phone it was my dad: " BB u either do what i want if not u will live to regret it". I reply back "Dad u can no longer decide for me anymore, it about my life we are talking about here i cant spend the rest of my life with someone i detest" he replied back " u will get to love her when u are married to her". I decide to call him

Ekale sir (good evening sir)

Kale bawo ni (evening how u)

Dad am fine

Okay so why did u call

I called because of Catherine

What has she done

Dad i cant marry her i dont love her or plan to spend the rest of my life with her

Why will u say such thing she is a good girl her father and i have been friends for ages i cant choose a bad wife for u

Dad i still dont want her i have someone i love and i wish to spend the rest of my life with

who is she? that by d way if u dont marry Abel daughter u are not getting married to another so u better keep ur pet safe because my eyes are on u

Dad why are u like this .... Dad (call cut)

Why is my dad doing this to me i cant spend d rest of my life with someone i dont love, Christiana need to be safe i know what my dad is capable of doing i just have to be by her side and keep an eye on her.

Will Christy be safe?

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